I have no idea where that quote came from and have heard it often in my life as people begin something new.  I looked to find the basis of it though could make no connection for the complete phrase. Found parts of it in scripture to Newt Gingrich to popular rock culture and no complete phraseology.  Found a children’s poem that had most of it so guessing someone combined the words along the way.

I am not beginning I am continuing while excited for the milestone that was reached at midnight last night.  I tried to stay awake and saw 11:43PM on the clock then 1:46AM – missed it!!!  Today is another day!

I wanted to start off the next part of my full goal with another name and newer look.  The name I chose to pursue was taken and frankly panned by some with whom I shared it.  Over lunch yesterday I thought of some other names none of which stuck.  I actually wrote down some to look at them.  The ones that did not make the cut are ‘paltry points’; ‘of little consequence’ ( as we know everything I have to say has value!); ‘provocative points’; ‘resounding revelations’; ‘ponder points’; ‘eclectic mind’; ‘calico chat’; ‘calico conclusions’.  The reason behind the search is I want a commercially more attractive name.  Ktsquared treasures is okay for now though I am certain not all I write is a treasure – close maybe!!!  Still looking and open to ideas!!!

In the coming months I am going to pursue a website.  Perhaps what I want to do can be done simply with a blog as well.  Still learning and learning is a good thing.

I am going to be going back to politics some as well.  Are you aware that this country has spent $1.4Billion dollars on the vacations/parties/lifestyle of the current President and his family in the last year?  I was astonished at this number and am going to investigate further as the Brits only spend $58 Million on the Royal Family per year.  The Royal Family surely have more costs with Castles alone???

I am currently working on a small post about the comparison of Benghazi and Watergate.  Thus far the fact that both Nixon and Obama got reelected while both scandals were raging it interesting to me.   This time 4 Americans were killed!

I will be looking at Christmas and other holidays as they come up for celebration.  Am listening to all the discussion about keeping the name Christmas with regard to lighting trees – much ado about nothing I am thinking and yet…slippery slope.

One point that is currently in my mind is the fact that Christmas is 25 days away and New Years right on it’s heels.  Where did this year go?  Gift shopping to be done.  Wrapping to be done.  Cards to be written and sent.  Enjoy the season?  All of this list must be done.

In closing this morning I apologize for the thinness of this post.  It is where my mind is right now as I look back and look forward.  I was so pleased to find a comment from a regular reader that I do not know telling me that a couple of my posts were lackluster.  Cannot imagine the comment after these past two.  I also have to apologize for the language in the Ebb Tide post.  Caught some flack for the quote from Sigmer.  Sorry – did not want to cut his own words.  I believe people need to be able to have their own words.  In some politician’s case it can hang them actually!  I give you the last election – Romney’s gaffes hung him.  Obama’s elected him.

Got to get to my regular day – yesterday the downstairs was completed.  The upstairs is calling me to work.






Today is pie day then further prep for the big baking tomorrow.  The thing I did last year that I will be doing again tonight was to make my stuffing.  It of course is way to early to put it in the bird.  If you read the comments you will see that some people cook the turkey all night long in a slow oven.  I just get up early and make the stuffing and put the bird in.

Last year I came up with a really good bright idea.  For some weird reason I decided to make the stuffing ahead.  Once I had all this stuffing I discovered that I did not have much room in the fridge for a bowl.  I put it in a large baggie as a space saver.  The next morning I was further enlightened to stuff the open end of the baggie in the bird then pushed the stuffing from the closed end of the baggie which forced the stuffing into the cavity!  No mess!  No dirty hands! One move and done! Why had I not thought of this years before?  Simple!  Easy!  Let the cooking begin!

Today will be a busy day as I will also clean in preparation for our family and guests to arrive tomorrow.  We will be 10 around our table.  There are many more that I wish could join us. I am grateful for the 10.

As I write this my mind is racing, as fast as my hands will be later, to many subjects.  Some of them are the year that has past, the fun that is to come tomorrow and this weekend and of course Christmas.  Talk about time racing past.  Today may be the day to stop after the cooking is done and all is prepared to sit and have a reflection time.  Why wait till New Year’s Eve?

