My world is in great shape this last Monday of 2013.  I am up and busy early this morning.  I have three grandchildren still asleep upstairs.  Or quietly playing video games as they are not down for breakfast yet.  We have today planned and it is full of fun.  Legos and Tacos – quite a combination.  Tomorrow we are going to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style.  Our menu will be appetizers and sparkling grape juice.   Most anything goes at Grandmama’s house!!!

I have decided not to focus on looking back.  The TV shows will be doing that enough.  I am certain there will be retrospectives of all the good and bad of the year with respect to Politics, Entertainment – though I am not so sure those are two different categories this year – Sports, News, Weather, Financial reports, Deaths, Milestones  and all the trivia and minutia you care to review.  I am looking forward.

I found this little jar on facebook that someone had shared.  It was a jar like a Mason Jar or canning jar.   On it was a simple bow and a piece of paper taped to it.  The words below were written on the paper.













TO YOU IN 2014!!!

I thought this an amazing idea and am going to try it for myself this next year.  In fact tomorrow night I am going to gift each of our grandchildren with their own jars.  My intent is to attach a pencil and note pad somehow so they will not have to look around for either when they want to put a note in their jar.  

For this year I think when we have our appetizers and juice as we watch the ball drop we will simply talk about all the good things that have happened to us this past year.  I am anxious to see if they all can stay up till 12!  If we have enough movies and games bet they will.

I am hearing rumblings above so my day is about to begin for real!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL……………..early!!!





Now that I am published (?) I can offer a repeat of one of my posts.  It seemed silly to go back and write again about Boxing Day when the story is just about the same.  The only difference this year is that yesterday there was no ‘putting toys together’ as there were no children in residence.  That is unless you think the older man, with the long stick ‘grabber’ for aging people that was gifted to the wife, going around grabbing at things was equivalent of a child.

As the wife I was a bit interested in the thought processes of some of the gifts I received.  I received a grabber to get things off high shelves and new green frying pan that never burns food and some new gold Christmas pot holders as our Christmas ones were looking pretty sad.  I asked if I was perceived as a bad cook, sloppy and old?  It was none of the above and in fact I almost bought the green pan for myself and I am short and usually us tongs to reach high items and you can always use pot holders.  Much laughter was enjoyed!

I am not going to leave you with the idea that my Christmas gift giver was lacking in any way shape or form.  There is a little sparkle on my ear lobes and the yearly song was lovely.  The best gifts of all were promises.  One was to go see Jersey Boys in January – YEAH!  The second was to go on a river cruise.

I have wanted to go on a cruise forever.  My husband fears seasickness and has vehemently said no to any kind of cruise over and over.  Then I heard  of the river cruises when our niece took one for her honeymoon.  I looked into it and have been trying to convince my traveling companion for a few years.  So yesterday I opened a jewel box in fact saying ‘I wonder what these earrings look like’.  In the box was a piece of paper.  I simply said “I will go on a river cruse – no oceans no seas no lakes”.  I was thrilled!  Of course I did comment on the spelling being the pain in the butt spell-tech that I am… to begin the planning…..on Boxing Day!!!


There is a picture circulating on facebook ( Santa asleep in a chair.  He appears to be ‘done in’ and exhausted.  I can relate to this shot.  Yesterday afternoon found me asleep on the couch sitting straight up.  I knew I was dozing and was so relaxed I did not care.  I remember being aware of my pose and feeling a little chilly and wanting the new blanket that had stars on it to put over me.  I was so comfortable I did not want to break the mood so did not bother to move and fell off to sleep again. 734546_313963812040856_1844614011_n

I think I was in and out of this state for well over an hour.  All else was quiet.  Dinner was done and the dishes being washed.  Someone was watching shows on TV.  Someone was putting together a Christmas toy and someone was playing a video game.  I was aware and relaxed as my work was done.  That is what the picture of Santa said to me.

Today the returns to the stores begin.  We have a couple of things to return and it will NOT be today.  When I first heard of boxing day as the day after Christmas I thought that was what it meant.  Wrong.

We used to be invited to a boxing day party each year.  It was lovely getting together with friends. The hostess was British so this was her tradition.  I could not imagine having my house as clean as hers let alone as organized the day after Christmas to have a party.  She did each year and it was very nice and relaxed, no pressure, despite the fact that her husband was my husband’s boss.  Things changed.  We moved and no longer celebrate the 26th as Boxing Day.

