How appropriate for a morning post.  A couple of days ago a facebook friend shared a cartoon by a liberal outlet – egg

It showed a whole egg standing on its end.  The line across it said “This is your brain”.  Below it was a sunny side egg in a fry pan.  The words across this said “This is your brain on FOX News.”

A favorite commercial of mine many years ago showed two hooded kids on drugs.  It showed the egg and then it showed the cracking of the egg and you could hear it sizzle in the frying pan.  Same message – egg was your brain and frying was the result of drugs.

So I could see the humor and appreciated it and then took it a step further as a FOX viewer.  I put it up on my wall with the comment that a sunny side egg is a wide awake viewer!!!  Sizzling to get all the news. It is all perception and we have to love the differences.

I love political humor so long as it is not over the top.  There is a fine line for me.  I also have to be cognizant that there is a fine line for others.  While I am clear in my opinion of the current administration I will not post things that call for bad things to happen to them – well with the exception of being accountable.

Political humor has been around for a long as printed news.  I think probably Poor Richards Almanac would be the forerunner of much of this literature.  Political Cartoons about the same time.

An editorial cartoon, also known as a political cartoon, is an illustration containing a commentary that usually relates to current events or personalities. An artist who draws such images is known as an editorial cartoonist.

They typically combine artistic skill, hyperbole and satire in order to question authority and draw attention to corruption and other social ills.[1]

By the mid 19th century, major political newspapers in many countries featured cartoons designed to express the publisher’s opinion on the politics of the day. One of the most successful was Thomas Nast in New York City, who imported realistic German drawing techniques to major political issues in the era of the Civil War and Reconstruction. Nast was most famous for his 160 editorial cartoons attacking the criminal characteristics of Boss Tweed‘s political machine in New York City. In fact, Tweed was arrested in Spain when police identified him from Nast’s cartoons.[2]

Notable editorial cartoons include Benjamin Franklin‘s “Join, or Die” (1754), on the need for unity in the American colonies; “The Thinkers Club” (1819), a response to the surveillance and censorship of universities in Germany under the Carlsbad Decrees; and E. H. Shepard‘s “The Goose-Step” (1936), on the rearmament of Germany under Hitler. “The Goose-Step” is one of a number of notable cartoons first published in the British Punch magazine

hear no evilThis week we have also seen the news come around to Fox News way of investigating news as Jay Carney finally answered real questions not softballs in the White House briefing room.  There was a great cartoon by Glenn McCoy about that as well – the lack of press coverage over those facts.  It showed the see no evil monkeys referencing investigation into Benghazi.

Another part of all of this is that there usually is truth behind it.  It is my best wish that truth be told and I work to that as well.  I read the following line and loved it.

“There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. Please use in that order.”

In order to use it I had to verify this quote I went to easy wiki.  There seems to be no real author of it and on wikipedia.

It was attributed to three or more.  It was lastly to Larry McDonald, former President of John Birch Society or Frederick Douglass in 1867 or Stephen Decatur Miller in 1830.  Regardless it is still a good quote.  I see my blog as a soap box often!!!

I take my soap box seriously and call our news people into responsibility on occasion through emails or letters.  As I was ironing on Thursday I had the “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the TV.  A reporter by the name of Guy Benson totally misstated the results of the hearings.  I reported it to Cavuto with an email!


I watch Fox News almost exclusively and Your World most afternoons. Today I watched to entertain as I was ironing.

Guy Benson was incorrect this afternoon when he reported on the Benghazi hearings.  It is horrible and blatant.  He could easily have done better had he paid attention to what he was saying.   When people are looking to find fault with FOX News erroneous reporting gives them fodder.

Mr. Benson said Greg Hicks called Hillary Clinton at 2AM to tell her of the attack.  Wrong on both accounts.

Greg Hicks testified that he called the State Dept to tell them they were under attack.

Greg Hicks said that Hillary Clinton called him at 2AM about the situation never asking about protests or video.

Two errors too many for FOX.  I can no longer say FOX News is right.  I can now say we must all be vigilant.

Sad Neil. Very sad!  In the same report there was another error and did not have pen and paper to write it down.  I am available to report news anytime!

I signed my name and information.  I must check to see if I have had a response.

While I cannot draw political cartoons I can speak.  It is important to have conversaations through humor or words.  It is the conversation on many different levels that brings truth to light ultimately through words or pictures!

I have a friend who is very talented and draws a cartoon for our local hometown paper each week.  I cannot imagine the talent it takes to come up with the idea let alone the image.  Sometimes I agree with him – others not – and invariably I smile and isn’t that the best thing about the whole thing.





Yesterday there were hearings on Capital Hill looking into the truth of the attack on Benghazi.  Did you watch?  Did you find it on TV?  It was there on FOX, CNN and C-SPAN.  Networks did not carry this one.  They did carry the hearings when Hillary lied before the Congress.

Yes I said it – Hillary Lied.  There is now proof that she was aware this was a terrorist attack on the day of the event and the next day. She blamed a video even at the hearings in January.

Greg Hicks, the second in command in Benghazi said he told the State Dept. when he talked with them that they were ‘under attack’.  He said he did not mention protest or video.  He is the man that Hillary talked with at 2AM in the morning after the attack.  He does not remember her even asking about either option.  Since he had reported in, he believed she knew the truth as she asked nothing further about the attack.

In the hearings there also was further information brought forth by Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina about State Department emails.  It seems there was a Sept. 12th email from Beth Jones, Acting Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs that showed her stating that the strike was “affiliated with Islamic terrorists”.  As I watched Rep. Gowdy further said that he was an average judge, I believe.  At any rate he designated himself as average and that this information would have been strong proof for him to bring the case that people knew it was not the video.

Then we heard that the military was told to ‘stand down’.  These men are trained to go help.  To hear this twice – once that a FEST team would not be deployed and second when the military in Tripoli were told not to go.

On Fox and Friends this morning I heard Sean Smith’s mother say that Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice told her “nose to nose” that it was the video that was responsible for the killing of her son, one of the diplomats, in Benghazi.  They knew differently.  To tell someone a falsehood when you know the truth is lying in my book.

I am not going to recap all of this as you can find it somewhere on the web.  The TV news was visibly absent.  I looked at the couple of photographers in the well.  I saw there were empty seats.  Where were the news people?

I remember Watergate and the well of the congress was filled to overflowing with cameras snapping away as John Dean and all the others gave their testimony.  There was standing room only in the gallery.  My how times change.  The crimes are not dissimilar.  It is lying and cover up with the exception that four men died n Benghazi.