I have had a wonderful year.  I have opened myself to new possibilities.  I have allowed myself the luxury of putting me first.  That, Dear Readers, believe me is a rarity though becoming more fun daily!  I stood my ground by standing for my beliefs.  I took some blows.  I was not diminished.  I think I became wiser and stronger.   What is that Old Blue Eyes Frank song – “I Did It My Way”.  Well not all true still close enough!

The most recent skirmish of course would be the election that has just passed.  The candidate of the political party that I belong to was not elected President.  I was stunned and am still sad and concerned about that.  I believe this country chose the wrong path to bring about prosperity and growth.  Does that make me wrong?  No.  Does that make the other party right? No.  There is no right or wrong there is simply choice and selection and direction.

There is still much discussion going on about how the campaigns were run.  How the media handled it all, fairly or not.  It came to light yesterday through Pew Research that MSNBC in the last week of the campaign did not run one anti-Obama ad nor did it run one pro-Romney ad.  Their viewer ship is down so not sure how much of a difference it actually made in the end.

I have heard the pundits looking back and debating and discussing the pros and cons of the results.  I look back on my posts and am very proud of the discussions I have entered into on Facebook and thoughts posted on my blog.  I have nothing for which to feel sorry and apologize for no words.  I was upset for awhile at myself for my terse response to an email I received and shared that with you..  Since there has been nothing further from them by way of further conversation or an apology,  I have deduced that they believe they were in the right and I was wrong so found no reason for further emails.

That is when it hit me.  Hearing the pundits talk about the two clear positions of the candidates and the choice, I question do the Obama supporters believe that since he won re-election that they were and are right?  All others involved in the campaign were wrong?  Is there a right or wrong in elections?  I had not ever thought of this concept.  Do Democrats believe in the black and white of I won you lost I am right you are wrong?

I find that fascinating  Is there was no room for any discussion of path or choice?  Like Obama said in 2009 ‘I won’. End of discussion!  WOW!  This was a very illuminating discovery for me.  We won the election we are right!  Light bulb moment!  This may seem bizarre to the reader.  I am sometimes very slow.  Is it truly possible that someone could believe that if a candidate loses an election that the other candidate and the party were wrong?  It boggles my mind.

I was very vocal on Facebook and here with my thoughts in multiple discussions and posts.  In any political discussion I have ever been involved with I try to keep to the facts while bringing forth my points as well as my opinions.  I like discussion not debates.  The sole purpose of a debate is to convince the other side that you are right.  I do not really care.  I prefer the sharing of ideas that come in a discussion.  Debates are competitive.  Discussions are relaxed.  I prefer the lack of competition of a discussion.

Does this mean now that any discussions or debates against the policies of the President are no longer relevant?  Are we to now simply go along with whatever he says and toe the line?  ‘Elections have consequences’?

Does this having to be right go to all things for the Democrats?  If in my discussions I do not believe in same sex marriage am I wrong?   If I do not believe in abortion am I wrong?  If  I do not believe in amnesty for illegal aliens am I am wrong?  If I do not believe in Obamacare am I wrong?  If I believe spending money and pushing up our debt is not the right path am I wrong? The answer is NO – a resounding one.  I am not wrong.   I have another opinion.  I have another vision.

I did not choose the winning candidate in this last election.  That does not make me wrong.  It simply means the Republicans did not win.  That does not mean that their ideas do not have merit.  The discussion of their positions is still very valid.  A win in an election is not an all or nothing deal.  The debates and discussions are not over they now change (hopefully) to the subject of finding solutions.  Are the Democrats under the impression that since Obama won that he is right and the world will now do everything he says?  If this is all true I am blown away by the audacity.

The recent Hostess debacle is a perfect example of wanting to be right.  A few hundred people believing that they alone were in the right, the Bakers,  took the many to no jobs.  Who is right?  No one. To ensure that the jobs remain the company has to work with the people and the people must work with the company as well to find a solution.  No jobs is no answer and certainly a no win.  Luckily there is a judge that had a cooler head.  He called them back to the table to deal from common sense.

