I awoke this morning at 5:33AM after a full night’s sleep.  Last I knew it was 11:30PM.  I did not wake in the night.  This may be normal to others – for me not so much!  I awoke with my mind racing from thought to thought.  I tried to calm my brain and relax.  I lay there for the next hour plus meditating thinking reviewing and planning.  It was quite simply unusual that I slept let alone woke with energy of sorts.  Is this how 2014 is going to end?  Unusually?  That will be interesting if nothing else.

Tonight we are going to Raclette for dinner again.  A tradition started last year when my sister gave us the grill for Christmas.  Our guests all enjoyed it and we had such fun.  Three of them were 13 and under and up for anything!  Tonight after raclette we will finish our game of Monopoly and then watch a movie which has yet to be selected.  A quiet evening so not sure what the unusual will be.

Wait a minute – perhaps I will be winning the lottery.  Yesterday playing scrabble with friends on facebook I got three Bingos.  A Bingo in scrabble is when you use all seven of your letters as one word.  I am not the greatest scrabble player and am still on the learning curve.  For me to get one Bingo is unusual.  Three in one day is outrageous.  With that in mind I am going to buy a lottery ticket today!  Maybe a powerball as well.  I am going to encourage my boyfriend to do the same.  His luck has been outrageous too.

For Christmas the grandson in residence this year asked for a Pokemon Monopoly Game.  Of course Grandmama got it though did not opt for the one that was for sale for $149.  Seriously that game sold for $149.  Have no idea what was in it.  We got a lesser priced version.

This game is the same as the original with the exception that the properties have Pokemon related names and the pieces as well are shaped like Pokemon players.  I am currently using Pikachu.  Whoever or whatever  that really is in the game I have no idea.   I normally play as the thimble so the shape is different.  My two favorite spots of Baltic and Mediterranean are now Geodude and Onyx.   Perhaps you know these better than I.  To me they are still Baltic and Mediterranean with brown bands and different names.

I have loved playing Monopoly all my life.  My BFFs and I would play it for hours even if there were only 2 of us.  We used a house rule that any fees or taxes would go into Free Parking and if you land on it you get those funds as a windfall.  Well it seems our kids have stepped this up and the bank ponies up a $500 bill to fund Free Parking each time it is taken.  One could easily make a political comment about the funding of our Nanny state here yet I will refrain for any lengthy diatribes.  I complain about this funding each time we start and play anyway as I said I love to play Monopoly and board games in general actually.

Our first game playing this new version we were 4 around the table.  The Free Parking was funded and off we went.  Free Parking was taken in that game approximately 10 times.  We lost count though all agree it was 9 or 10.  Of those ten times, my boyfriend got it 7 at least.  It was bizarre.  He won the game.  Something he has rarely done.  Even when we played alone together I usually won.

Last night we began game #2.  Free Parking was funded and off we went yet again.  My boyfriend took Free Parking 6 of the 7 times it was won.  Two of those time were consecutive.  Not ever in all my days playing this game have I seen such luck.  The game was put on hold for bedtime for the 10 yr old.  We will finish it tonight and it is anyone’s game actually even though the Free Parking Impresario has over $3000 from winning it so many times.   I suggested my boyfriend buy a lottery ticket also.

To finish up the year a few comments on older posts.  I was the Willow tree.  The contradiction here was that I, as scattered as a Willow tree, am a fanatic about a straight un-mangled tube of toothpaste.  I am not a squeezer.  My tube is straight and clean and the boyfriend mangles!

I also heard from many cat lovers that toilet paper in their households necessarily has to come up from the bottom.  If it comes out from over the top then it is a toy not a necessary bathroom item!  I bow to their wisdom.

Thus ends 2014 and many will say what a year it was.  I make no judgments about that.  I will look back on occasion to this year with smiles and tears.  I will look forward to 2015 with angst and hope for what is to come.

As I was lying in bed this morning in a meditative state of sorts I thought I am thankful for the smiles and tears, the joy and sorrow and look forward ever to what comes tomorrow.

…………as you sing your “Auld Ang Syne” remember it is about  friendship and health and good will and that  I have already wished that for/to you and yours this day…..may 2015 bring you your heart’s desires.  It is promised to us in the book I read in Psalm 37:4.