I watched most of the hearings yesterday on CSPAN as I did not want commercials or analogy.  I wanted to hear it.  I am sad I heard so much partisanship.  I was pleased with the couple of Democrats that seemed genuinely interested in getting to the truth rather than to just berate the Republicans for cutting the budget for State.  It was noted a couple of times that even the State Dept. Rep Charlene Lamb said in the first round of hearings that money was not an issue.

I look forward to seeing where this will go.  I am hoping for truth no matter where it is to come out.  I commend CBS for its presence this time around.  When I went to look for back ground this morning they were the only network, aside from FOX, that had anything available when I did a Bing search.




It is fascinating to me to watch the current resident of Pennsylvania   Avenue work.  First of all he seems to do little of that.  I think it would be interesting to put his office time as a percentage to his living in the White House up against other people who have been in the same situation.  I understand he has a 24hr a day job.  Yet he is on the golf course often.  He parties often.  When the 3AM phone call came on Benghazi it appears he went to bed and we know he went to Vegas.

Today more information will be coming out about the actual goings on in Benghazi.  It will now be interesting as well to see if news agencies other than Fox and the one lady at CBS – Sharyl Attkisson – are as persistent or even cover this hearing that is happening today.  The one question that people do not even acknowledge is “Was Benghazi ignored as it did not fit the narrative before the election?” Romney tried and sadly backed down.

If in fact it comes out that a ‘stand down’ order was delivered I hope the news agencies go after this with the fervor and persistence they did with Watergate or Iran Contra or Lewinsky.  If the information has any hint of a cover up then it deserves scrutiny.  Real scrutiny that only a free and unbiased press can give it.  Unbiased being the operative word and I have written about this before.

The current President continues to ignore this.  He continues to lead with a hands off approach and blame and finger pointing.  He reminds me of a child who is in fear of being caught and says “He did it” or “it wasn’t me” or the old “I don’t know”!  As recent as yesterday he did it again with referencing the ‘red line”.

I watched the news last night with eyes wide open in disbelief.  My only comment was “Really?”  The President was questioned about his ‘red line’ with Syria.  [To me it appears to be more of a squiggly faded pink line as it is not being upheld.]  He actually said in an answer to a question that he wanted to be certain.  He had evidence that Syria had gassed its own people yet he wanted to be certain.  He said he would not be able to motivate the world leaders with the suspicions they had heard and needed fact.  He said we went to war on evidence once before and we know how that turned out or words to that effect.  Once again it was a Blame Bush.  Really this far into HIS second term he is still blaming Bush.  Obama is the kid who does no wrong.  Obama the kid who points to the others – “they did it!”

I think this man is the worst leader we have had in my time on this earth.  His ineptness actually frightens me.  He is leading this country to distrust and likes it.  I have compared him to Nixon often and that is as far as I will go.  Others go further.

One thing I have not done with this blog is to use someone else’s words to fill my page.  I have thought of guest bloggers and left it at thought.  Today I am making an exception and going further.  I tried to cut and paste the entry and it did not work.  So I am introducing a facebook page to you my blog readers.

The new face book page is called “The Right Vantage” and the author has written a terrific entry about Benghazi.  Instead of using my own words today to explore what is to come in the hearings, I am sharing the link to ‘The Right Vantage” as being a clearer voice.  I hope you can open it and enjoy it.  Thank you “The Right Vantage”.!/pages/The-Right-Vantage/499052863495456



GOOD MORNING WORLDHillary Rodham Clinton

I believe our whole country has missed the boat.  While we all were slamming Secretary Clinton for her non caring of the Benghazi incident follow up, those interviewing her missed the most important part of the statement.  She was telling us the truth.  At some point it made a difference.  I would rather have had the panel ask her, “Madam Secretary if ‘AT THIS POINT’ it does not make a difference, when did it?”

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference in August of 2012 when the Ambassador contacted State to tell them that they needed more help?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference if Chris Stevens had not been sent to Benghazi under confusing intentions?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference on Sept. 11th if the State Department had taken action to help when at 4PM the attack began and we were notified?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference on that day at 5PM when the President was notified if he had taken some action?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference if he had stayed with it?  The President of the United States was nowhere to be found after 5PM according to most reports.

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference if the State Department had that day disclosed that they had received an email at 6:07PM from Ansar AL Sharia claiming they were responsible?  This news was not discovered until Oct 24th by Reuters News Agency.

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference in the announcement from the White House with Hillary standing next to the President when they blamed a video?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference if the commercial to be shown in Libya blaming the video at the cost of $70,000 had not been made?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference when we did not acknowledge the Ambassador of Libya’s apology for the terrorist attack?  Were we not calling them liars?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference on Sept. 14th when at the ceremony receiving the dead that the Secretary of State and President had called it a terrorist attack and not once again blamed the video?  They did call it an act of terror and still did not blame terrorists as if there was a difference?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference if they had been honest before sending out Susan Rice on the Sunday shows on Sept. 15th?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference had the truth come out during the last Presidential debate on Oct, 10th?  Romney was close and shut down by the moderator.

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference, if the whole truth had been out, on Nov. 6th when America voted for a new President?

From we find the following information that came out after the attack.

Oct. 24: Reuters reports the White House, Pentagon and other government agencies learned just two hours into the Benghazi attack that Ansar al-Sharia, an Islamic militant group, had “claimed credit” for it. The wire service report was based on three emails from the State Department’s Operations Center. One of the emails said, “Embassy Tripoli reports the group claimed responsibility on Facebook and Twitter and has called for an attack on Embassy Tripol.” The article also noted, “Intelligence experts caution that initial reports from the scene of any attack or disaster are often inaccurate.” (It should be noted that Reuters first reported on Sept. 12 that unnamed U.S. officials believed that Ansar al-Sharia may have been involved.)

Oct. 24: Clinton warns at a press conference that you cannot draw conclusions from the leaked emails because “cherry-picking one story here or one document there” can be misleading. She said, “The independent Accountability Review Board is already hard at work looking at everything — not cherry-picking one story here or one document there — but looking at everything, which I highly recommend as the appropriate approach to something as complex as an attack like this. Posting something on Facebook is not in and of itself evidence, and I think it just underscores how fluid the reporting was at the time and continued for some time to be.”

Oct. 24: Carney, the White House spokesman, says that “within a few hours” of the attack Ansar al-Sharia “claimed that it had not been responsible.” He added, “Neither should be taken as fact — that’s why there’s an investigation underway.”

I believe our Representatives missed the mark at the hearings in January.  They missed the opportunity to ask deeper questions.  It is my hope that as further information comes out we will truly understand the difference it makes.