I remain hopeful as ever that we will find our way to the unity of ‘one nation undivided’.  This will not ever happen if being right and winning is the most important arrow in your quiver.  The newly re-elected President has to move beyond the ‘I won-elections have consequences’ rhetoric of his first 4 years to find a way to work with the Congress for the betterment of our country.  As I stated in an earlier post he and his supporters own their choice and now he has to work the solution.

I wrote about Joshua Chamberlain, the Mainer who at Gettysburg is credited with turning the war around.  It was said that had he not we might look more like Europe with many little countries.  Lincoln said that the way America would defeat itself would be from within.  If being right is that important to the Democrats and they shut out the Republicans like the first four years then perhaps with the latest talks of secession Lincoln could be proven right.

To me that is not winning.  Winning is talking and discussing and finding a mutual solution for moving on working for a common goal.  The goal in this case is a prosperous America that has much for which to be thankful.


NOTE:  Since the poll of Silence and Hammer (thank you all for your participation) found Hammer the winner – the discussions will unapologetically continue as it has this day.   We soon will be in the middle of the one size Obamacare, the cuts to Medicare to pay for it, the Benghazi deaths investigation, the debt ceiling, raising taxes, additional taxes created by Obamacare – no end of discussion points!



Last night Bob Schieffer was the moderator for the last Presidential debate of the 2012 election cycle.  He had before him the man who ran the country for the last 4 years and the contender.  The question is which man is going to be the President of the United States?

I found myself thinking this is rather a boring debate considering the last two outings of these men.  Then I sat there and purposely listened and watched.  As I have said in many posts listening is more than hearing the words.  It takes into consideration the attitude and tone of the speaker of the words.  The fact checkers will take care of the actual information.

The fact checkers have already done their jobs.  There were a few major areas that were called into the discussion.  One was Romney’s defense of his auto industry bail-out stance.  Obama said Romney never said he would use government funds for the auto industry.  This is in fact wrong as in an op ed Romney did have a line about government loan guarantees.

The second quite loud interchange was the discussion about education in Massachusetts.  President Obama insisted that the improvements happened before Romney became the Governor.  In fact Gov Romney created the changes with his legislature during his term.

There was the ‘apology tour’ and mention of us not being a leader to which the President disagreed and the fact-checkers say the President never said he was sorry on the tour he took to the middle East.  The UN has also said that the US has had a leadership role.

The one that hit me and made me wonder who actually was running this country was President Obama’s demeaning attitude as he mentioned that the Navy is different than it was:

“You mention the Navy, for example, and the fact that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets. We have these things called aircraft carriers and planes land on them. We have ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines.” He added, “It’s not a game of Battleship where we’re counting ships, it’s ‘What are our priorities?’”

Last night during the debate I understand a Marine tweeted that the Marines still used bayonets. I would offer the following for President Obama’s edification.

Commuters streaming out of the PATH train station at the WorldTradeCenter in Lower Manhattan on Wednesday morning may have spotted the shrouded newcomer:
a 16-foot-tall sculpture of a Special Operations soldier on horseback. The statue is a memorial to the troops who led the American invasion of Afghanistan in response to the Sept. 11 attacks on the trade center and the Pentagon.

It is quite something so I hope everyone checks the info about this statue out.  It gives one pause to think that the President is unaware of a large bronze statue of a horse soldier.  Wonder if he is aware we used them in Afghanistan?  

The President told Gov. Romney that “Everytime you’ve offered an opinion you’ve been wrong.”  President Obama told Romney he was misinformed and ‘the1980’s, they’re now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because, you know the cold war has been over for 20 years.’ 

Romney said: “Attacking me is not an agenda .”  He also said, “I have clear eyes on this. I’m not going to wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to Russia or Mr. Putin, and I’m certainly not going to say to him, I’ll give you more flexibility after the election. After the election he’ll get more backbone.”

Those were the words and many have said that the debate was won by President Obama.

Language is more than just words.  Language is body speak as well.  Pundits have described President Obama’s face at times as smug.  His tone was demeaning and patronizing.  They said he was rude and insulting.  I saw this as well.  He was motioning almost as much as Joe Biden did. 

Mitt Romney on the other hand sat with a small smile on his face as he listened.  He had his hands clasped in a pose of a counselor listening.  When he responded he was measured as he spoke.  It appeared as if he was trying diligently not to be drawn into an argument.

