Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring as their noses were all in the books they got for Christmas!

It has been an interesting journey to Christmas this year.  It was and still is and will be again tomorrow a wonderful holiday.  The last of the gifts under the tree will be opened tomorrow afternoon.  The decorations will start coming down the next day.  I usually wait till Little Christmas on January 6th and will not be doing so as we are busy the minute the new year begins.  As I said it has been an interesting holiday.

The Spirit of Christmas was intermittent for me.  Coming in and out, gently touching me on occasion as a summer breeze.  It never really settled in and for that I believe the holiday was a bit less merry.  It was not a disappointment; simply not as jolly as others of the past.  Is that what happens as we age?  Perhaps that is why I have not been able to turn a phrase to write a blog as well?  I am not certain.  I simply have not been as tuned in as in the past.

Perhaps it has been the weather.  It is now 60 outside my window on this Boxing Day.  Tomorrow it is to be 69 and sunny.  This is mid East coast USA and the normal temp is low 40s by this time of year at least.  It is one of those years that defies imagination.  We are to be skiing and skating not hiking and golfing.  Our neighborhood is petitioning to have the pool opened again.  Of course it is jest yet it is warmer now than some days last summer!!!  I remember a winter or two like this as a kid.  Very disappointing when you get skates for Christmas and the local pond is still open water.

Whatever the reason, the joy of the season is here, any malaise will pass, winter will come and the first snow will blanket the earth.  The quiet beauty of a winter night will appear with streetlights casting shadows on a pallet of  white.  The pureness  of hope and promise.

The  new year will begin.  Resolutions will be made and broken. Children will return to school after vacations and the world will get a chance to start all over again.

…..and there it is……….one just has to look into ourselves quietly sometimes to find goodness and joy that is in each of us.  It is there despite what we may think or feel on the surface of that I am certain.  Hope and Joy and Love.  It is the season to find them in the manger.  If we have Jesus in our hearts, Hope, Joy and Love are there too under all the distractions of the lives we live.  Our job is to look and the humanity of this writer gets in the way on occasion.  Not today!