For me, I am jumping out on a limb and publically stating the obvious to which a few have eluded.  I believe there was a cover-up as the President wanted to win an election.  I believe the information was not forthcoming as Barack Obama and his team worked to keep it under wraps until after November 6th.  I believe it was all political and about the election.  There is another thought.  It is that our current administration is simply inept.  I have written about that as well.

I have long contended in this blog that this administration is as bad as the Nixon crew.  I only hope that the Congress goes after them as strongly as they did Nixon for a simple break in at a hotel.  In Benghazi four of our fellow Americans died.  It is ‘AT THIS POINT’ that it makes a difference.

…..ONWARD TO MORE MISADVENTURE…clinton-benghazi-january-23-2013fists



I have spent the majority of these past few months in political confusion.  I could not understand how a video could be blamed for Benghazi.  I could not understand how Americans who want truth and freedom could re-elect Barack Obama.  I could not understand why budgets were not important and other lesser items were.  I was simply confused.

I think the world is going to make a sharp turn to clarity much like it did many years ago.  With all the talk about Benghazi and special sessions of congress and truth I think clarity may be coming out after all.  I have long contended that this mess is akin to Watergate and I think others may be on the verge of agreement.  I am looking forward to these hearings. Maybe it really was the video?

I watched a couple of the news shows off and on yesterday morning.  I was astonished to hear a Democrat Representative from Ma – cannot remember his name maybe Leach or Lynch – say that he did not believe there had been protestors at Benghazi and had no idea why the government spun it that way.  HOLY COW!

I also watched the recent vote in the Senate on gun control under the bill on background checks.  It did not pass.  The current resident of 1600   PA Ave. blamed the Republicans and the NRA.  Not sure how that works since it took Democrats to defeat this bill.  The Republicans do not have control of the Senate so some Democrat Senators had to vote to defeat this bill.  REALLY?

I watched the debate over voter ID after the elections.  I really do not understand this one.  We have to have ID for the Drs., the airports, schools so why not to cast a ballot?  The Democrats believe voters will be disenfranchised?  WOW!

The Republicans and Democrats need to work together.  They need to listen to one another.  It makes no sense to me.  How can the Republicans want voter ID and not want background checks?  How can Democrats want background checks and not voter ID.  It is my belief that our vote is more powerful than our guns.

TRUTH – the kids on facebook use this word often as a game about each other.  TRUTH government we need it now.  It is spring and time to get all the cobwebs out of Washington, D.C.  Rip off the covers and shake out the dust of half truths and side stepping.  We need leaders to stand up to this administration.  We need leaders to sweep the halls of Congress clean on both sides.  It is not too late I believe.  ‘At this point’ it is more important than ever.




I got up this morning and the sky looked weird.  Of course I was not up at the crack of dawn.  Those days are long gone and usually only seen if I had been up all night.  The sky looked not bright yet not overcast.  It was like someone was holding a light behind a curtain and that was the light.  I know rain is forecast for the day so assumed it was about to arrive.  I now can see drops on the windows so my shopping will be in the rain – yuck!  ‘Shoulda’ gone yesterday!

I like most of you have been watching the news of the bombing in Boston.  My heart aches for those who died especially for the little boy Martin who is all over the news with his sign for Peace.  My prayer is that he knows the ultimate peace now – the peace of Christ.  Then again if he is not a Christian the peace his faith promises.

The mixed messages we get from an ever evolving investigation have been frustrating me some.  While I am not sure I want it to change, the 24 hour news cycle can get in the way of real information.  It also can help as the word gets out to encourage everyone that has information and/or pictures to bring them forward as it might help. Pictures are important.  In the book, “The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo” wasn’t it a picture she found that solved the case?

It still is confusing.  They had a suspect.  They didn’t have a suspect.  They now have two maybe?  It is a tan backpack the picture shows.  They have black back pack material that has been sent to the FBI for scrutiny.  Look, we all have seen the CSI shows and heard the head Medical Examiner say let the evidence tell us.  While it is important to be current in the news cycles lets not make up news.  Let the evidence show us.

On another moment of mixed messages.  Our current President refused to call this a terror attack.  Really???  A bomb by any means is an act of terror is it not?  How many times were kids accused of ‘terrorizing their friends’ with cherry bombs.  Please let us call it what it is.  A bomb went off in Boston. If it was not a public works problem, it is a terror attack.  Now the other side is we actually do not know from where this attack came.  The evidence will tell us.

Mixed message #3.  Quote from yesterday’s newswires……..

“All in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington. But this effort is not over. I want to make it clear to the American people: We can still bring about meaningful changes that reduce gun violence so long as the American people don’t give up on them.” -President Obama speaks about the background check plan defeated in the Senate

The mixed message here is if it is okay to do a background check on guns why is it not okay to have photo id to vote?

Mixed messages about guns is really in the forefront as well.  Guns plural did not kill children in Newtown a crazy man did.  The weapons he used were legally obtained.  Guns did not kill people in Boston this week.  It was a bomb.  Guns did not kill the people of Waco today.  That was an accident.

Lastly the mixed message of killing children.  All over facebook are notices about how sad it is that our children are being killed.  The women’s groups are all out with their causes as well.  I have often wondered where the rights of girl babies are when they are aborted?  The fact is more children have been killed by abortion, which is legal, than by any bombs or guns.  How does this make sense?  How can we justify this killing?

More mixed messages of the week include the protocol of sending a contingent to the funeral of Hugo Chavez and we sent no one to the funeral of Margaret Thatcher who in her term in office was a great friend to America?

We are told not to politicize tragedies and in is first speech about Boston BHO said:

“I’ve updated leaders of Congress in both parties, and we reaffirmed that on days like this there are no Republicans or Democrats — we are Americans, united in concern for our fellow citizens.”

I am not being picky here.  When I hear the words Congress I do not hear both parties.  I hear a whole.  Why did he not simply say we that he updated congress and all share concern?

The current President also said we would get to the bottom of Benghazi and then did little to help in the investigation.  He promised the victims of Sandy that all would be well and they would get “immediate” attention after the event which was just before the election.  He told Newtown families:

“We’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.”

He is a President not King and cannot guarantee anything.  We have a governmental process.  If the words were meant for inspiration then they have been proven to be like a metal trashcan.  Solid on the outside and hollow on the inside.  So as to his words, which are generally mixed messages I say,  “What difference, at this point, does it make?” to quote Hillary Clinton.

What I know is that the truth of Benghazi will come out.  England will forgive our breach of protocol.  There will be another election in 2016.  AND I know Boston.  I lived there.  I know all that can be done will be done.  The American people once again are leading the way not the leadership.  The American people sang at the Bruins game.  The American people played “Sweet Caroline” at the Yankees game.  The American people will persevere and be stronger.