The origins of Boxing Day is not related to the sport or as I said returning gifts.  There are a couple of thoughts among historians.  One is that servants had to work on Christmas Day and not the 26th.  The Masters would give them gift boxes as they left to be with their families.

Another is that it is St. Stephen’s day and the alms boxes [i.e. poor boxes] at the churches were opened and the monies distributed to the poor on the 26th.   St. Stephen was on of the original seven deacons ordained by the apostles in the Christian Church to look after the poor.  When he died, he was a martyr and stoned as his preaching was so successful, he asked God not to punish his killers.

Another may be found in the carol “Good King Wenceslas.”  He was the Duke of Bohemia.  As the song says he went out on ‘the feast of Stephen’.  It goes on to say that as the Duke of Bohemia he helped his peasants through a blizzard the day after Christmas by bringing them food  and wine.

Today Ireland and England use the day as an added holiday and do the same as we with sports and shopping.  Occasionally there is the odd event such as swimming the English Channel to heighten the festivities.

For me it is going to be another day to relax.  I may play some games or do a puzzle with our resident, for the next few days at least, 8 yr old.  I am certain we will play Mine Shaft that Santa brought and his dad spent 6 hrs assembling the 400 pieces yesterday.  I may take another one of those gloriously relaxing naps.  Though I think it will be hard to duplicate the quality of the one I experienced on Christmas Day, I am willing to give it a whirl.

I usually keep our decorations up until January 6th, Epiphany or ‘Little Christmas’.  As I look around this house I am thinking that with the long New Year’s weekend coming up I might just break that tradition this year and put things away for a clean slate January 1.  Perhaps I could ponder that on the couch with that shell blanket.  Hmmmmm – that might just bring on a restful nap!



Merry Christmas to All.  For a change to day I am using others words.  The meditation this morning fro “The Word Among Us” was so to the point it had to be shared.  You may find more about “The Word Among Us” at  It is a booklet with the Scripture readings of the day in the Catholic Church and a meditation for each day.  Here is the meditation for December 25, 2013.


The Nativity of the Lord (Christmas)

The Word became flesh. (John 1:14)

This is a day for falling in love. This is the day when Mary and Joseph look up from the baby in the manger and invite us to gather around. Even as they savor the moment, they are eager to share it with us as well, this “good news of great joy

… for all the people” (Luke 2:10).

And so Joseph and Mary invite us to join them on their journey of discovery. Here, says Mary, as she lifts her newborn from the hay. He is yours too—he came for you. Take him. Hold him close. Share in the love that Joseph and I have for this little one.

Like the angels’ birth announcement, the invitation is for everyone. No one is left out—however unworthy, unspiritual, or unprepared we may feel. So whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your state today, receive this gift of Jesus. Take the child in your arms. Gaze on his face, and see how much he loves you. Let him lock eyes with you, as babies will, so that he can search your heart and reveal you to yourself. Let down your defenses, and fall in love with this Christ child—with God made flesh for you.

According to a wise spiritual director—most likely Fr. Pedro Arrupe, former superior general of the Society of Jesus—falling in love with God in this “absolute, final way” is the most practical and far-reaching thing you could ever do:

“What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination, will affect everything. It will decide what will get you out of bed in the morning, what you will do with your evenings, how you will spend your weekends, what you read, who you know, what breaks your heart, and what amazes you with joy and gratitude.”

Jesus has come. The Word has become flesh. Fall in love with him. Stay in love with him. It will decide everything.

“Mary and Joseph, thank you for bringing Jesus to me! Pray that I might love him as you did—more and more each day.”

Isaiah 52:7-10; Psalm 98:1-6; Hebrews 1:1-6





I had hoped to post more this month and hope and action simply did not meet – at least for blogging.  I managed to get my Christmas shopping done.  The packages got mailed and our sock project was once again completed this year.  Look at it – three things.  It hit me late last night as I was preparing the third of a real surprise for this Christmas how many things come in threes.

The surprise that arrived last night and completed three surprises for the season cannot be discussed until tomorrow as it is being handled as a gift.  It was the kindest most generous gift and the best thing is the giver has no idea what a gift he gave.  The other two surprises were ornaments.  They are doing double duty as they are combined with a third ornament I had no idea I would receive.  Again the story of three.

The first of the three ornaments arrived and brought me to tears.  It was in a small package and wrapped in a plain brown paper bag folded.  The outside said to share with another sibling next year.  I had no idea what was in it and since it was not sealed I believed the intent was that I open it right away.  I did.  All of a sudden tears welled up and spilled out of my eyes.  I could not believe what was in my hands.  It was a Rudolph ornament.  At this point the reader is saying -‘ yes, so what it is Christmas so what is the big deal?’ 