President Obama reminded me of a scrappy kid on the playground with his hands up challenging his opponent to a fight.  Mitt Romney looked like the opponent with his hands in his pockets watching the little scrappy guy and deciding whether to engage or go. 

I saw two very different people on that stage.  One was a Chicago ‘brawler’ and the other was a Massachusetts ‘preppie’.  Having grown up a ‘townie’ I will choose the ‘preppie’ every time as they are usually better educated and smarter!

Years ago TONI, a beauty product that put a permanent wave into straight hair had a commercial that asked the consumer to judge between two models.  One had a permanent wave and one had naturally wavy hair.  The commercial asked, “Which one has the Toni?”  I would ask which one on the stage last night will be our President?




I have to become political again in my blog this morning much to the chagrin of some of my readers.  I have watched this sorrow in Libya unfold these past 18 says, three days shy of three weeks.  I have SAID a number of times that we are being governed by the Keystone Kops.  These last 18 days are a real example of the scattered activity the Kops used to show except this is not funny.

On September 11, 2012 our embassy in Libya was attacked.  Where were the news agencies?  Some of them reported the disturbance and the attacks due to the anti-Islamic video.  One news agency went where few reporters go anymore.  FOX News Brett Baier on Special report took the time on 9-12 to give his viewers a timeline of events so that there might be some clarity in the confusion.  He started with the attack on the United States Embassy in Libya on 9-11 and brought it forward to noon on 9-12 and to what he and his team of reporters knew up to the 6PM report of news.  It was real news in the way Cronkite or Huntley/ Brinkley/Peter Jennings would have reported.

9-11 -He had the full quote on the screen for us to read of the statement put out at 6AM Tuesday

9-11 (noon Cairo time) that condemned the protests in Egypt due to the video.  This was followed by pictures of the protestors tearing down the American flag and putting up the AlQaeda black flag.  He reported that the protesters were heard chanting “We are all Osama.”  He reported that at 5PM on Tuesday the attack on Benghazi was reported with the thought that one was dead and one wounded. He showed the tweets from the US Embassy in Egypt. 

9-12 – At 5:30AM on 9-12 the news of Chris Stevens’s death was known. 

At 9:57 Hillary says, “…this was an attack by a small and savage group…”

At 10:42 in the Rose Garden the President says, “The United States condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack.”  “…will increase security and bring to justice…”

In the reporting on “Special Report” Brett Baier spoke of the Romney statement and the Obama Campaign’s response.  He reported that President Obama spoke with 60 minutes that afternoon and flew to Vegas for a pre-scheduled event.

On this same report on 9-12 Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House select Committee on Intelligence and himself a former FBI agent said, “It was a coordinated military style commando type raid that had both direct fire and indirect fire, military movements involved in it – this was a well planned well targeted event no doubt about it.”

The reports on the 9-12 “Special Report’ show went on to speak about Ambassador Stevens being carried to a hospital and dying from smoke inhalation.  It reported that no Marines were guarding the US Consulate Headquarters.  It showed reporters peppering Romney with questions about his statement.  It told us that the Pentagon had sent forces to Libya and ships were on the way. 

“Special Report” has kept on the story often coming out with information not reported any place else.  Catherine Herridge has kept on the story for the last 18 days bringing information out that is real news even before the White House says anything.  When they do it has usually confirmed what Catherine Herridge has already reported.

Last night Brett Baier gave another time line beginning on:

August 2012.  At that time an unclassified report was filed.  It was called “Al Qaeda in Libya – A Profile”.   

Sept. 5-6 – The Democrat Convention focus was Osama is dead and GM is alive.

Sept. 10th – A video surfaces of Al Qaeda’s Amir and Spiritual Leader asking for Jihadists to avenge the death of a Libyan Terrorist who was killed in a drone attack in June

Sept. 11th – Expected protest erupt in Cairo after the anti-Islam video is played.  I detailed the events of this day first in this post.

Sept. 12th – also previously written.  The horror was the announcement of the deaths of 4 American citizens.

When going through this timeline last night Brett Baier said that according to sources the US Intelligence communities know knew this was an attack and listed it internally to unlock resources.  It was believed it was Al Qaeda or Al Qaeda linked groups.  This report has since been confirmed by FOX News.

