This bit of trivia may be known by many.  I may simply be commenting on old news.  Here it goes. The residents of this house were surprised when we made the following discovery.  It was totally by chance.

Lately I have been taking a bunch of medication for tooth distress.  All is almost well.  In the meantime I have prescription bottles in the house.  One was sitting by the TV chair and became the object of aimless play.  All of a sudden I heard “Look at this”.  I looked.  The cover of the bottle had been inverted to be placed in the bottle upside down and it held.

Now, as yet, I still can open these tricky bottles by pressing down on the tab and twisting.  I have noticed though that my strength is less than it003 was.  Sometimes simple things, like clasping my bracelets, are not so simple.  I refuse to give in and continue to do everything I can to not ask for help.  With the exception of some jars which are sealed so tightly that even the strongest among us struggle to open them.  I can see where one day holding down the tab and twisting may not be as easy.

The discovery that was the AH HA moment was that the cap has two ways of attaching to the cylinder.  Obviously it was created that way.  The other point is that no one told me or us.  So now I am sharing this with the rest of the world in case there are some out there that still do not know this simple fix for these specific prescription bottles.

The top says – “Hold down tab and turn”.  The next time you have a prescription look to see if in fact there are not ridges going around  on the cap top.  006Not the straight up and down grooves that allow you to grasp it.  These are ridges that look like they could screw into something.  Then look at the top of the pill bottle and you will, hopefully as we did discovered, see that the top part has grooves inside with channels.  The AH HA is that if you turn the cap over and screw it into the bottle for easy removal.  Instead of a cooley hat it looks like a sombrero.

004That Folks, is your trivia for the day.  Brought to you from sheer happenstance.  Perhaps you knew it – we did not.


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This past weekend we took a trip ‘home’ for my boyfriend’s 50th high school reunion.  He is older than I. In hushed tones not mentioning that my 50th is next year.  After all this blog is subtitled ‘eclectic writings of an aging woman’.

We chose to take back roads and stay off major highways as best we could and still not be on the road for hours.  We found route 10 and 176 up to Reading PA and then picked up 61N to 81 for only an hour until we were on Route 12 in New York state.  We took the same way back with an addition of route 11 to Scranton PA from NY12.  After Scranton we picked up 81 only to retrace our original route around Reading PA to home.

We laughed so at IDA on this journey.  IDA is our gps voice.  IDA stands for Instructional Directional Aide. We are convinced that GPS systems get a kick-back form toll highways as it kept wanting us to find one.  We could not decide which words she used most turn right or turn left.  Ultimately we decided she used the word “recalculate” the most.  It is amazing that at times she did not simply blow up!  We definitely were not taking her route and she would finally give in to ours.  We spoke about IDA as if she were real and would at one point swear bad words at us and simply stop working.  Levity is a good thing!

Our trip up to New Hartford, NY took us through the Pennsylvania countryside on a lovely sunny fall Saturday.  We drove through “Harmony Day” in Honey Brook PA.  Doesn’t that just sound like the nicest day?  It appeared to be as many Amish and Mennonite were in their buggies at or going to the event.  There were booths lining the village on the library lawn and a ball field.

After this minor slowing we drove through the bucolic PA countryside.  It was a lovely day.  As we neared the end of 61 we drove through Pottstown PA.  Immediately we were reminded that this is the home of Yuengling beer by the signage.  We did not see the factory and can return another day if we deem it necessary.  Since moving to this area we know the beer is good even though we had not ever heard of it before.  We saved this tour for another day.

  1. G. Yuengling & Son is the oldest operating brewingcompany in the United States, established in 1829. It is one of the largest breweries by volume in the country. Based on sales in 2011, Yuengling was tied with the Boston Beer Company, maker of Samuel Adams brands, as the largest American-owned brewery.[1]Its headquarters are in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.[2] Yuengling produces about 2.5 million barrels annually, operating two Pennsylvania facilities and a brewery in Tampa, Florida.

Yuengling is pronounced i/ˈjɪŋlɪŋ/ ying-ling, and is an Anglicized version of Jüngling, its founder’s surname and the German term for “young man”.