The ornament in my hands was over 50-60 years old.  It was THE Rudolph from my childhood tree.  I S__1540remembered the note to share it next year and thought what a wonderful thing my younger sister had started.  Tears rolled down my eyes as I shared the story of how the two of us would argue every Christmas as to whose turn it was to put Rudolph on the tree.   When I left home I bought a Rudolph for my own tree.  It never was as cute as this one.  Though our youngest grandson asked when told the story, “Where are his spots?” and left unimpressed.

This morning I was reminded in a conversation with the same sister that as children we did not buy new ornaments.  What were on the tree each year were carefully packed away.   I had not even thought of it until now really.  We rarely if ever got a new ornament for our tree as kids.  For our children I bought a new ornament every year and when they married I packed them up and gave them to them for their trees.  Interesting memory and the packing away carefully as a kid must be why I save boxes and rebox every ornament every year.  Painstaking yet I remember the glass ball that would break on occasion and how sad Mumma was at those times.

S__1540 (1)The second of the three ornaments was from our #2 daughter.  She remembered that we sing “Happy Birthday” every Christmas morning to baby Jesus and then put him in the manger and celebrate His birthday by opening our gifts.  The ornament is a Hallmark Cupcake that says ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ on it and when you push the button it plays the song.  Tears again of course and joy.  When we had early Christmas on Saturday morning the grandson in residence put the baby in the manger as the cupcake played.  A real addition to our Christmas.

The third ornament was opened this morning.  In the same conversation with my sister she asked if I liked the ornament.  I said I did not know it was under the tree.  She told me the words ‘open before Dec 25th’ were on it.  So as we were chatting I went to the tree and retrieved it and opened it to find Linus beside Charlie Browns Christmas Tree.  When you push the button he speaks the piece that he does in the TV show.  S__9541

“And there were in the same country shepherds, abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them! And they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, “Fear not! For, behold, I bring you tidings o great joy, which shall be to all my people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ, the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you: Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.” And suddenly, there was with the angel a multitude of the Heavenly Host praising God, and saying, “Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth peace, and good will toward men.

That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.”

It is wonderful.

So the gift of three this Christmas – The Three Ornaments.  Christmas ornaments 2013The Three Wiseman.  The Father, SON and Holy Spirit and for us three beautiful Grandchildren who we will see over the course of this holiday season.  We are blessed.

As we celebrate the birth of our beloved Savior who brought hope and light to the world let us all share the hope and light and love in our hearts.  See Three again…..threes in your life?

May God Bless you Everyone.  From our home to yours, Merry Christmas 2013.

…..ONWARD TO MORE MISADVENTURE…Christmas tree 2013






Today is bright and shiny outside.  It looks cold as well and will know that when I go out in a few minutes.  I have a plan for the day and already exercised some of it.  Today is going to be a good day despite the just received disappointment that the flight I was waiting for from Amsterdam to bring my boyfriend home has been canceled.  He will not arrive until tomorrow.  Think I am glad he is not flying with a pilot that hit another plane as he taxied his incoming plane to the terminal.  Of course again it is also Friday the 13thand waiting might be the better choice.

Yesterday I finished my ironing.  All was cleaned, washed, ironed except what is in Amsterdam or on my back.  Such a thrill for me and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops.  Waited till today so let the shouting be heard!

The plan for this day is to finish some Christmas shopping, do some errands, clean the closet in my bedroom, clean off the kitchen counter and try to organize the office by wrapping some gifts in preparation for mailing on Monday!  I stayed right upstairs in my room and cleaned until it was done before I came down stairs to breakfast.  Now that is a plan executed or at least started!!!

As I was in the closet cleaning I was also listening to the news.  It seems the Queen of England is upset over nuts being eaten by the guard.  Now in my state of euphoria as I cleaned I thought this a foolish bit of news.  Why in the world, with the wimpy budget being passed last night, the Obama lie being the largest of 2013 by Politico and the news that we need ID for Obamacare and not to vote, were we in this country concerned about the Royals.

Do not get me wrong here – I really like the royal family.  I simply am glad I am not living under their rule despite this Presidents penchant for excess.  I found it an astonishing bit of news for a Friday the 13th morning.  I decided to look into it further.  Below you will find the links that were readily accessible.  This is in fact true and it occurred before the last royal wedding!  Honestly old news is ruling the Friday the 13th broadcasts…..really people?