There is a picture circulating on facebook (www.facebook.com/Kysouth/photos_stream)depicting Santa asleep in a chair.  He appears to be ‘done in’ and exhausted.  I can relate to this shot.  Yesterday afternoon found me asleep on the couch sitting straight up.  I knew I was dozing and was so relaxed I did not care.  I remember being aware of my pose and feeling a little chilly and wanting the new blanket that had stars on it to put over me.  I was so comfortable I did not want to break the mood so did not bother to move and fell off to sleep again. 734546_313963812040856_1844614011_n

I think I was in and out of this state for well over an hour.  All else was quiet.  Dinner was done and the dishes being washed.  Someone was watching shows on TV.  Someone was putting together a Christmas toy and someone was playing a video game.  I was aware and relaxed as my work was done.  That is what the picture of Santa said to me.

Today the returns to the stores begin.  We have a couple of things to return and it will NOT be today.  When I first heard of boxing day as the day after Christmas I thought that was what it meant.  Wrong.

We used to be invited to a boxing day party each year.  It was lovely getting together with friends. The hostess was British so this was her tradition.  I could not imagine having my house as clean as hers let alone as organized the day after Christmas to have a party.  She did each year and it was very nice and relaxed, no pressure, despite the fact that her husband was my husband’s boss.  Things changed.  We moved and no longer celebrate the 26th as Boxing Day.

The origins of Boxing Day is not related to the sport or as I said returning gifts.  There are a couple of thoughts among historians.  One is that servants had to work on Christmas Day and not the 26th.  The Masters would give them gift boxes as they left to be with their families.

Another is that it is St. Stephen’s day and the alms boxes [i.e. poor boxes] at the churches were opened and the monies distributed to the poor on the 26th.   St. Stephen was on of the original seven deacons ordained by the apostles in the Christian Church to look after the poor.  When he died, he was a martyr and stoned as his preaching was so successful, he asked God not to punish his killers.

Another may be found in the carol “Good King Wenceslas.”  He was the Duke of Bohemia.  As the song says he went out on ‘the feast of Stephen’.  It goes on to say that as the Duke of Bohemia he helped his peasants through a blizzard the day after Christmas by bringing them food  and wine.

Today Ireland and England use the day as an added holiday and do the same as we with sports and shopping.  Occasionally there is the odd event such as swimming the English Channel to heighten the festivities.

For me it is going to be another day to relax.  I may play some games or do a puzzle with our resident, for the next few days at least, 8 yr old.  I am certain we will play Mine Shaft that Santa brought and his dad spent 6 hrs assembling the 400 pieces yesterday.  I may take another one of those gloriously relaxing naps.  Though I think it will be hard to duplicate the quality of the one I experienced on Christmas Day, I am willing to give it a whirl.

I usually keep our decorations up until January 6th, Epiphany or ‘Little Christmas’.  As I look around this house I am thinking that with the long New Year’s weekend coming up I might just break that tradition this year and put things away for a clean slate January 1.  Perhaps I could ponder that on the couch with that shell blanket.  Hmmmmm – that might just bring on a restful nap!




In trying to keep the Christ in my Christmas I am focusing more on things other than presents.  This morning the scripture readings and meditations that I do peeked my interest more than normal.  That is the point is it not?  Are we not supposed to read these and have them stay with us during the day not simply be an exercise to complete?

The scripture reading was about the angel coming to Joseph and telling him that it would be okay if he married Mary.  It was Matthew 1: 18-25.  I have it below for you.

18 This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about[a]: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit. 19 Because Joseph her husband was faithful to the law, and yet[b] did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind to divorce her quietly.

20 But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. 21 She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus,[c] because he will save his people from their sins.”

22 All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet:23 “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel”[d] (which means “God with us”).

24 When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife. 25 But he did not consummate their marriage until she gave birth to a son. And he gave him the name Jesus.

The meditation accompanying this scripture referred to the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  Coincidentally last night the final Jeopardy question asked what movie had originally been named, “The Man who was Never Born”.  In actuality this was a rename from the original 21 page story “The Greatest Gift” by Philip Van Doren Stern.  The second name came about when it was published in two magazines in 1944.   The name by which we know it came about in 1946 when it was made into a movie.

The question that was in all of the above was “What if you had never been born?”  What if the angel had not led Joseph to marry Mary and Jesus had not been born?  We know all the good things that never would have happened had George Bailey not been born?  What about you?  I asked that question of myself this morning.  What if I had never been born?