I was awake before the alarms started going off in the house this morning.  Ah, I said to myself, I will enjoy this warmth just a little more and then get up and get going early this morning!  This alarm goes off at 6AM.  I got out of bed at 7:45AM.  Drats foiled again.  If you can attribute that comment you are as old as I am!

In the meantime I must have dreamed about topics for my blog as I know my granddaughter somehow told me to write about Miss Hawaii.  The next thing I knew I’ve watched a horse race and am in the office near a paddock speaking with a consortium of men about joining their group to own the next winner!

I do love horse racing and if I can help it do not miss the Triple Crown races.  One year I even had a Kentucky Derby party.  I made mint juleps, burgoo and thoroughbred pie.  I wanted authentic and did not want to do the simple roasts or steaks.  Well the burgoo is nothing more than a differently named beef stew.  The thoroughbred pie is a huge chocolate chip cookie in a pie pan.  The mint juleps took more mint and simple syrup as none of us were able to choke down the good Kentucky Bourbon I bought!  Then Barbaro won and was killed.  Not a great memory for a wonderful night with friends, despite the results and food.  That year the Derby was on Cinco de Mayo. Wonder when it is this year – must get those dates on the calendar to save them.  AND I would join a consortium to buy a winning horse.  Never would own one of my own though.

So this day is scattered in my brain before getting out of bed.  Perhaps I can salvage some of it with a list and actually do some of the things on said list.

Are there other alarms in our lives that we ignore?  Do I pay attention to the ‘check engine’ light in the car when it comes on?   Do you in yours when you get a similar signal?  In your life with health?  Do you go to the doctor or avoid them like the plague like me?  Well until I have to go?  The dentist?

I have to call the dentist today.  I have a tooth in the need of a root canal and I do not want to go.  The first root canal I ever had was a cinch!  Old wise doctor in practice not in age.  He had me come and drilled my tooth without Novocain.  Now you have to know I am a white knuckle dentist chair rider.  I looked at him like he had three heads.  He explained that we were going to do this process in 5+ steps and take it slow and it would cost less.

Away he drilled.  I was to raise my hand when I had the slightest pain.  Believe me I was prepared to wave down a sortie of planes when I felt the least pain.  We got through that one and he put a plug in it and I returned 4 more times until he could drill up that nerve with no pain.  The cost was a quarter of what others were charging.  This was the man who also suggested back in the 80’s, before it was common, that we have our children’s teeth sealed.  Having spent a lot of time in a dentist chair it seemed like a good idea and our kids have had few dental problems!

The last time I had a root canal I went to Dr. Frankenstein or Hyde – either name would apply.  Even Jack the Ripper works.  I sat it the chair and the dentist came in and grunted a hello and told me what she was going to do to my mouth in a gruff tone. Left.  I was prepped and she came back in a jabbed me with Novocain. Left. Came back and drilled and drilled and drilled with no break till she was done.  No good-bye. What is the saying about a date at least bringing flowers if they were going to have their way with you.  Nothing!   When I told my regular dentist he just nodded his head in acceptance and reluctant acknowledgement that she had no chair side manner.  I am not looking forward to this call today though it will NOT be to her!

Alarms go off all the time and do we listen. I try to do it more now to decide what I am hearing.  In some cases I think the little discomfort I am feeling may be God’s way of getting my attention.  I have to decide at those times.  This morning I was simply seduced by the warmth of the electric blanket!  I know – easy picking and cursed energy user!!!

That brings to mind other alarms.  Should we be listening and wondering why the news is NOT covering or covering incorrectly things that are happening in this country.  I understand ABC news had all the information about the scandal involving Sen. Menendez BEFORE the election.   Martin Bashir and MSNBC incorrectly edited a news item involving a father from the Newtown massacre.  On the other side Rush Limbaugh gave an explanation yesterday about how the news had incorrectly quoted him.

Should we be alarmed that few seem to care about Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s mantra is what difference does it make?  Should we be alarmed that Muslim children are excused for prayer in public schools and Christians are not?  Should we be alarmed that it appears we are supplying the Muslim Brotherhood with weapons?  OR That no one seems concerned that we have aborted 55 million babies since Roe v Wade and 20 children are killed in Newtown, CT and gun control is the big issue?

Should we be alarmed that there was a bombing at the US Embassy in Turkey?  Should we be alarmed when it seems there is a jihad against our country from extremists?  Should we be alarmed when over 8,000,000 left the job force during the current Presidents last 4 years and over 170,000 left in January?  Should we be alarmed that this President sees no problem or issue with the excess of flying Air Force One out west to make a half hour speech? The ATF botched another gun sting – i.e. Fast and Furious – should we be alarmed?  That the healthcare that was going to save us all and be cheaper is now more expensive and questionable?  That we have mayors regulating the size of our drinks?

Perhaps it is not only me waking up late.   Perhaps America needs to look around and decide if She wants to be progressive and struggle like the progressive nations of Greece, France, Italy and Spain or go back to Her roots.   Me, I like roots.  I can stayed grounded while I explore all sorts of options.  When America was grounded She had NASA and other exploration ala industry and business.  Where are all the innovative movers and shakers today?

RING! RING! RING!  Do you hear an alarm???




If I had not been seated when I heard Hillary Clinton say “What difference at this point does it make?” with her fists clenched during the Senate hearings I think I would have fallen down as if hit by a lightening bolt.  “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?”  People were killed.  I wonder if that makes a difference?

I also heard her say “What does it matter?” when there was a reference to the reports after.  She seemed to believe it was not important.  The difference I believe is between true and false.  I watched her during the whole day of  her questioning.  (iron in hand much like Watergate) I was amazed at what she said she did not know.  I was stunned that she did not read emails from a ‘hot spot’ embassy.  I was amazed that at a question by Rand Paul about guns trafficking in that area that she did not have any information about it.  What information does she get – her travel schedule?

The news will report on this ad nauseum.  I do not have the intelligence nor the time to research this political and real situation.  I do have an answer to what difference does it make.

The difference it makes is between true and false.  Trust or not.  The difference is between knowing how to proceed in the future.  I think the quote is if we do not understand our history we are destined to relive it?  Isn’t it important to know what happened in order to plan a move forward.

How about her husband’s infidelities?  Did it make a difference there for her to talk with him?  Did it make a difference for her to ask him what went on? Did she not want to get to the truth of how the affairs came about?  In one case she called it a ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’?  What difference would it have made had she had the right information.  Maybe it would have allowed her to not look so much like a simpleton.