Sept 12 – Obama makes an announcement, sits down with ’60 Minutes” and goes to Vegas

Sept 12th – CBS to their credit also covers news that puts the fact that this was an attack out in the open.

Sept 13th – State Dept. says security was okay

Sept 13th -Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State disavows the video

Sept 14th – Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other three courageous men return to America

Sept 14th – Sen. John McCain calls it terror

I must add a personal note here on Sept 14th we went to see the movie ‘2016’ and the last few frames showed the Middle East in flames.  We came home and saw the same thing on our own television as reported from the Middle Eat that day.

Sept 16th – Susan Rice our Ambassador to the UN goes on 5 Sunday Talk shows to say it was not terrorist involvement it was due to a video.

Sept 17th – State Dept says we have to wait to label this.

Sept 18th – On the David Letterman Show President Obama says it is not war and blames the video

Sept 19th – Matthew Olsen the head of the NationalCounterterrorismCenter said on Capital Hill, “Yes, it was a terrorist attack.”

Sept. 20th – Jay Carney says via phone that it was self-evident that it was a terror attack

My investigative add:

On Sept 20th/21st multiple news agencies online reported that the August 2012 report said, “The report details Al Qaeda plans for Libya, including growth of a clandestine terrorist network that has attempted to hide it’s presence.  The U. S. Military has concluded that Al Qaeda is in the final phase of a three step process for developing a full-blown Al Qaeda affiliate.”   It showed Al Qaeda was currently in an expansion phase.

Brett Baier continued:

Sept 20th – President Obama told Univision ‘still under investigation’

Sept 21th – Hillary Clinton says, “What happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack.”

Sept 24th – On The View President Obama said, “…still doing an investigation, there is no doubt the kind of weapons that were used ah thth the ongoing assault that it wasn’t just a mob action.”

Sept 25th – Obama at the UN still references the video

Sept 25th – Hillary Clinton says, Al Qaeda … and other groups have launched attacks and kidnappings from Northern Mali into neighboring countries, now with a larger safe haven and increased freedom to maneuver terrorist are seeking to extend to increase their reach and their networks in multiple directions.”

Sept 27th – Leo Panetta, Secretary of Defense finally says “terror attack”

Brett Baier concluded with the fact that the FBI still is not in Benghazi. He also noted that Hillary Clinton’s statement on the 25th was just what had been in the report (I included it above 9-20/21) issued in August 2012.  Then as he does each night he ended his program with the words – ‘fair balanced and unafraid.’  

I wan to note before I conclude that in the meantime of all these days of our government acting like the Keystone Kops that CNN has been to Libya and at the scene and retrieved Ambassador Chris Stevens Diary.

I’ll leave all this information for you sadly not completed totally this morning.  Too much to review and post.  I read lots of news and do view other stations other than FOX.  In this case they were one of the few to keep their eyes on the ball and keep us informed.  Perhaps their news people really are Fair and Balanced.




I was not able to watch the opening of the Democrat National Convention.  I heard that they did it up right and that every speech was more wonderful than the other.  I heard that Mrs. Obama was wonderful and looked beautiful.  I heard that her speech was fantastic.  I also heard that her speech was misleading.  I heard that others at the convention had let go of some truth.  I heard yesterday that the Democrats left God out of their platform.  I heard much and had to do some exploration for myself.  Fact checking if you will.

I saw Mrs. Obama’s dress and it was absolutely gorgeous.  I love color and border patterns.  Being a certified color analyst, the color was perfect for her.  The cut was very flattering and of course it showed off her much noted arms.  I watched some of her speech agreeing that her delivery is flawless.  Good speech until you look at some of the content. 

I am not commenting on most of it.  I am commenting on what we were led to believe was the struggle she and Barack had in their early years.  Both of them attended top notch high schools.  He attended a private high school, PunahouSchool, the best in Hawaii.  Michelle attended WhitneyYoung High School which is a magnet school and now #4 in Illinois.  Struggle?