Thinking there is no simple answer to this as we as human beings are ever so complicated.  For a fact I know of 6 lives my not being born would have effected – my husband, our two children and three grandchildren.   This would have spread out like waves in the water to all the others that did not get to know these wonderful 6 people.  As I meditated on this I realized just how many lives my dad effected as evidenced by the packed church at his funeral.

I do not believe we are to live a life where we are intentional about the impact we want to leave on this earth.  I believe we are to live with love and respect for all – friends and enemies.  It, of course, would be even better if we had none of the latter.

I believe we are to relish and enjoy every day we have on this earth.  Greet each day with a “Good Morning World” yelled right out your window or front door.  We are to smile at everyone we meet and wave to those we pass by in our cars.

It really all comes down to one word does it not?  JOY!  If we live a life filled with joy and share it then we will have left an imprint that can never be denied.  This is the season for it isn’t it!!!

In the end question does not need to be answered.  Off to enjoy more of my wonderful life.  This has been a nice way to start my day.




Yesterday I spent some time musing about telling others shocking information.  There are other uses of the word shock (without the ‘ing’) that we could have some thought.  Shock can be a noun or verb besides an adjective.

As a noun we have definitions of sudden blow or sudden impact, collision or commotion or sudden disturbance of the mind or emotions or sensibilities.  Shock is a common word for the pathological collapse of the function of the circulatory system.  Shocks are part of the car in that they absorb the bumps in the road so you have a smooth ride.

As a verb shock is to strike with force or to jar with a comment that shocks.  When we had a pool we had to “shock” it.  This meant we had to add a product called “shock” to the pool to have it create a chemical change for the better.  We have to add similar products in smaller doses on occasion to our fish tank as well.

Did you notice anything in the above descriptions.  The word shock is usually associated with sudden or violent or impromptu and not planned.  A shock is usually a surprise of some sort good or bad.  My grandfather had a shock and died.  Today this is more commonly referred to as a stroke.  Regardless this word is associated with something that is unexplained and out of the norm.

I experienced a couple of shocks this week.  On Tuesday I was in the middle of a lengthy business letter when all of a sudden the power went out.  Shock followed quickly by anger as I was uncertain if  the computer had saved my work.

At the same time I had an appointment coming up in a short time from this shock.  Since the power did not come back on I was ‘shocked’ to realize I could not get out of the garage with my electric door opener.  Luckily I knew enough to pull the red cord and simply open the door.

Shocks can also come from carpets as we walk across them and touch  a light switch.  Also from our friendly pets as they rub up against you and their fur connecting with you gives you a start.

Speaking of pets, I think it is almost shocking and I am lucky that we had our calico cat Cassiopia for almost 21 yrs.  Prior to that I killed a pet parakeet “JB”.  It was not intentional of course.  I was so traumatized by that I told my husband I probably should not have children if I could not keep a bird alive.  To their or my credit our kids are still living.  Fish are now our pets.  Well were as I have done it again.

SHOCK: Yesterday after writing my blog I looked at our fish tank and was shocked to see 5 fish floating.  The day before the water had been fine though a little cloudy so I added a dose of clear water like I usually do.  I have no idea what happened.  I did nothing different.  I was shocked again later to see the rest of the fish floating.

All are now gone and our children and grandchildren will now be shocked to read this.  What can I say blogging about it beats calling everyone and hearing their angst.  It is like the “Cats On The Roof” joke.   Now if I see their number on the ID caller I simply can avoid answering the phone today as I know what the topic will be!

I took the tank apart last night.  I was sad about it actually.  I enjoyed it as a night light on our kitchen counter.  We set  it up over two years ago.  One of the fish was an original in that 10 gal of water.  I was sad to see him upside down.

I am taking a break from pets of any kind for a while.  It appears this will be the best for all.




The number in the title refers to the fact that when I hit the “PUBLISH” button I will have posted 500 entries to this blog.  Seriously am I really that verbose.  That rustle of wind you all just heard was those who know me in unison hollering to the ether the word “YES”!

When I started in June of 2012 with my challenge to write for a year I had no idea where it would take me or how it would affect me.  I marvel at what comes out of my brain through my fingers.  Some of it is interesting some mundane and of course some is downright junk.  I own it all and am even more determined to get my book in print and on sale.  I have a working title and it is almost complete.  Had hoped for a Christmas offering and now more focused on Valentine’s Day.  As my husband would say “Stay tuned.”