Were we not as a nation told to leave her alone as they healed their relationship back during his Presidency?  She banished her husband from their bedroom to understand and they barely spoke for months according to their books.  What difference does it make?

What difference would it make?  For Mrs. Clinton personally the retrospection that I am guessing she did after the Lewinsky affair came to light probably made it possible for her to admit she loved her husband and wanted to stay married.  Or it was a more political decision.  Whichever it was the decision was not made without reviewing what had happened.

In any situation we need to look back in order to look forward with wisdom. I cannot tell you how many mistakes I have made in my life.  Too many to list.  I do not believe I am alone in saying that in order to move forward I had to review and analyze and understand what had happened.  It made a difference in my life.  Usually I was changed for the better from this exercise.

Once again it comes down to character.  If you cannot take the time to look at your mistakes or failings I might question the strength of your character.  A person who cares nothing for others I believe has little character.  They plow ahead fearing no retribution and if it comes slough it off like water off a duck’s back.  People of character are wounded by their failings and take time to reflect ask forgiveness and change to be better people.

What difference does it make Mrs. Clinton?  To you not much.  Unless you see it as a success to have completely joined the classification of ‘just another politician’.  I was in the 65% who liked you Hillary.  Moving to the 35% now.  Yesterday you revealed to me more of who you really are and the character that you lack.




Today the world is supposed to end at 11:11AM or is it 11:11PM there are two of them?  I posted on my facebook timeline that I believed if we survived Y2K that we will have no problem surviving the end of the Mayan Calendar.

USA Today answered the question below.

Q&A: Is Friday Doomsday? Ask an expert Thursday at noon

The ancient Mayans, who ruled throughout southern Mexico and Central America until about 900 A.D., used three calendars, one of which was the Long Count Calendar that completes a major cycle on Dec. 21, 2012. Some today have claimed that the date signifies the end of the world, while scholars say it is merely the beginning of another cycle.

The Mayas still exist today as a diverse number of indigenous peoples, some of whom still speak the Maya language.

The end of the Mayan calendar put the spotlight on a people known for human sacrifices but celebrated for their past prowess in subjects such as math and astronomy. Today they live largely on the margins of the lands conquered by the Spaniards beginning in the 16th century.

The Mayans across the YucatánPeninsula were in rebellion throughout the later half of the 1800s, angered at discrimination and being treated as slaves by those of European descent. At the church here, they looked upon the “Speaking Cross” as an oracle in what is known as the War of the Castes. The Mexican army ended the uprising in 1901.

Ek, who conducts a Mayan form of Mass at his church, plans to mark the new calendar with prayer and traditional ceremonies, which he says many Maya have abandoned for other faiths, along with their language. He says this rejection of their culture might bring plagues, disease and drought.

Yet most people, says local museum guide Karla Chan Poot, “are receiving Dec. 21 with calm.

“People believe that they’re going to see a change, in humanity, in our thinking, that there should be a return to nature,” Chan says. “This won’t be anything like the world ending, or a meteor crashing, or extraterrestrials arriving,” or anything depicted in the popular culture or movies.

News of the pending end has reached people here, like aspiring Mayan artist Marco Poot Cahun, who incorporates doomsday talk into his monologues – which he delivers in Maya.

I think I am not going to worry about it at all.  I will continue with Christmas preparations and enjoy the day.  It rained very hard all night last night and is still very wet out there today.  Wishing it were snow for Christmas.  In the meantime I am looking around at our world today.  This is what is going on as I see it.

I do not want to negate the horror that happened last Friday.  My heart is still heavy as are many others.  I know America will come through this as we have tragedy so many times before.  Our America is a wonderful place and we need to hold her high as well.

We are looking at a fiscal cliff.  Are we going to go over it?  I have no idea.  I know we all have to get more honest with ourselves about what actually is going on in this government.  From the President right down to the congress and it’s members.

The President


Sept. 11th Benghazi consulate attacked at 4/5PM EST

There was no protest in Benghazi

Administration says it was due to a film

Susan Rice knew details before appearances Sunday September 15th

Failure in State Dept.

Libyan guards being blamed

Libyan guards on strike over salary and working hours

Sept 12th President speaks in the Rose Garden 10AM and does not call it terrorism and           flies to Vegas

Sept 12th President tells Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes it is too early to call it terrorism

Sept 25th the President still says Benghazi is a reaction to a film


It took 14 days to come out with clear information.  The final report came out this week – 4 months later.  The report shows there were errors, seems to blame Chris Stevens the Ambassador and says the State Dept. had systemic problems.  The result is?  Four citizens were killed for goodness sake.  Is it true that this did not come to focus as it was during the election?  Or is it to the ‘2016’ movie that this is what Obama really wants?  Where is the accountability?


October 29th hurricane Sandy hits

October 29th the President warns all in Sandy’s path to prepare

October 31st the President goes to New Jersey/the President says he will do anything and         cut red tape


This took the President 3 days as opposed to the 14 of Benghazi.  Great photo ops and during an election.  Was this a plus instead of Benghazi?


Friday Dec 14th the President is told about the killings in CT an hour after they occur

Friday Dec 14th the President speaks out about the killings over Television at 3:16PM

Sunday Dec 16th the President speaks in CT

Wednesday Dec. 19th the President speaks out against gun violence and presents a gun             control initiative for proposals by January – IT IS NOT JUST ONE THING!!!


How come the President spoke so quickly after this horror about following it and we did not hear from him after Benghazi for 16 hrs?  What did he know and when?  What do you think the families of the four killed in Benghazi are thinking about the lack of the Presidential voice after their tragedy and his very vocal comments after Sandy Hook??

The Congress:


Entitlements must be reviewed and modified

They must find ways to cut spending

Earmarks must stop –    Hurricane Sandy legislation has pork in it and the actual funds to help the hurricane victims total only a third of the whole bill!


example from the article:

….the Sandy emergency spending package includes $150 million for fishery disaster areas in Mississippi and Alaska; $20,000 for a new car for the Inspector General of the Justice Department; $10.8 billion for the Federal Transportation Administration; and cancellation of loans related to Hurricane Katrina. It also contains $4 million for repairs at the KennedySpaceCenter and $3.3 million for the PlumIslandAnimalDiseaseCenter.

Read more:


Fact is we need common sense.  We need a bill that says “We the Congress vote $XXX to help people in NY and NJ due to Hurricane Sandy.”  End of bill!!!  Obamacare was so long that Nancy Pelosi is famous for saying you had to pass it so you can read it.

Then there is the Fiscal Cliff.