The family-owned brewery has traditionally changed ownership through the purchase of the company by the offspring of the previous owner.[3] Due to the popularity of Yuengling Traditional Lager in Pennsylvania and the Delaware Valley, it can be ordered by simply asking for a lager.[4][5]

We did discover a more fun aspect of Pottstown PA.  As we were driving through I spied a tall statue and pointed it out.  Of course we wondered what it was.  Remembering I had my phone – a smart one – I googled it right then and there.  Instant gratification for this information junkie was at hand!!!

The statue is of Henry Clay.  Here is an excerpt from what I found.  It is a delightfully little known fun story of our American history.  The link for the full story is below.

Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Henry Clay lost presidential elections to John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, and James K. Polk. But that’s not why Clay — a slave-owning Senator from Kentucky — has a huge monument Pottsville, Pennsylvania. It’s because as a Senator he pushed through protectionist tariffs on foreign coal and iron, which made Pottsville’s coal and iron more valuable.

The idea for a monument was conceived by Samuel Silliman, a local mine owner, and pushed by John Bannon, publisher of a local newspaper. It took three years to build: a cast iron statue of Clay, 15 feet tall, atop a 51-foot-tall cast iron column — altogether weighing almost 30 tons. It was dedicated on July 4, 1855, the biggest monument in America at that time. Pottsville is so hilly that Bannon could stand on the balcony of his nearby hilltop mansion and admire Henry Clay at eye level. Too bad for the people of Pottsville: a proposed staircase from the main street to the statue was never built.

The rest of our trip up on Saturday was fairly uneventful with the exception of two Dunkin Donut stops.  Both places got simple orders wrong.  Perhaps I will notify the company.  Service IS an important part of their business.


Sunday morning we visited with a long time friend we had not seen in 30 yrs over breakfast and toured the hometown – school and homes.  It was lovely to see the village still as pretty as ever.  We imagine that much of smalltown America looks the same while mourning the fact that this part of our culture does not get the attention it deserves.

Our ride back was a bit more gray as clouds floated across the sky.  The air was still summer in the 80s.  It was like a seasonal fight was about to occur.  Of course Fall will win though Summer was holding out most of the day.

As we approached Binghamton we ran into some traffic at a construction area.  As it was time for a stop anyway we got off re-visited one of the same aforementioned DDs in Hallstead PA only to have another service issue as did another person.  Definitely see a letter going out in the next day or so to the corporate headquarters.   When we got back on the road we opted for another back one and continued into PA on route 11.

We discovered that we were traveling down the Lackawanna Trail.  We had no idea and enjoyed the thought of driving where many had probably walked in moccasins or upon horses when it was dirt alone.

We drove through  sleepy little towns like New Milford, Kingsley and Hop Bottom.  It wasn’t until I was doing some research for this post that I discovered that US RT 11 is a fairly big deal.  From Wikipedia with a link below.

U.S. Route 11 (US 11) is a north–south United States highway extending 1,645 miles[1] (2,647 km) across the eastern United States. The southern terminus of the route is at U.S. Route 90 in the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge in eastern New Orleans, Louisiana. The northern terminus is at the United States-Canada border in Rouses PointNew York. The route continues across the border in Canada as Quebec Route 223. US 11, created in 1926, largely follows the route of the original plan.

Until 1929, US 11 ended just south of PicayuneMississippi at the Pearl River border with Louisiana. It was extended through Louisiana after that.

The Maestri Bridge, which carries US 11 across Lake Ponchartrain, served as the only route to New Orleans from the east for six weeks after Hurricane Katrina due to its sturdy construction. The storm virtually destroyed the Twin Span Bridge on I-10 and damaged the Fort Pike Bridge on US 90.

Interstate 81, constructed in the 1960s, parallels the route of US 11 in many areas. Beyond I-81’s southern terminus, other interstates run along corridors paralleling US 11, specifically I-59, which is joined to I-81 by I-40I-75, and I-24.

Then we came to Nicholson and this huge bridge.  It said Lackawanna R R on it.  Here is what I found while looking this morning.  Would have looked on the way except that the smart phone was out of charge.  Found this interesting to discover about the bridge.