The above title is in reference to a question that was asked of me last night.  Let me set the stage for you.  I attended a Holiday Extravaganza last night in our neighborhood.  It was a social time with neighbors who had a home business offering their products for sale for Christmas gifts.  I went with a friend and my first words to her upon entering were, “I missed the boat.  I should have had a table here with my skincare that I love so much.”  I should have and next year will.

The room was filled with ladies with specialty products from creating your own make-up foundation to match your skin tone (I will be calling her) to jewelry and wreaths  to nail art and salts and seasonings.  I bought some Himalayan salt as I have been anxious to try it.

My friend introduced me to some of her friends and we had a grand time getting acquainted over the course of the evening.  I met more people last night at this event that live in my neighborhood than I have met the seven years we have lived here.  I pondered that all evening and into this morning.  What have I been doing all this time?

The answer came to me that I had been living my regular life as we all do.  If we are involved in activities we tend to spend time with those people.  Our time has been spent more out of our home area than in it due to our involvements and travels.  Sad really and there it is.

We really enjoy our neighbors and are neighborly.  We are older and interaction is less as everyone has their “own thing” and many younger neighbors are very busy with their wonderful children!!!  I cannot imagine living in an over 55 community.  I would miss the enjoyment of watching children at play.  Since my life is at the beginning of yet another new chapter I was pleased to attend this event and meet new people.

Over the foodie treats we were chatting away as new acquaintances do and one gal said, “Tell me something shocking about yourself.”  My first response was “Who Me?”   As the affirmative YES came back at me I was stunned.  Perhaps this would have been the most shocking thing???!!!

As I sat there looking at the three women gathered with me I thought what an interesting question.  I also thought how provocative and gutsy of her to ask it of a stranger.  I thought how much do I want to share with these virtual strangers these friends of my friend.  Interesting isn’t it?

Despite my demeanor of being outgoing and open I tend to be a very private dare I say a shy person.  I am very careful what I share with others as I have been hurt from trusting wrong people before.  Aren’t we all a bit different from what we show to others?  Don’t we all have a “me” I do not want others to get to know?  One we are afraid they may not like?  One perhaps even we do not especially like?

We are interesting creatures we human beings.  Complex and intriguing.  Simple and easy.  We are all sorts of combinations.  At our core though, is not acceptance and happiness what we want?  Heavens I usually tell the cashiers at the registers when I use a credit card that the acceptance of my number and approval of my purchase just made my day.  Acceptance and approval in any form are good so  you have to love those machines!!!  See I never know where the thoughts will lead me.

Back to the question in the title.  Would you tell a stranger a most shocking detail about you?

As it turned out these ladies were not strangers after minutes of meeting them.  The ease of the conversations and laughter had us all sharing silly stories.  For we aging ladies the shocking stories seemed to have more to do with skinny dipping than anything else.  That in itself is not shocking as many who swim have done this.  The details surrounding the stories were the shock factors.  Really though how shocking is any of it?  None of us shared that we were serial killers, kleptomaniacs, deranged housewives or the like.    It was a conversation starter and one that still tickles my brain.

I know I could come up with some shocking stories that no one would believe about me.  Don’t ask I’m not going to enter that discussion.  The other side of this question  is what is shocking?  For some to hear that my husband and I have been married for 46 years is shocking.  To know that we have been volunteering  in the Worldwide Marriage Encounter ministry for 26 years might also be shocking to some.

It is all relative.  Relatively speaking my relatives are all great golfers and it might be shocking to know that while I golf I am not good nor do I care if I win.

What is shocking?  You be the judge.  For me this subject immediately caught me as a great idea to chat about today for #500.  What a great conversation starter.  What a tantalizing idea.  What an interesting conversation that can be had with this one thought.  Your thoughts…………..?




I do not normally do this.  I think perhaps I have repeated only a couple times in my almost 500 posts over the years since June 2012 when I challenge myself to that year of writing.  Please allow me this one today.

I read on the news feeds that I check about a couple of suicides and attempts today.  This is the season of the year when we are at our happiest and probably at our saddest as well.  Having just celebrated the life of my father it seemed important even urgent that I share this post again.

Life is the best choice.  A life well lived is joy.  A life lived well is a blessing.  Living gives us a chance to correct ourselves over and over again.  Without further comment I give you my belief that we must all choose to live the best we can everyday we are blessed with on this side of the grass.