We need common sense talk not double speak.  This is not a tax cut!  The Bush tax cuts which Obama adopted are expiring.  This tax has been the rate for the last ten years.  If these cuts expire the tax rate will go back up.  This Folks, is a tax increase no matter how they want to play it.

Imagine it in family terms.  You have an outstanding credit card that is higher than anything you have in your savings account.  How are you going to pay that down?  You have reached your limit.  You can charge nothing more.  The answer is to spend more money? I don’t think so!


We have FortHood still being classified as ‘workplace violence’.

The President said Al Quada is dead and the report on Benghazi says it is not.

A Fast and Furious gun showed up in Mexico beside the dead body of a beauty queen.

Did Hillary really have a concussion or did she want to wait until the report was out? Did she have ‘Benghazi flu’?

If Gerard Depardieu left France due to a millionaire tax will highly taxed wealthy leave this country?

How does the President connect hurricane Sandy and the deaths in Sandy Hook with making good choices in Congress as he did in his news conference?  made no sense when I heard it?

In his own words, “After what we’ve gone through over the past several months, a devastating hurricane and now one of the worse tragedies in our memory, the country deserves the folks to be willing to compromise for the greater good.”

What does it say that WalMart sold out of assault gun?  Then again if a gun can kill aren’t all guns assault guns?

If the world ends today at 11:11AM all this is moot.  If it doesn’t then we need to get to work.   Call or write your Congress people!!!  They work for us – remember of the people by the people!

I am writing an entry for tomorrow.  See you then.  In the meantime I am going to focus on Christmas and the good things in our world and I am still…




The election was held almost a month ago now.  I was very clear before the election that I believed Barack Obama was not the man to lead us in the coming four years.  Why would my opinion change with his election?  I have been as clear that I was devastated by the results.  Why does that make me negative?  Why is disagreement hate rhetoric?  Or spewing hatred? What is new?  The answer is nothing.

I was on a facebook thread yesterday that began with the discussion of Obama’s vacation.  I heard a fact  that the Obama’s have spent $1.4B on vacations this year while it only cost $58M to run the whole Royal Family expenses in England.  The thread then dissolved into a discussion of costs.  People who did not agree with Obama’s policies were portrayed as spewing hatred, using hateful rhetoric and having no clue.

At one point I put forth a link to the budget and the response was some capital letters with this: “Election over get over it and work together as it should be, aren’t we all on the same team????”  The answer is YES and NO.  I am on America’s team.  I am NOT on the Obama team.

For the last three weeks I have been trying to digest what happened on Nov. 6th, 2012.  I have not been as vocal as I had been previously as I have been trying to understand what happened and where the hope went with the voting public.  In the end our citizens simply voted to move FORWARD.  To what I do not know as I could not and still cannot see what the plan is that the Obama administration has for our country.  If we look at the facts and numbers we are headed in the same direction that Greece and Spain are living right now.  I cannot see numbers of facts that dispute this and am open for facts to prove otherwise.

I posted a status – the first in a long time – on my facebook page yesterday.  It said, “… is amazing to me that any discussion of politics or facts surrounding issues that still exist now that the election is over is seen as hate mongering and sour grapes by those that supported Barack Obama? are we all to be silent for the next four years???”  There was much discussion from friends.  The result is that if we are silent the complexion of our country could be changed forever.  Silent no more.

With this in mind I have been trying to wrap my head around the fiscal cliff issue.  I have been trying to understand by simplifying it to my own circumstances.  As I see it this cliff we are facing will put us all into financial problems.

Basically the President and Congress agreed last year when they raised the debt ceiling, if we did not make cuts to pay for this there would be a sequestration that would go into effect that would cut across the board to the $1.2Trillion amount.   These cuts would effect all Federal accounts defense and non-defense equally.  Social Security, Veteran or military pay would not be included and Medicare cuts would be capped at 2%.  Along with this the Bush era tax cuts (which I still do not understand why they are not Obama’s now as he passed them again last year) will end.  The Congressional Budget Office says we will go into a ‘significant recession’.  The CBO says that the economy will decrease and unemployment will increase.  Contractors and those depending on the government buying from them will not have any certainty.  The government could and probably would default on promised purchases of goods and services.  The tax cuts will bring in more money to DC and the sequestration will demand that since the government has made no cuts they will now have to cut arbitrarily across the board.  The effect is that with the cuts and the ending of tax relief is $607 Billion.

The Bush/Obama tax cuts have allowed my household to have more money these last ten years.  The intent was to spend it and stimulate the economy.  I was encouraged to go buy and take on loans to help our economy come back to life.  It has not done so.  The growth rate in 2009 was -2.6/ 2010 = 2.8/2011 = 1.7.

[The previous years can be found at:

For information only 2000 was 5./2001= 0.3/2002 = 2.45/2003 = 3.1/2004 = 4.4/2005 = 3.2/2006 = 3.2/2007 = 2.0/ 2008 = 1.1.  For further information the Democrats took over Congress in the 2006 election.]

To try to understand this for me is to know that when the cuts expire my extra money will no longer be available.  The loans I have taken out now will be harder to pay back.  On top of this the sequestration will cut across the board in government.  It will not be expected and has not been planned for in companies who rely on the government to buy their goods or services.

For example if GE has a contract that is cut, you mean to tell me that the cost of their dishwasher is not going to go up to help their bottom line?  I hear you it may be in the defense area and may not work as simply as that.  Will they look at this and the price point of the dishwasher and say they cannot raise that cost so they cut elsewhere and that could be jobs.  That would mean more people on unemployment.  Where does this money come from to service this cost?

This Obama plan is not to effect those earning under $250,000.  That is me and yet I know that if it is effecting a company that I use to purchase products or services from it is going to effect me as their costs are going to go up.  They are going to pass that along to the consumer – me!

President Obama sent a proposal to the Congress that has been judged poorly by the Republicans.  They say he is not acting in good faith.  We need to get our house in order and I fail to see how new spending can do that.  On top of this he is asking the Congress to allow him to raise the debt ceiling as he sees fit without their approval.  Golly that sounds quite scary to me.  I am a real strong supporter of checks and balances.  I have worked for many years with groups that work with checks and balances and in hindsight clearly see the value of this way of working together.

Obama sent Geithner to put forth his plan of:

$1.6T in tax increase

$50B Stimulus Package (new spending?)

increasing taxes on the wealthy

one year postponement of scheduled cuts in defense and domestic spending

President can change debt ceiling as he chooses

How does this fix the problems we are facing?  What about the promise to fix things that everyone signed last year?  Is this still not tax and spend?  Is this still not give us the money and we will do more later?

