I have no idea where that quote came from and have heard it often in my life as people begin something new.  I looked to find the basis of it though could make no connection for the complete phrase. Found parts of it in scripture to Newt Gingrich to popular rock culture and no complete phraseology.  Found a children’s poem that had most of it so guessing someone combined the words along the way.

I am not beginning I am continuing while excited for the milestone that was reached at midnight last night.  I tried to stay awake and saw 11:43PM on the clock then 1:46AM – missed it!!!  Today is another day!

I wanted to start off the next part of my full goal with another name and newer look.  The name I chose to pursue was taken and frankly panned by some with whom I shared it.  Over lunch yesterday I thought of some other names none of which stuck.  I actually wrote down some to look at them.  The ones that did not make the cut are ‘paltry points’; ‘of little consequence’ ( as we know everything I have to say has value!); ‘provocative points’; ‘resounding revelations’; ‘ponder points’; ‘eclectic mind’; ‘calico chat’; ‘calico conclusions’.  The reason behind the search is I want a commercially more attractive name.  Ktsquared treasures is okay for now though I am certain not all I write is a treasure – close maybe!!!  Still looking and open to ideas!!!

In the coming months I am going to pursue a website.  Perhaps what I want to do can be done simply with a blog as well.  Still learning and learning is a good thing.

I am going to be going back to politics some as well.  Are you aware that this country has spent $1.4Billion dollars on the vacations/parties/lifestyle of the current President and his family in the last year?  I was astonished at this number and am going to investigate further as the Brits only spend $58 Million on the Royal Family per year.  The Royal Family surely have more costs with Castles alone???

I am currently working on a small post about the comparison of Benghazi and Watergate.  Thus far the fact that both Nixon and Obama got reelected while both scandals were raging it interesting to me.   This time 4 Americans were killed!

I will be looking at Christmas and other holidays as they come up for celebration.  Am listening to all the discussion about keeping the name Christmas with regard to lighting trees – much ado about nothing I am thinking and yet…slippery slope.

One point that is currently in my mind is the fact that Christmas is 25 days away and New Years right on it’s heels.  Where did this year go?  Gift shopping to be done.  Wrapping to be done.  Cards to be written and sent.  Enjoy the season?  All of this list must be done.

In closing this morning I apologize for the thinness of this post.  It is where my mind is right now as I look back and look forward.  I was so pleased to find a comment from a regular reader that I do not know telling me that a couple of my posts were lackluster.  Cannot imagine the comment after these past two.  I also have to apologize for the language in the Ebb Tide post.  Caught some flack for the quote from Sigmer.  Sorry – did not want to cut his own words.  I believe people need to be able to have their own words.  In some politician’s case it can hang them actually!  I give you the last election – Romney’s gaffes hung him.  Obama’s elected him.

Got to get to my regular day – yesterday the downstairs was completed.  The upstairs is calling me to work.





  1. Her home is lovely, bright, cheerful and spotless. It is hard to imagine what more cleaning could be done, but hey, I’m just a guy and we ware usually blind to the call of cleaning.

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