FAREWELL ALEXIS (first printed 11-16-13)


On occasion we will send a request to one of our family and friends to pray for something in particular that is effecting our lives.  We believe prayer works and prayers shared are more powerful.  We receive requests from our friends as well.  We have prayed for tests, jobs, illness, house sales – the sky is the limit.  Today one came across that as I sat at the computer took me figuratively to my knees.

It simply read:

We come to you with heavy hearts this evening as we ask for your prayers. Our oldest daughter lost her best friend today, and is in a very confused and sad place. We  we ask for prayers for acceptance for our Sera, and for the family of Alexis. And that they all may comfort and peace through the love of our Lord during this difficult time.

We could not imagine the sorrow that Sera was experiencing and since the word confused was there we jumped to the, later confirmed, horrid assumption that Alexis took her own life.

Please join us in this prayer.

When tragic events happen don’t we all stop for a few minutes and think about what went wrong for this young girl to take her life?  There were over a dozen google accounts of this and the news picked it up from hours away from the incident.  Occasionally this type of sorrow reaches the national news.

These tragedies leave us all with more questions than answers.   Looking from this age I cannot imagine what could be wrong in a young life.  Looking from the eyes of a teen I cannot imagine what could push me to that point.  By the time I was 15 I had known my share of upheaval and can honestly say suicide was not in the forefront of my mind though running away occasionally popped up as an alternative.  I had not the ability to do either.  Sadly today’s teens are more worldly and know both.

I cannot explain it.  I cannot change it.  I must accept the reality that it does happen and according to the statistics last taken in 2010 it happens once every 13.7 minutes.  That is simply too high.  Again I ask what do we, as a society, not understand to help these people?

I am being torn as to what direction to go with this post.  It opens the door to say so much about kindness and acceptance.  Loving people who are different from or disagree with us.  Awhile ago I was involved in a nasty situation on facebook.  The person wielding the unkind verbiage told those reading not worry as one day I would use it as material for my blog.  Today is the day.  This person was scourging me for my political beliefs and asking that I be removed from that particular list and more.  Those words hurt and if other words are not offered these will be the last we share.  How sad.  Is that what sent Alexis to the edge – bad words from a friend or relative?

I have friends and relatives that have very differing opinions from mine.  It does not change my love or caring for them or my wanting good for their lives or more importantly that I treat them with kindness and not cruelty.   Think the golden rule is “Love one another.”

At my age I can accept derision and unkindness in vile language aimed at me.  Could Alexis? Was she treated unkindly?  Did people berate her for her beliefs or actions?  Did they tell her to get out of here?  Did she not feel love?  Was she abused?  Right now these questions cannot help her.

They can help us in dealing with people.  They can help us to be more loving and kind to each other.  These questions may stop us from saying that off the cuff remark that may seem innocent to us and may hurt another.   These questions may stop us from assuming that if someone seems strong on the outside they are the same on the inside.

Another aside this morning,  A game came across the emails in a forward.  It asked what would you do with $86,400.  It had specific rules and ended up sharing with the reader that 86,400 is the amount of seconds in a day.  What would you do with all of those?  Why didn’t Alexis realize that in all those seconds much can change?  Could she not wait for one second more?

I have used this poem before.  It is so appropriate today.

No Man Is An Island

No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thy friend’s
Or of thine own were:
Any man’s death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind,
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
It tolls for thee.

John Donne

Alexis’ death diminishes me.  Diminishes us all.  What would she have given to the world?  What would have been the ‘butterfly effect’ of her life? We will never know the full extent to what her life may have given to the world.  I put forth that we are all the less for that.

Yet let me also put forth that she has stopped the world for us to have a conversation about love and kindness today.   I can feel the breeze of butterfly wings.  I think I will find someone to receive a butterfly kiss from me right now.

Farewell Alexis and prayers for Sera.




Good Late Afternoon- from the comments it appears the choice has been made as to who is the willow and who is the cedar – the larger question is who uses the mangled tube and who uses the neat one???

more misadventure…………..



The one thing that can bring married people to their knees it appears is how they place a toilet paper roll on the holder and how they squeeze the toothpaste tube.  Today on this Thursday I am ever so glad to let you know that I do have the answers to both of these queries!