I am too busy today to let this bother me on this more journal than blog day.  “Let them eat cake” – as another royal once said – or nuts.  I am off to do my errands on this Friday the 13th that is cold and snowy and fraught with the hope of productivity!!!


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Over 45 years ago when I met my husband I was not thinking of living with him.  I was falling in love with a guy who was attending a college of technology and planning on a career as an engineer.  I also was not looking at myself as an artist.  I was simply a girl who had shred any idea of college and enjoyed working in an office as I looked for my life mate.  I wonder what my life would have been like had I had the insights that I have today?  Probably not much different as we have to live and grow up and grow together to make a marriage work.  It is an ongoing learning experience.

Yesterday as I was working on the later list in the real now of the day it came to me again how different we are.  Not only we as in this household more the we as in our world.  What flavor and spice the differences add if you can look at them through a lens of love and joy and not hate or division.  This being the season of love and joy I will not focus on the latter.

The differences that add joy to our lives are simple.  It can be seen in our clothing.  I choose casual and relaxed and others choose tailored with distinct lines and others choose  a preppy look or a bohemian look.  Our demeanor shows this as well.  I walk through a mall with my head up and looking forward and observing all around me.  Others are walking through with purses held tight and head down plodding from place to place.  Are we open to what is before us or closed up?  I choose to focus on goodness and truth and others deal in lies and division.  Differences add spice and spice adds flavor and flavor makes for a wonderful life.

The differences in the artist and engineer came slowly.  Little things like budgets created interesting takes from each.   The engineer looked at the little picture of nickels and dimes and savings and the artist focused on the colors of life and what the monies could do to bring joy.  The engineer looked at the structure of a home and the artist wanted to color it.  This created a life that was occasionally loud!

The artist and the engineer are still alive and well and living in this house this season.  The artist decorates the engineer provides the power for a real division of labor.  There are a few cute stories that have already occurred that highlight how loving this can be despite the differences.

Yesterday as I was working on the later list in the now of the day the engineer happened to be home preparing for a business trip.  He had a few moments and helped me with the bed skirt for our bed.  It was time – later – to put on the Christmas bed linens.  The artist had always wanted, and now has accumulated,  bedspreads in a Christmas pattern for all the beds.  These are on for the 6 weeks (+) of the Christmas season.  The engineer has on occasion bemoaned the sense of this.

The engineer held the king-sized mattress up as the artist pulled and tugged and got the bed skirt on the box springs so the mattress could hold it in place.  THEN he even helped me make the bed.  The engineer no longer puffs and spouts about the uselessness of this effort.  He knows it colors our lives and in some incidences I believe enjoys and appreciates the color.  To the artists credit she found real love in the actions of help from the engineer.  Simple tiny acts of love can move huge mountains and make even the hardest heart melt.

The best and my most favorite incident of this season is the table runner.  From Thanksgiving to Epiphany our tables are covered with table runners appropriate to the season that the artist quilted.   To enhance the decorative effect of them the artist places them and puts a plant or candles on them.  To further add interest the artist will fluff the edges so that the runner does not sit flat – rather it has the look of being casually  tossed on  the table.   Each time the artist replaces it after a meal it is set thusly and maybe even on an angle.

Mornings or later in the day the table runner is flat on the table.  A smile comes across the artist’s face as she knows who has changed it and why.  The runner has been perceived as messy and needs straightening out so the edges are unfolded and flattened and it is square on the table.   She leaves it that way with love and joy and acceptance in her heart.

Isn’t this is the real meaning of Christmas.  Loving each other and appreciating our differences with love acceptance and joy?




After I wrote yesterday I decided to grab the moment and work in the now.  I did all the things I had on my list for the day plus a few extras.  I finally arranged all the Christmas decorations that I had unpacked and left sitting for ‘later’.  I fixed a coat for my husband that I had been meaning to get to for months.  I went through some of the magazines that are piling up.  I made a nice dinner and even took the time to Windex all the counters down after I cleaned up the dishes.  Not something I usually do with apologies to Pat who showed me otherwise!!!  The result of all of this is that when I shut the light off to go to bed last night the downstairs was in fairly decent order.

The second result of all of the effort yesterday was felt this morning when I came down the stairs and at the landing watched the snow for a bit.  I further descended into the kitchen to see cleanliness and order and was filled with a sense of peace.  This was only broken by the pile that still exists by the phone (for later) and the Office that is the bane of my existence.  The overall feeling however was peaceful and amazingly energized to do more today.   In the peace was a sense of well being and a desire to write even more.