Mrs. Obama said that when she met Barack he was driving a car with a hole in the floor board.  She said he loved his coffee table that he got from a dumpster.  He was wearing shoes that were a size too small.  The question arises is that he was interning for a top law firm the internet says.  As a college student I do remember salvaging furniture.  We ourselves have a $3.50 coffee table that we adore.  Our first vehicles could have used some help.  We did manage to buy shoes that fit.  In this sense we all struggled.  The point of this was to humanize them I believe.  After 4 years do we not know who they are?  Are we not aware of the lives they led?  Was this an out of place part of the speech? Did she doubt we believed he cares?  I believe there is empathy in the White House.   

The fact checking I did showed that there were many points in the speeches that were erroneous.  Everyone can do their own.  Here is one example of the Washington Posts fact checking:

Deval Patrick slams Romney on Mass. record

“In Massachusetts, we know Mitt Romney. By the time he left office, Massachusetts was 47th in the nation in job creation.”

— Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick

This is a common Obama campaign talking point, but Patrick’s phrasing (“by the time he left office”) makes it especially inaccurate. The 47th ranking is the average for Romney’s entire term, when in fact Massachusetts started out at 50th place and ended up at 28th by the end of Romney term.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been caught in another mess.  I use the word mess as I am not comfortable using the word lie.  She has on at least three occasions made statements and then said she did not say what she said.  In all three cases including the latest one she has been proven wrong by her own words recorded or taped.  Why would she do this?  How can anyone trust someone who speaks falsely so often?

There was a time when the truth could be blurred.  Today it still can UNLESS there is proof.  In this day and age of technology there usually is proof.  I boggles my mind why anyone would even try to add shading to any statement they make.

Yesterday I was actually able to watch with my own eyes on our own TV (the best way to get news) our political parties in action.  There was a vote that had to be made to put God and Jerusalem back into the platform of the Democratic Platform.  I think it is great that we got to see what actually happens at a convention.  The voice vote was very close as I heard.  I question whether there really was a two thirds affirmative vote.  What I do not question is what the teleprompter said for the chairperson to read.  The teleprompter was programmed to say that he did have a two thirds vote.  Now teleprompters have to be programmed so this meant those words were already there?   Was this a real vote or a fix?  We need some fact checking or perhaps a role call for the vote!

I am not saying that it is just the DNC.  They are the topic de jour due to the convention.  While in Maine I was reading that there was a big issue with the RNC not seating Paul delegates.  We need to fact check.  We need to look closely for ourselves to make informed decisions. 

Our vote depends more on our own research to the answers I believe than it does to the pundits who are promoting the candidates.  Our vote is precious and we should be well informed, beyond the conventions, to cast our vote intelligently.





This is a fired-up Friday submission.  It is full more of questions than answers however.  I have been listening to the news this past week not reading and following as closely as normal.  I have scanned the papers only in passing.  I have done cursory looks on the web.  I am full of questions.

The requirements to be President of the United States of America are three fold only.  The first is that you be a natural born citizen.  OR if you were born in another country your parents had to both be natural born citizens of the USA.  The second is that you are 35 years of age.  The third is that you have to be living in the USA for at least 14 years. 

Those seem fairly simple to me.  The question arises, ‘When did our tax returns become part of the requirement?’  It is written no place in the Constitution.  Then again the IRS is not in that document!

In the research I did to investigate this question one source went back to FDR who did not submit his tax returns.  Nixon submitted 4 yrs as I remember.  Ford submitted a summary only and Carter three years.  It varied from then on.  The source


also said the following:

Individual income tax returns — including those of public figures — are private information, protected by law from unauthorized disclosure. Indeed, the Internal Revenue Service is barred from releasing any taxpayer information whatsoever, except to authorized agencies and individuals.

Question number 2 is, ‘Are not our candidate’s private citizens afforded all rights?’ Question #3, ‘Why do we need these?’  If they have passed any scrutiny of the IRS and accepted then, ‘What do we need to know of one’s private finances?’  We require no one else serving in public office to submit their taxes.  Of the 535 members of Congress on 17 make their returns public.  When this issue was pushed recently by a news organization, Nancy Pelosi quickly changed the subject to the economy.  She further suggested that if the media was covering this why shouldn’t they open their returns?  Another question!  Seriously?