I find it so very interesting that two simple items can undo undying love.  When we pledge our love to one another we say “for better for worse for richer for poorer”.  There is no mention anywhere in the marriage process of the mundane.  It is the ethereal forever and ever AMEN!   Having been married for 46 years and working in a marriage ministry for over 26 yrs I can tell you it is the little things that can make or break this deal.  Especially if it is only contractual and not a covenant marriage.

Let me take these items one at a time.  The toilet paper roll is hung so that the paper drapes over the top of the roll and pulls down.  How do I know this?  In one of my incarnations as a worker bee I was a chamber maid.  The toilet paper pulls down!  How else would one be able to make it look attractive and welcoming with the folded “V” in it if it did not pull down.  Enough said on that.

To the toothpaste tube.  In this household we have entered the fray of this issue.  For 46 years we have been squeezing and flattening and smoothing out the same tube of toothpaste.  One in this household is a ‘mangler’ and the other in this household is a smooth and flat toothpaste user.  Most recently, we though happenstance, solved this issue by having two separate tubes of toothpaste.  It was not planned it simply happened as we were apart and both wanted clean teeth so the second tube was purchased.  It has created much calm and less angst in our bathroom.

Here are the tubes.  You decide which one belongs to which resident of this house.  I will describe us both and you can assign the tubes to each.193194
One resident of this house is fastidious.  When going out one could assign the word polished to them.  Everything is in the right place.  There is a look of confidence and sophistication on the surface.  In project work this person is methodical.  This person carefully considers options and how to create the best outcome for projects or situations. Both projects and situations carefully considered are successful. This person is welcoming and reserved.  In the Barbara Walters reference world if this person was a tree they would be a tall strong sleek Cedar.

The other resident of this house hold likes things in order.  When going out this person looks put together though leaves one to ponder how long it took.  There is confidence in this person though lack of sophistication.  In project work this person has many ideas and shares them readily.  With the project itself one is left to wonder the method as items are all over the place.  While success may be the end result one is left to wonder how it happened. This  person is out-going and welcoming.  As for the tree reference this person would be a messy weeping Willow flying all over the place in the breeze.

Which tube belongs to the Cedar and which belongs to the Willow?

By the way – The answer to the toothpaste question is definitely individual tubes.





Funny little four letter word.   As a noun it denotes a mark or stain, flaw, blemish on your person or character or reputation.   As an action it can denote recognition or in the case of sports to stand-by.  We can add the word to and you have to blemish, to sully, to locate to name a few actions.  As an idiom we often say “that hits the spot”.

How many of you have called “I get shot-gun” to claim your spot in a car?  If you watch the comedy, “The Big Bang Theory”, you know a character Sheldon has “his spot”. A spot can be euphoric as from Zelda Fitzgerald when in the movie “Zelda” she told F. Scott that she liked the “spot” where his shoulder cupped her head as she lay in his arms.  She referred to it as “my spot”.  The scene was probably taken from the actual quote:

“My dear, I think of you always and at night I build myself a warm nest of things I remember and float in your sweetness till morning.” ― Zelda Fitzgerald

Inanimate objects can have spots as well.  I often tell people when I move that I do not rush to place furniture as I wait for each piece to find its favorite spot.  While a bit eccentric of me, of course, it works.  The furniture which used to walk all the time years ago now seems to be very happy where it sits unless holidays or other seasonal occasions disrupt it – i.e. a better vantage at a breeze.

Plants are the same.  They require a wee bit more attention and yet they often find places that they thrive and grow the best.  For me that is pure happenstance.  I have no green thumb.  If you remember I wrote a  blog about watering my plants only when the peace lily is wilting or on Water Wednesdays whichever came first.

DCF 1.0A few years back my sister gave me three shoots of a plant.  I had admired it in her house and wanted a plant like it with slim plain green leaves that was NOT a spider plant.  IMG_0378I have no idea what it is and did not know it flowered. Though I think she said hers did which surprised her as well.  For the longest time this plant was three long leaves in the plastic cup in which she gave it until I finally transplanted it.  Now there are multiple leaves and most recently a flower  of sorts.  IMG_0379This plant has found its spot for sure. I found out the name as well.  My sister said it is called “Queen’s Tear” and there will be more to the flower.  What fun to watch.


IMG_0381The same with my Christmas Cactus that I have not ever moved.  It is so happy it blooms at Easter sometimes and this year started it’s blooming at Thanksgiving.  May have to rename it to be a Holiday Plant as it is all encompassing.

