I was not able to watch the opening of the Democrat National Convention.  I heard that they did it up right and that every speech was more wonderful than the other.  I heard that Mrs. Obama was wonderful and looked beautiful.  I heard that her speech was fantastic.  I also heard that her speech was misleading.  I heard that others at the convention had let go of some truth.  I heard yesterday that the Democrats left God out of their platform.  I heard much and had to do some exploration for myself.  Fact checking if you will.

I saw Mrs. Obama’s dress and it was absolutely gorgeous.  I love color and border patterns.  Being a certified color analyst, the color was perfect for her.  The cut was very flattering and of course it showed off her much noted arms.  I watched some of her speech agreeing that her delivery is flawless.  Good speech until you look at some of the content. 

I am not commenting on most of it.  I am commenting on what we were led to believe was the struggle she and Barack had in their early years.  Both of them attended top notch high schools.  He attended a private high school, PunahouSchool, the best in Hawaii.  Michelle attended WhitneyYoung High School which is a magnet school and now #4 in Illinois.  Struggle?

Mrs. Obama said that when she met Barack he was driving a car with a hole in the floor board.  She said he loved his coffee table that he got from a dumpster.  He was wearing shoes that were a size too small.  The question arises is that he was interning for a top law firm the internet says.  As a college student I do remember salvaging furniture.  We ourselves have a $3.50 coffee table that we adore.  Our first vehicles could have used some help.  We did manage to buy shoes that fit.  In this sense we all struggled.  The point of this was to humanize them I believe.  After 4 years do we not know who they are?  Are we not aware of the lives they led?  Was this an out of place part of the speech? Did she doubt we believed he cares?  I believe there is empathy in the White House.   

The fact checking I did showed that there were many points in the speeches that were erroneous.  Everyone can do their own.  Here is one example of the Washington Posts fact checking:

Deval Patrick slams Romney on Mass. record

“In Massachusetts, we know Mitt Romney. By the time he left office, Massachusetts was 47th in the nation in job creation.”

— Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick

This is a common Obama campaign talking point, but Patrick’s phrasing (“by the time he left office”) makes it especially inaccurate. The 47th ranking is the average for Romney’s entire term, when in fact Massachusetts started out at 50th place and ended up at 28th by the end of Romney term.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been caught in another mess.  I use the word mess as I am not comfortable using the word lie.  She has on at least three occasions made statements and then said she did not say what she said.  In all three cases including the latest one she has been proven wrong by her own words recorded or taped.  Why would she do this?  How can anyone trust someone who speaks falsely so often?

There was a time when the truth could be blurred.  Today it still can UNLESS there is proof.  In this day and age of technology there usually is proof.  I boggles my mind why anyone would even try to add shading to any statement they make.

Yesterday I was actually able to watch with my own eyes on our own TV (the best way to get news) our political parties in action.  There was a vote that had to be made to put God and Jerusalem back into the platform of the Democratic Platform.  I think it is great that we got to see what actually happens at a convention.  The voice vote was very close as I heard.  I question whether there really was a two thirds affirmative vote.  What I do not question is what the teleprompter said for the chairperson to read.  The teleprompter was programmed to say that he did have a two thirds vote.  Now teleprompters have to be programmed so this meant those words were already there?   Was this a real vote or a fix?  We need some fact checking or perhaps a role call for the vote!

I am not saying that it is just the DNC.  They are the topic de jour due to the convention.  While in Maine I was reading that there was a big issue with the RNC not seating Paul delegates.  We need to fact check.  We need to look closely for ourselves to make informed decisions. 

Our vote depends more on our own research to the answers I believe than it does to the pundits who are promoting the candidates.  Our vote is precious and we should be well informed, beyond the conventions, to cast our vote intelligently.



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