One of the people on the thread I was on yesterday said that the blame has to recede and we have to move forward.  The Republicans did not spend four years blaming anyone.  They now can at least blame the current President for his previous four years should they choose though I believe this to be counterproductive.

Mike Huckabee is on a bus tour for his latest book,  When asked about this situation he said it best.  He said the problems in Washington are being handled by the Obama administration like a teenage boy who says to a girl, “If you just let me kiss you that’s all I want.”  He said we all know that is not true.

Benghazi – where was the President?  Susan Rice – did she lie?  Did he?  Sandy – after the initial visit NY residents are asking where is the President’s follow through on his promises?  Obamacare will now go into effect and cost each of us $2500 and companies with medical plans will pay???  Perhaps we are to be silent to get along to move along?  To what end?  Are we The Republic of the United States of America or moving into fascism?  Socialism? What has changed?  When is Obama going to get off the campaign trail and lead?  Did not see that the last four years will it be different the next?  What has changed?




I have no idea where that quote came from and have heard it often in my life as people begin something new.  I looked to find the basis of it though could make no connection for the complete phrase. Found parts of it in scripture to Newt Gingrich to popular rock culture and no complete phraseology.  Found a children’s poem that had most of it so guessing someone combined the words along the way.

I am not beginning I am continuing while excited for the milestone that was reached at midnight last night.  I tried to stay awake and saw 11:43PM on the clock then 1:46AM – missed it!!!  Today is another day!

I wanted to start off the next part of my full goal with another name and newer look.  The name I chose to pursue was taken and frankly panned by some with whom I shared it.  Over lunch yesterday I thought of some other names none of which stuck.  I actually wrote down some to look at them.  The ones that did not make the cut are ‘paltry points’; ‘of little consequence’ ( as we know everything I have to say has value!); ‘provocative points’; ‘resounding revelations’; ‘ponder points’; ‘eclectic mind’; ‘calico chat’; ‘calico conclusions’.  The reason behind the search is I want a commercially more attractive name.  Ktsquared treasures is okay for now though I am certain not all I write is a treasure – close maybe!!!  Still looking and open to ideas!!!

In the coming months I am going to pursue a website.  Perhaps what I want to do can be done simply with a blog as well.  Still learning and learning is a good thing.

I am going to be going back to politics some as well.  Are you aware that this country has spent $1.4Billion dollars on the vacations/parties/lifestyle of the current President and his family in the last year?  I was astonished at this number and am going to investigate further as the Brits only spend $58 Million on the Royal Family per year.  The Royal Family surely have more costs with Castles alone???

I am currently working on a small post about the comparison of Benghazi and Watergate.  Thus far the fact that both Nixon and Obama got reelected while both scandals were raging it interesting to me.   This time 4 Americans were killed!

I will be looking at Christmas and other holidays as they come up for celebration.  Am listening to all the discussion about keeping the name Christmas with regard to lighting trees – much ado about nothing I am thinking and yet…slippery slope.

One point that is currently in my mind is the fact that Christmas is 25 days away and New Years right on it’s heels.  Where did this year go?  Gift shopping to be done.  Wrapping to be done.  Cards to be written and sent.  Enjoy the season?  All of this list must be done.

In closing this morning I apologize for the thinness of this post.  It is where my mind is right now as I look back and look forward.  I was so pleased to find a comment from a regular reader that I do not know telling me that a couple of my posts were lackluster.  Cannot imagine the comment after these past two.  I also have to apologize for the language in the Ebb Tide post.  Caught some flack for the quote from Sigmer.  Sorry – did not want to cut his own words.  I believe people need to be able to have their own words.  In some politician’s case it can hang them actually!  I give you the last election – Romney’s gaffes hung him.  Obama’s elected him.

Got to get to my regular day – yesterday the downstairs was completed.  The upstairs is calling me to work.





I have been pondering the results of 11-6.  I have tried to be silent and listen to what others have had to say.  I have been scouring the news and internet.  My conclusion is that nothing at all has changed.  So I have a choice.  I can be silent and not to ‘disturb the sound of silence’ and let ‘my words, like silent raindrops fell And echoed In the wells of silence’.   Whatever is going to happen will and I will have no input.

I can be passionate and use the ‘hammer of freedom’ to speak.  Quotes from the songs “Sounds of Silence” and “If I had a hammer”.  Protest songs of the 60’s.  The protesters are no longer protesting,  They are in power and giving away our country.

Since 11/6 the headlines have been:


-STOCKFALLS 3% SINCE OBAMA ELECTED (yesterday it was 5%)

-Putin Happy with Obama Victory

-Where to put your money after Obama Victory

-More Fed Easing

-Petraeus Resigns Over ‘Affair”

-Obama Administration Shuts Down Oil Drilling Out West

-Panetta: ‘I’m Reading the Paper Like You Are”



There is no silence out there.  Our Secretary of Defense reads the paper to know what is going on?  The newly re-elected President is demanding?  Our questionable friend in Russia is glad to have the flexibility available and that means what?  Does anyone remember that the administration went into Libya without Congressional approval?

I went to search for silence.  Wikipedia says it is the lack of audible sound.  The word silence brought up some websites for meditation as well as a play that is on Broadway and is a musical parody of ‘The Silence  of the Lambs’.  Despite my credulity as to the enjoyment of this story, I was interested to discover it has won awards.

I looked for wisdom as it is usually good to seek knowledge to understand.  I found the following quotes.


Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.
Leonardo da Vinci
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.
Abraham Lincoln
I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.
Elie Wiesel
When the oak is felled the whole forest echoes with it fall, but a hundred acorns are sown in silence by an unnoticed breeze.
Thomas Carlyle
Don’t you know that silence supports the accuser’s charge?

I thought about the silent majority that say nothing until they get to the ballot box – if they get there.  I thought about the times I have spoken up in my life when it would have been better to be quiet.  I thought about the times I was quiet and it would have been better if I had said something.  Still not sure where I stand on speaking out anymore.  I pretty much had my say in the email response I shared.  I can not see where my small voice will do any good at all.

Then I read the quoted words above again.  Can I remain silent when I believe David Petraeus spoke about his affair himself so that he would be beholden to no one?  When was the last time someone exposed their own bad deeds?   Can I remain silent when the same man is supposed to have said privately to a member of Congress, “Do you want the official line or do you want the real truth?”  Can I remain silent when 4 men died in Benghazi and our President did not answer a direct question that asked if he issued orders to protect those lives?  Could the 4 Americans have been saved had there been a rapid response?