Do you have a special “spot”? I did.  I thought I would be anywhere but Maine as I escaped to go to school and get out of the stuffy town that was my home.  I have spent the rest of my life trying to get back.  Each place I have lived has been a special “spot” for me for the time I was there.  I was able to find joy and happiness every place I have lived.  I have remained opened to the possibilities of life creating “spots” as I needed.  There are multiple spots for me.

There is nothing like it for me when I drive north across the Kittery Bridge in Kittery, Maine.  It is less happy going south.  Crossing the Trenton Bridge onto Mount Desert Island brings peace.  Leaving another mindset.  Walking through the door at 141 Tremont brings a smile to my face each time I enter.  On occasion I have stopped and called the builder to thank him for believing in my dream when no one else did.  Sitting at our table filled with family is a favorite spot.    I am with Zelda in that my husband’s shoulders are a favored spot.

As I am finishing up these thoughts on this tiny four lettered word, it comes to me that perhaps the most needed “spot” of all is peace within our hearts.  If we have that then the world of special spots can be anywhere can it not?


DECEMBER 1, 2014


Today is a random thoughts kind of day.  I have been up for a couple of hours.  I showered, stripped the bed of sheets and headed for the laundry.  In that space of time I began three blogs in my mind.  Told myself a joke – funny thought – I do not remember and then thought about the actual date that today is sporting.

This is the first day of the last month of the year.  Is that really possible?  This means that we have only 30 days left of this year.  We have only 24 days left until Christmas.  I must ask where did the year go and how was it lived?

Each January I plan to slow down and by this time every year I am looking back at an iced gravity run trail made by a sled that I’ve left behind me.  At least it is a bob sled as I usually have companions with me on this journey.  I could easily verge off into a chat about bobsleds here and will not as I know little of them except from the Olympics.  I am not in a competition as I gave up competing years ago.  I do try to keep myself in check and while bobsledding is a random thought I think I will leave it at that.

Time was one of the topics that slid through my brain earlier.  To share with you bits of how my mind works let me show you the thoughts.

Thought 1 – WOW today is the first day of Dec………..

Thought 2 – Where did the time go…….

Thought 3 – Ti – i -i – ime is on my side -oh yes it is……

Thought 4 – If I could save time in a bottle……..

Thought 5 – I could do a blog about time……..

You see how hard it is to live in this head? No rhyme no reason just random thoughts.

Let me take just a minute to tie this up some.  It has really been a busy time for me since the first of June.  The summer flew by and the time over Labor Day at the OCS (Overly Comfortable Spa) was so needed even my friend commented that I seemed out of sorts.  Every weekend from then on was booked until November 16th which was our first day off in a long time.  Daddy decided to be the focus of that day as he chose to graduate.  The rest of November was then taken with activities through Thanksgiving. Time flew and I watched it go trying to grab a few minutes here and there to breathe.  As I look at December I am rewarded with the fact that we have only one weekend that is busy excepting Christmas.  Wonder if slowing down is on the schedule?

I wish I could remember the joke in my head.  It was one of those funny thoughts that we all have. Or maybe we don’t all have them.  Do you ever wonder odd inconsequential thoughts?  The old Bill Cosby line “Why is there air?”.  This led me to think of the comedian Shelley Berman and his comedy albums and how I laughed so at them.  Many today probably would not know who he is let alone get his humor.  See off on another random thought.

AND THE WATER IS BACK!  A joy of this day.  The water dispenser on our refrigerator freezes upon occasion.  We have no idea why or how.  It simply does not work.  When you become accustomed to using something and is in not working it can throw your whole way of working in the kitchen off.  At least it does mine.  So for the last month I have reached for this convenience and had to change my traffic pattern to do my job.  Not a huge issue simply different.  The larger issue is why does the water line freeze in the first place.  No answer though thankfully finally a random solution.

This first day of December 2014 is going to be one of those days where I flit from thing to thing and hope beyond hope that I accomplish at least one thing by the end of it.  At the rate I am going it is doubtful.  Thus far I have a bed unmade, load of laundry in the washing machine, my breakfast dishes in the sink, have made a phone call, answered one, cyber-shopped, written this random blog and do not have one of the chores on my list done.  Alas!  Alack!

Oh well I still have 30 days left of this year!  I wish I could remember that joke – if I do I will write it down immediately.  Make your day a great one – you have a choice in that and it appears my choice to greatness will be a struggle this day.


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