 Tunkhannock Creek Viaduct – Longest Concrete Railroad Bridge

Commonly called the Nicholson Bridge, the Tunkhannock Creek Viaduct was constructed from 1912 to 1915. It is the the world’s largest concrete railroad bridge, part of a major improvement to the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad. The bridge is 2,375 feet long, 34 feet wide, and 240 feet in height. I have been on a railfan trip out of Steamtown that crossed the Viaduct, but I think the most impressive view is from the town below. It is not unlike seeing Niagara Falls from the Maid Of The Mist.

We continued on 11 until Scranton PA where we got lost.  Route 11 simply disappeared from the signage.  We found our way back to 11 after some wrong turns and IDA trying to get us to the PA Turnpike.  We decided that since there was a college in Scranton that students must have needed the 11 sign for something and left it to the traveler to wend their own way around the city.

We also kept seeing signs for Steamtown and could not decide if that was the name for Scranton at one time or simply another town.  Still do not know and will look forward to looking further to finding out.  In the meantime discovered a National Park with that name and added the link should you care to visit.

After the wrong turns in Scranton and time elapsing quicker we got back on 81 for the short hop to connect to Rt 61 so we could still relax through some countryside to get home.

We were now going south on 61. It of course is a different view than we had coming north.  We of course are seeing the same things only with a different perspective.  We can read the signage on both sides of course – the large ones.  What we did not read were the small hand-made signs on the other side as we simply could not see them.

Each side of the road has it’s delights.  I could see signs on both sides for veggies, cider and mums and some were too small to read unless we were on that particular piece of road.  Coming south I could actually read them.   It was enlightening.  We all have seen the funny church signs that are on the internet. I wonder what some people think when they create their signage.  Remember people used to send signs into the Late Show to both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno?

At the risk of being insensitive and a bit off color I must share a sign that had us in gales – I mean gales of laughter.  Read it for yourself.  It may just be your chuckle for the day.  The sign said:

We recycle vinyl records in the rear.

As you can imagine when the laughter subsided the questions came.  What did they do with cassettes and CDs?  Where did they keep the inventory?  Still laughing this morning!!!













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I love that my mind is filled with eclectic thoughts at random times.  This morning was a perfect example of the randomness under which I think.

I was in our closet getting dress for the day.  Note this closet has not yet hit the “one thing per day” clean list so it is less than easy to find the clothes I want to wear.  I was looking around at the chaos and my eyes hit upon a basket that held two old passports.  First off why am I keeping them and secondly on display in a basket?

Logically I justified the display with the fact that I would not want to throw away the stamps held within those booklets of the places I have been.  Then I remembered that a lot of the places I have been did NOT stamp the book.  My mind continue to wander to the why I am keeping them and then off to another tangent.  This one led to this post and a larger question.

If you could keep all your keepsakes in a box what would you hold onto for all time.  Further I was thinking of a box the size of a shoebox.  Well let’s go a little bigger – a boot box.  What would you keep? I have been thinking about that all morning since I ‘came out of the closet’! What would I keep?  I am actually going to go get a box and fill it to see just what I would put into it for perpetuity.

I know right off the bat that those two passports would be included.  I can think of a couple of locks of hair that would go in there.  A special picture, since I do not have her hair, of our third child who came to us from love not birth from other parents.  I would need something of our grandchildren in there.  Perhaps a special picture or piece of art?  I would put in a wedding photo.  Perhaps a family photo as well.  I have most of the kids papers still and need to toss them so maybe in there I would find a gem to include in this box.  I would want my all my parents in there as well as my siblings and their families.  Perhaps a genealogy chart so others may wonder why we only have three branches on our tree.

I think that for this fall this sounds like a worthy task as I am going about cleaning this house.  Maybe there is a special book or knick knack that needs to be here in reality or a photo of it.  A doily that I no longer use.  I know I have a beautiful one that my Aunt Louise made for us.  Maybe I should simply use it again?  Or frame it like I did the one Auntie made.  Puts a totally different feel on the cleaning issue.  Instead of cleaning I am in search of treasures with meaning.  Oh what a twist and a game to play to simply clean a house!