Does not the President have some rights of privacy?  Do not candidates for the office deserve this?  We need to know what the platform of the candidate is and how they plan to carry it out.  I believe we need to know the character of the candidate as well. 

Character is not found on a tax return.  Or is it?  If you lie about your deductions wouldn’t this exemplify poor character?  If you take advantage of all the available LEGAL options, couldn’t this exemplify wisdom to use the tools at hand?  What do your charitable deductions say about you as a person?

When we hire someone for a job we interview them.  We are given a resume to look at prior to this interview.  The job applicant may even fill out an application.  This is the information we receive.  There may then be a process of one tow or three interviews before an individual is chosen.  Today in our PC world we are not to ask age or ethnicity.  I found it very interesting when our daughter who is now looking for employment with her newly earned BS degree was sent a piece of paper asking, among other questions, her race.

The ridiculousness of the scrutiny that we put our Presidents through today is exhausting.  We spent many TV hours and newsprint columns and internet info to discover that George Bush had not attended all of his National Guard meetings, nothing illegal by the way, and had a DUI.  On the other hand we spent very little time on the passage from President Obama’s book where he said, “I blew a few smoke rings, remembering those years. Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it.”  Perhaps the reason this was not openly discussed is that he was not arrested?  Cocaine use and an arrest are a felony I believe.  Now we are after Mitt Romney for a prank he pulled in school.  And of course his tax returns.

It is time to make a list of exactly what is required for the paperwork for the Office of President.  Simple – a list!  In order to run for this office you need to supply your school transcripts from college and grad school, your dissertation if one was written, your work experience from college to now, your personal and business tax returns for 5 years and a copy of your most recent physical.  Isn’t that enough?

On the other hand we could listen to what they are saying and judge them on their character.  Think the quote goes something like this, ‘Character is what you do when no one is watching.’  The final question then would be, “What were Mitt Romney and President Obama doing when no one was watching?”


PS ……… funny addition – I cut and paste a lot of info from the web to use or not in my writings.  I write my comments above all of these and add what I want.  I then run spell and grammar check before I post.  I was surprised to see that the page I took from Mr. Obama’s book had more corrections that should have been made then my own post!!!  Evidently my stream of consciousness writing is more grammatically correct!!!



I want to thank those who commented on the July 1 post.  I really appreciate your positive feedback.  I also need to thank our daughter.  I went away last weekend to a world where there was no cell service, TV or computer access unless you were very high (as on the top of a mountain) or had permission and password to access someone’s wi-fi.  I discovered after arrival that the wi-fi was not easily available.  With great difficulty and the help of a knowledgeable teen, we got messages to my daughter to access my blog and post my already pre-written drafts.  Then through her enthusiasm I was posted twice in one day.  Luckily we got wi-fi for a couple of hours one morning and I was able to write yesterday’s blog for her to post.  Had not ever thought when I began this year’s project that I might be away.  So now that this is set in case this situation should ever happen again, I can relax and write away as I choose. 

All the positive comments that I read brought into focus the negativity that can be experienced in life.  It is extremely (not a sport for sure) for me to deal with negative people.  You have them in your life I am sure.  Nothing is ever right.  They belittle others and many of your thoughts are wrong or have no basis in reality.  It is wearing and tiring.  I believe that at times I have been and can be one of these people.  I am trying (and have been for awhile) to make a conscious effort not to be so.  I believe for the most part of my life I have been upbeat and optimistic and maybe that brings out the negativity in others.

Recently I was in the company of a person who was continually negative.  The feeling I had at times when comments were made was like two same poles meeting.  I had that feeling that there was an opposite pushing against each part of a magnet.  At times it was tension filled and very uncomfortable.  Being one who rarely is at a loss for words I found it difficult not to strike back when I was the recipient of caustic remarks.  I am also sensitive.  I had to rein this in as well as the tears that were quickly coming to my eyes.  Finally in a casual conversation when I commented on Dr. Oz and something I had read about a tea he believes is good for us, I was told he was a charlatan. I had to say something.  I came back with that I thought he was a real Dr. and a successful surgeon.  The comment was how did I know that?  I had to say I believe his open heart patients when they say so.  Someone else spoke up then and I left the situation.  I seems that there is little positive spoken from this person – or at least toward me – and I am sad for that.  From my vision I believe this person is very blessed.  I can only hope he/she sees it.  I must say I am proud of me for not saying what was in my heart when the hurtful things about my blog (why would anyone care what you say) or being a writer (you have to take a course) came my way.