Is this what happens when we remain current?  If the later is in the now then nothing is put off.  Is this what it means not to be burdened as we have crossed off our to do list and can move on to fun?  Is this the peace that allows us to explore our creativity? Must be as writing is utmost in my mind right now.

For me writing is a connection to my thoughts as I explore my world or topic and anyone who cares to read my posts.  Sure I would like to be published one day and actually receive benefit from that.  It may yet come.  My life is far from over especially since I plan on living to 124.  Am I someone now or will I be someone when I publish?  Kind of the later and now question with a different twist.

I received an email yesterday from our son.  He simply said in the subject line “I am somebody now.”  The body of the email had a link to his book for sale on Amazon.  I will share it as well in hopes of selling more books.

So here is the now/later twist.  Was he not somebody in the now and not now just somebody as in the later he is published?  Got to say I am a wee bit jealous.  He spent the time the energy and the effort to put together this book.  I am told I cannot read it as it is “absolutely offensive”.  This does not stop me from ordering it or promoting it.

An aside – my dad tells the story of “words in the workshop” from when he was a young boy.  It seems he and my grandfather spent a lot of time in Grumpa’s workshop building boat and traps and wood things.  They would talk and swear and enjoy each other.  It seems one day my father said one of those swear words in front of his mother and three sisters.  All of a sudden he had a whack across his face and was astounded.  It seems he had forgotten that what is said in the workshop stays in the workshop and is not for the ears of the rest of his feminine family.

A second aside – my maternal grandmother would say – “I heard the cutest story…” and then proceed to tell the most off color joke.  You were not sure if you should laugh or cry and certainly your face was red from embarrassment.

So our son has taken this a wee bit farther in publishing “workshop words” and “off color stories”.  There are those that will laugh and enjoy it.  There are those like me who will applaud the effort, buy it and share the accomplishment without a need to read.

I believe our son and our two daughters – I can only take credit for birthing one of these as the other came from another mother to our hearts and family.  I believe these three people are ‘somebodys’ simply by their being.  I believe that ‘good, bad or indifferent’ they are a gift to us and a blessing for the world.  They each in their own ways gift the world with blessings.  Our son, the author, now deals in humor.  Our daughter,  the cosmetologist by education now is making the world a prettier place by sharing her education and teaching others the art of hairstyle and make up.  Our daughter, the nurse, is sharing her skills by helping college students when they are ill.  They are somebody to us and hopefully others see the goodness of these three people as well.

I am ever amazed at where I go when I start to write each day.  This was going to be about a clean house and my efforts to live in the now and finish the upstairs so that I could really relax and enjoy the holidays.  Turns out I needed to tell my kids that I love them NOW not later.  It matters not what they do.  It only matters that they continue to live their best life…..even when they may contradict all we say like the cosmetologist teacher who would never allow me mother-daughter clothes and NOW is wearing mother-daughter with her 11 yr old lady!!!  Oh yeah life goes on………….as they live their best life now through humor, teaching and helping.

I love you three ‘somebodys’ !!!





The list at this time of year is ever long.  Plus there are many different lists.  There’s a Christmas card list, shopping list, gifts list, decorating list, party list and each of you can fill in the blanks for the lists you have in your hands.  Baking is on my list as well.  The fruitcakes are done and rumming up so that only leaves the cookies to bake.  I am waiting to see if a little helper might be found around the 20th!

How many times have you gone over your list and said “I’ll leave that for later.”  When is later?  Does it ever come?  When does later become now?

It came to me this morning, on a cold snowy one, that later is hard to find.

“Mom can I talk to you?” “Later.”

“Dad can we play catch?” “Later.”

“Will you please call me”” “Later.”

“Can I get that recipe?” “Later.”

“Will you send me that_______?” “Later.”

“Can we play a game?” “Later.”

I think you get the picture.

We need to remove later from our vocabulary.  The word serves no purpose.  It takes no action.  It simply delays a response.  It puts off purpose.  I can clean that later.  I can vac later.  I can iron later.  I can give you a hug later.  I can call you later.  I can play later.  I can _________ later.  Later does not come.

When was the last time someone said it is later I am going to do my chores.  It is later and I am going to write that letter, send that email, make that call, give that forgiveness, send that loving note?  Later never arrives as when we are doing those things it is the now.  Why do we even have the word later?