I have ever known that I had much of Tom Sawyer in me.  Just ask – Betsy or Beverly or my brother or Aunt Becky or my sisters or – anyone that I have managed to involve in tasks that start out as fun and end up being more work than I ever imagined and they helped me out.

So the question of the day is what memorabilia would you put in a favorite boot box?  Oh wait it must be decorated too.  Another fun idea I know I have some velvet…….and there I go again off with another thought!





We can safely and correctly say that three fourths of the year has gone.  My question still and ever remains – where did it go?  It went by faster than a speeding bullet and appeared to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  It was a blur this year 2014.  I want some of it back to make sure I enjoyed the time.

Last Friday a friend of mine and I were commiserating that we simply had no energy and each of our list of things to do was way too long.  I explained that I am trying to simply do one thing each day.  Last week one of those things was to clean the microwave.  It did not get done yet two other items were checked off the list instead.  I still have to clean the microwave over the stove.  My issue that I loudly mention to those in this household is that I am simply too short.  The thought is that someone else who is taller might pick up the gauntlet and go ahead and clean it.  Thus far no takers and I will be getting out the step stool later today or tomorrow as it is not on today’s list.

I completed my one task for this day.  It was to simply get the table cloth off the dining room table and put the room back to the clean state in which I like to see.  When I mentioned this at dinner last night I got a chortle and a “That will take all of five minutes.  What are you going to do with the rest of the day?”  I simply said my list has one thing each day so not to disrupt my qi!  I heard another chortle.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For other uses, see Qi (disambiguation).

In traditional Chinese cultureqi (more precisely , also chich’i or ki) is an active principle forming part of any living thing.[1][2][3] Qi is frequently translated as “natural energy”, “life force”, or “energy flow”. Qi is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinesemedicine and martial arts. The literal translation of “qi” is “breath”, “air”, or “gas”. Qi is a purely hypothetical concept.[4]

When I was at OCS (overly comfortable spa) I acknowledged stress as I shared with you a few weeks back.  I also learned more about qi.  I also learned about breathing which was actually a review from the year before.  I am a slow learner as I have also shared often.   The result of this knowledge is that I am being easier on myself and not going as fast.   Ultimately I am happier.  It has been an interesting couple of weeks.

I have a whole house to clean.  We have multiple bedrooms and multiple bathrooms for which I am very grateful.  I would like hired help and am determined I can do this on my own and keep it in the state I want – breathtakingly clean.  It is going to take time.  I have that.  If it does not work I have determined that I will work my new business harder and look for help.

With September here fall arrives in a few days.  It is the beginning of my favorite time of the whole year.  It is cool out.  The air is crisp.  While I like the green of summer and colors of flowers I love the display of fall colors equally as well.  It gets darker at night and cozy clings to the windows like the curtains that cover them.  This is the time of year I button up.  I snuggle in.  I grow stronger.  I have more energy.  I feel more empowered.  Never have understood it and not looking to right now.

Right now I want my life force to flow with the energy I need to bring about fall inside of our home.  The full drapes will now be used on the windows instead of valances.  I am going to change the kitchen curtains this year to reflect the warmth I need which means I will probably make some more calicos with ruffles and tiebacks.  I wonder how many pairs of these I have made in my lifetime thus far.  I can think of 3 or 4 different prints that had to cover 5 windows.  Oh my!  More work!  One thing per day will make it happen.

Not going to overwhelm myself.  Few strangers visit our home.  Those that come care for us and will understand any clutter they see.  It is not the stuff of course.  It is the people we want to be that counts.  I want to be organized and hopefully one day will make it.  If I die before than apologies to those left behind right now!  Just know I am going to give it my best one chore at a time.

I must note that the dining room table cloth is off.  The furniture and floor have been dusted.  The chairs are back where they belong and all that needs to be done now is water those plants that decorate the room.  That is tomorrows chore as it is “water Wednesday” when all the plants get a drink.

Oh my I did more than one thing.  Good for me!!! Breathe!  Off to start a soup for supper.  Does this count as another thing or simply a daily item?