The words above are saying that bad things happen when good people say nothing.  They are telling me that silence gives authority power, can be the beginning of the end, encourages bad ideas and supports bad positions.  There are already lots of acorns out there – Benghazi, Petraeus, debt, taxes, and where did the media go?

Sound of Silence or Hammer of freedom?




I have to become political again in my blog this morning much to the chagrin of some of my readers.  I have watched this sorrow in Libya unfold these past 18 says, three days shy of three weeks.  I have SAID a number of times that we are being governed by the Keystone Kops.  These last 18 days are a real example of the scattered activity the Kops used to show except this is not funny.

On September 11, 2012 our embassy in Libya was attacked.  Where were the news agencies?  Some of them reported the disturbance and the attacks due to the anti-Islamic video.  One news agency went where few reporters go anymore.  FOX News Brett Baier on Special report took the time on 9-12 to give his viewers a timeline of events so that there might be some clarity in the confusion.  He started with the attack on the United States Embassy in Libya on 9-11 and brought it forward to noon on 9-12 and to what he and his team of reporters knew up to the 6PM report of news.  It was real news in the way Cronkite or Huntley/ Brinkley/Peter Jennings would have reported.

9-11 -He had the full quote on the screen for us to read of the statement put out at 6AM Tuesday

9-11 (noon Cairo time) that condemned the protests in Egypt due to the video.  This was followed by pictures of the protestors tearing down the American flag and putting up the AlQaeda black flag.  He reported that the protesters were heard chanting “We are all Osama.”  He reported that at 5PM on Tuesday the attack on Benghazi was reported with the thought that one was dead and one wounded. He showed the tweets from the US Embassy in Egypt. 

9-12 – At 5:30AM on 9-12 the news of Chris Stevens’s death was known. 

At 9:57 Hillary says, “…this was an attack by a small and savage group…”

At 10:42 in the Rose Garden the President says, “The United States condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack.”  “…will increase security and bring to justice…”

In the reporting on “Special Report” Brett Baier spoke of the Romney statement and the Obama Campaign’s response.  He reported that President Obama spoke with 60 minutes that afternoon and flew to Vegas for a pre-scheduled event.

On this same report on 9-12 Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House select Committee on Intelligence and himself a former FBI agent said, “It was a coordinated military style commando type raid that had both direct fire and indirect fire, military movements involved in it – this was a well planned well targeted event no doubt about it.”

The reports on the 9-12 “Special Report’ show went on to speak about Ambassador Stevens being carried to a hospital and dying from smoke inhalation.  It reported that no Marines were guarding the US Consulate Headquarters.  It showed reporters peppering Romney with questions about his statement.  It told us that the Pentagon had sent forces to Libya and ships were on the way. 

“Special Report” has kept on the story often coming out with information not reported any place else.  Catherine Herridge has kept on the story for the last 18 days bringing information out that is real news even before the White House says anything.  When they do it has usually confirmed what Catherine Herridge has already reported.

Last night Brett Baier gave another time line beginning on:

August 2012.  At that time an unclassified report was filed.  It was called “Al Qaeda in Libya – A Profile”.   

Sept. 5-6 – The Democrat Convention focus was Osama is dead and GM is alive.

Sept. 10th – A video surfaces of Al Qaeda’s Amir and Spiritual Leader asking for Jihadists to avenge the death of a Libyan Terrorist who was killed in a drone attack in June

Sept. 11th – Expected protest erupt in Cairo after the anti-Islam video is played.  I detailed the events of this day first in this post.

Sept. 12th – also previously written.  The horror was the announcement of the deaths of 4 American citizens.

When going through this timeline last night Brett Baier said that according to sources the US Intelligence communities know knew this was an attack and listed it internally to unlock resources.  It was believed it was Al Qaeda or Al Qaeda linked groups.  This report has since been confirmed by FOX News.

Sept 12 – Obama makes an announcement, sits down with ’60 Minutes” and goes to Vegas

Sept 12th – CBS to their credit also covers news that puts the fact that this was an attack out in the open.

Sept 13th – State Dept. says security was okay

Sept 13th -Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State disavows the video

Sept 14th – Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other three courageous men return to America

Sept 14th – Sen. John McCain calls it terror

I must add a personal note here on Sept 14th we went to see the movie ‘2016’ and the last few frames showed the Middle East in flames.  We came home and saw the same thing on our own television as reported from the Middle Eat that day.

Sept 16th – Susan Rice our Ambassador to the UN goes on 5 Sunday Talk shows to say it was not terrorist involvement it was due to a video.

Sept 17th – State Dept says we have to wait to label this.

Sept 18th – On the David Letterman Show President Obama says it is not war and blames the video

Sept 19th – Matthew Olsen the head of the NationalCounterterrorismCenter said on Capital Hill, “Yes, it was a terrorist attack.”

Sept. 20th – Jay Carney says via phone that it was self-evident that it was a terror attack

My investigative add:

On Sept 20th/21st multiple news agencies online reported that the August 2012 report said, “The report details Al Qaeda plans for Libya, including growth of a clandestine terrorist network that has attempted to hide it’s presence.  The U. S. Military has concluded that Al Qaeda is in the final phase of a three step process for developing a full-blown Al Qaeda affiliate.”   It showed Al Qaeda was currently in an expansion phase.

Brett Baier continued:

Sept 20th – President Obama told Univision ‘still under investigation’

Sept 21th – Hillary Clinton says, “What happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack.”

Sept 24th – On The View President Obama said, “…still doing an investigation, there is no doubt the kind of weapons that were used ah thth the ongoing assault that it wasn’t just a mob action.”

Sept 25th – Obama at the UN still references the video

Sept 25th – Hillary Clinton says, Al Qaeda … and other groups have launched attacks and kidnappings from Northern Mali into neighboring countries, now with a larger safe haven and increased freedom to maneuver terrorist are seeking to extend to increase their reach and their networks in multiple directions.”

Sept 27th – Leo Panetta, Secretary of Defense finally says “terror attack”

Brett Baier concluded with the fact that the FBI still is not in Benghazi. He also noted that Hillary Clinton’s statement on the 25th was just what had been in the report (I included it above 9-20/21) issued in August 2012.  Then as he does each night he ended his program with the words – ‘fair balanced and unafraid.’  

I wan to note before I conclude that in the meantime of all these days of our government acting like the Keystone Kops that CNN has been to Libya and at the scene and retrieved Ambassador Chris Stevens Diary.

I’ll leave all this information for you sadly not completed totally this morning.  Too much to review and post.  I read lots of news and do view other stations other than FOX.  In this case they were one of the few to keep their eyes on the ball and keep us informed.  Perhaps their news people really are Fair and Balanced.