The word later exists so that we can put off something we do not want to do right now.  We cast aside as we are too busy?   Too disinterested?  Too into our own activities?   I do not want to deal with you right now so I will tell you later.   I do not want you to interfere in my life so I will ask you to call or visit later.  Later can be too late if it does not become now.

Saving for a rainy day also enters into this concept of later.  I am the first to say that preparedness is very important.  We need to save.  We need to prepare.  The question of later in this instance is how many of us are saving for later and not living now?

Last night I heard a voice filled with tears sharing the news of the illness of a dear friend.  This sweet girl was told not to visit now and to wait till later.  My response to her was later may be too late and she needs to go now.  Last week several of my friends lost family members and had family who were ill.  I prayed for them all right then not later.  All of these of course were the inspiration to write today.

I wrote a few posts back about no man being an island.  Same concept only more personal.  Do not wait till later to do what you want to do.  Do not wait till later to share your life.  Do not put off that visit.  Do not put off that phone call.  Do not make a list and not work at it.  Do not live a life of good intentions without action.  Do not wait to forgive an injustice.  Do not wait to tell someone you love them.  Do not take time to play that game.  Do not wait till later.

Later never comes.  Now is ever present.




How often do you diagnose yourself? It is my guess that many of us do it daily. We either run to the doctor or simply take an over the counter pill or tough it out if we believe we have symptoms. Many may now go to the web to check out what some MDs have to say about whatever is ailing us at the time.

What is your trigger? Do you run for a scratchy throat or wait until you are actually ready to a pass out? Or are you like me and rarely go to the doctors except for check-ups? I am even steering away from them as well. Had a friend who would not go to the doctor for a yearly pap or mammogram. Not sure she ever did. It made no difference really as she was killed in an accident. So what would have been the sense of yearly check-ups for her? I know she did not know she was going to be involved in an accident. Yet she lived doctor free well into her 60s.

It is a Monday morning and I am at sixes and sevens – a bit off. I know why and no doctor can fix it. Well with the exception that many believe that doctors can solve all problems. I have a scratchy throat and I am tired despite good sleep. This suggests a cold coming on. Since I do not want one I am not going to invite it in by saying that I actually have one.

The symptoms I describe also could apply to the change of atmosphere in our home with the heat being on and the stuffiness of all the closed windows and doors.

The symptoms also go to describing some mood disorders as well. See, what kind of a doctor would I call?

I believe I do suffer from a little discussed disorder known as melancholy. Face it Thanksgiving is gone. December is here – the last month of 2013. Christmas is around the corner and I am not prepared. I have much to do and no organization in my lists or thoughts. It is gray outside not raining this Monday so cannot even lift my mood with the rain. Most days I choose to be happy and succeed and I WILL this day as well yet a little blue sneaks into my world on occasion.

I looked up melancholy and had a delightful morning doing the research. See mood changing to happy already!

It seems that mood disorders are diagnosed in sections of four. Melancholia was an old medical term for the ‘humors’ or a disease of an imbalance of the four bodily liquids. The Four temperaments are ancient and evolved from the humors and is not in modern medical information. Even Myers-Briggs theory has four basic categories. I usually think in groups of threes so this four concept interested me for the morning.

More interesting was the concepts from these theories. I went to Wikipedia to keep the info in all the same style for clarity. The definition of melancholy is a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause. Synonyms are :in the dumps”, “down in the mouth” or “the blues”. The disease is Melancholia and it was described with real mental and physical symptoms by Hippocrates. This goes back to the 4th and 5th centuries BC.

The result of my research is I can now diagnose myself as brilliant! I discovered that most people who suffer from melancholia are perfectionists. They are gifted and loyal. From a site that described the Four Temperaments I found a description of me:

They hold themselves and others to unrealistically high standards, and get distressed when these standards are not met.
This leads to them being self-deprecating – because they do not meet their own standards – and critical of others – because those others do not meet their standards.

Luckily I am working on the second part as others do not care what I have to say!!!

Socrates said “An unexamined life is not worth living.” I examine! Myers Briggs tests, personality tests of any kind fascinate me. How can a test tell me who I am? I am a INFJ, an old soul, a water person, an organizer depending on what test I take.

The chart I found for the Four Temperaments led me to much thought. This is an ancient art. Melancholia is an ancient disease. I am feeling ancient today – it all works for a thoughtful morning and spurring me on to the list I need to complete.

After all the ramblings above, the best thing of all is the antonym to melancholy is “cheerful”. Today as Anne Frank said, “I will choose to be happy.”


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