I can add nothing to what we in America are feeling this day.  Every 9/11 I recall standing at my kitchen island in MO. and watching the TV on top of the refrigerator.  I saw the plane and immediately called my husband who away was in LA. on business. I asked had he seen the news.  He had not and those in the conference room with him immediately found a TV.  I told him I loved him as I had no idea how far reaching this action was going to be.  I called our children and said the same.  I had no idea what would happen that day.  I was blessed to have plans to be with other friends for lunch and we all intentionally kept to the plan so we could be together.

My husband was told by his home office not to let go of his rental car as it might be his only way home as the planes were all being grounded.

My luncheon friends, to a woman all their husbands were traveling as well, and I prayed.  Relief washed over all of us when the last husband reported in that he had a way home.

I posted a picture on face book with a “never forget” note.  A friend of mine commented in words that said everything I was and still feel.  I will let her end this.TWIN TOWERSLIBERTY

Cathy wrote: “Today marks the anniversary of the day that our generation felt unsafe in our country for the first time …… that innocence was lost ….. never to be felt by generations to come. It also marks a day where SO many became heroes trying to help save lives ……. AND, a day our patriotism and love for our country was felt everywhere!! I pray God brings peace to this world …….. prayers also for those who lost their lives and for their friends and family – for comfort, strength and faith!”


Well said and thank you.




“The world is not enough.” came to my mind as I began to write this entry. I thought it was some famous quote by Shakespeare ala “Ah poor Yorick I knew him well.” Turns out it was not a famous quote it was the name of a Bond movie.  It also turns out it was not ‘well’ in the Shakespeare quote. The quote is “Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Horatio”. Changes the whole intent of the quote does it not. That was what I was mulling on my way back from breakfast – another perspective.

The air outside at OCS is crisp and cool. Not cold. It is still summer after all for a few more weeks. Fall is nipping at the heels of that summer season and I love it. Those who read me regularly know I am a winter person. Fall comes a close second. I walked back from breakfast alone as my lifelong friend has a class. This simple birthday treat to each of us three years ago has now become a tradition for which we have much gratitude.

As I walked the short walk back to our room I watched the workman working at the reflecting pond. I stood and overlooked it for a few minutes before entering the building. If I had turned 180 degrees around I would enter the door we normally use. As I looked I spied an alternative that would bring me to the corridor to our room. I decided to take it. When I did a flash of acknowledgment came to me mind. I was indeed choosing another perspective.

This year for some unknown reason I have had a difficult time getting into the groove of relaxing here at OCS. I have had to acknowledge that I am dealing with some stress in my life. Self-imposed by the way. I have forever thought that stress washes off me like waves off a rocky beach. This week I am having to finally admit that my inner being has tidal pools, just like the shore, where water (i.e. stress) collects. I am not happy about this. I do own it. I am making plans for ways in which to deal with this stress. I absolutely abhor that word.

As I entered the building from the new door it occurred to me that it is exactly what I am doing with the energy disturbing my mind and body. I am challenging myself to look at my life with a different perspective. Well, hey, maybe it is about time right??? I am a different person today than I was yesterday and tomorrow will be new again. Thank you Lord.

As I entered the corridor that leads to our room I was once again stopped by the sculpture that sits in the foyer. It is beautiful and we stopped and looked it all over the other night. It is a simple glass bowl with probably a 18″ circumference at the top rim sitting on a possibly three inch base. It looks top heavy and unwieldy and yet there it sits in a glass case with no assistance. It is was created by Stephen Rolfe Powell and can be purchased from the Schantz Gallery in Stockbridge MA. I am guessing it is well in the four figures to purchase.stephen-rolfe-powell+T1-Salacious-Saturn-Twister-2013+D1-7.75-x-28.5-x-28.5in+FN-Salacious-Saturn-Twister-50x33

As I stood there and looked at it this morning I knew that Stephen Rolfe Powell looked at life from alternative perspectives. I research him to only have my thoughts affirmed. Do the same he has some interesting pieces.

My walk by “Salacious Saturn Twister” this morning somehow gave me absolute joy and affirmation that all is well with the world all the time. We simply have to look with for another perspective.