Positive or negative, it got me to thinking further about our political process.  How do you accentuate the positive and still win?  John McCain tried it and failed.  He did not speak in the negative about Barack Obama.  I believe that may have been in part due to his race and the newness of running against the first bi-racial candidate.  He did mention his record, while seemingly ignoring his background.

Each candidate needs to put him and his views forward so that we want to vote for him over the other.  At the same time it is necessary for each to point out the differences in their platforms and way of governance.   It is also important to point out the facts that do not agree with what each candidate did or said previously.  For example how do you speak about President Obama if you are a Romney voter without pointing out President Obama’s promises and whether he kept them or not.  In Mitt Romney’s case, he is looking to take the job away and how do you discuss his career without pointing out his successes or failures as well.  Is it positive or negative?  In this case is the negative okay?  If we do not know both sides of all issues how can we decide? 

I believe we need to be smart and investigate everything we can about our candidates.  For this we rely on news, TV and internet.  It is up to us to sort the positive from the negative.  Maybe it simply comes down to the facts.  If it is a documented negative then it cannot be argued?  It is okay?  If it is a negative slur against the person or his family it is not allowed?  I am still pondering this.

What I have gleaned from all of this rambling this morning is that I am normally positive.  I am going to continue to live this way.  I may not bounce around as quickly or as easily as I used to do – I still will be positive.  I used to sing “Good Morning bright sunshine good morning to you” to our children to wake them up.   I will continue to do that now for my grandchildren and also continue to ignore any pillows that may come my way!!!      


NEWS? continued…


I had no idea how topical I was until yesterday.  I use this blog just to dump things out of my brain and on to paper for musing of myself and any who may choose to follow.  And lo and behold and Bless their ‘little pea-picking hearts’ (Thank youTennesseeErnie Ford) MSNBC helped me look smart.  No sooner had I posted my treasure of the day, I caught wind of the curfluffle with Andrea Mitchell.

It seems MSNBC posted a submission about Mitt Romney.  Let me set the scene as I am not uploading the video.  Andrea Mitchell, a pundit of MSNBC with her own show,  is speaking with some man (did not get his name) and chuckled and showed this clip of Mitt Romney being amazed over a machine at WaWa that allows you to punch in what you want in your sandwich and VOILA the sandwich appears.  After the clip was over Ms. Mitchell chuckled again and said something about it being his WaWa moment.  My take from what I saw is that she thought Mr. Romney foolish and way out of touch with the WaWa people of this country.

First off let me say that until I moved toMarylandI had no idea what a WaWa is.  It is the same as a Cumberland Farms inMaineor a Fox on the Run inMissouri.  It is a convenience store with a gas station.  I had no idea they had such a machine and you have to know I am going to go to my local WaWa to try it out!!!

Secondly, yesterday I was commenting on the concerns of relying on one news source alone.  Had I relied on this MSNBC broadcast I too would have thought Mr. Romney not one of Main Street America’s people.  While I am sure he does not frequent these places as much as I, I am just as sure that upon occasion he does pump his own gas so would be aware of these stores.

Thirdly is the ‘rest of the story’ as Paul Harvey used to say.  Had this clip been played in it’s entirety we would have heard Mr. Romney speaking about a Dr. trying to get through the system to submit a patient’s bill to the government.  After he spoke this he went into the description of his experience at WaWa.  He ended up with a concise message by saying it would be nice if the government worked as well and treated it’s people as well as WaWa treated their customers or some such wording.  That is a totally different message then the one that MSNBC left us with in that clip.

The RNC and the Romney campaign called MSNBC and told them they had given a poor example of the events of that day.  On Andrea Mitchell’s show at1PMyesterday she said that they had been contacted by these groups and asked to play the full clip.  She played the clip then from the WaWa story to the end.  She left off the beginning about the Drs problem, left this item and went onto the next story with no apology.  One source would have given a very slanted impression of this whole episode.  I am grateful to MSNBC for helping me appear smart or at least topical.