Yesterday I told you that I watched all the Sunday news shows.  I learned a bunch of things and I call that a good morning.  I love learning and information.  I believe I have shared that often.  I also believe I have shared my distrust of the current government led by President Barack Obama.  Another President said, “The Buck stops here.”  On Sunday former Senator liberal Democrat Dennis Kucinich said it best.  He said, “The tone is set from the top.”


I learned that the ARB report on Benghazi was a report about the Security before and up to Benghazi not the whole incident.  I believe we have been led to believe that the ARB report was a review of oversight of the whole Benghazi attack through completion.  It was security alone.

I learned that if it is not heard on network news it may not be real.  FOX News has been following Benghazi since Sept.11, 2012.  It was not until this week when Jonathan Karl of ABC broke the news of the 12 talking point versions that Benghazi was important at all.  Steve Hayes of FOX had reported a timeline in the Weekly Standard a few days earlier.

I learned and knew actually on 9/12/12 that Mike Rogers Chairman of the House Intel Committee called this a terrorist attack.  I saw him do this in a Fox News interview from the House.  He did that in 9/12 before the administration did.  He never veered nor blamed a video.

I learned that former Senator Dennis Kucinich, a liberal Democrat, said that Benghazi was a “failure of policy”.  When asked if the talking points were scrubbed he answered, “Of course they were.”  He went on to say that this “had an impact on the 2012 election”.

Jonathan Karl of ABC said there is a “credibility issue with the White House”.

General Petraus said of the Benghazi Talking points that “I would just as soon not use them but it’s their call.”

There were three questions that concerned George Will, a newspaper columnist, journalist and author.  He gave the questions and answers.

Q. The security  A. was lax.

Q. The Rescue   A. doubtful.

Q. Were we mislead  A. certainly!

Many of the people on the panels believed there was much evidence of more than just scrubbing the talking points.  Cover up was mentioned often.  Even Sen. Diane Feinstein said we “should have moved faster to call it an attack.”  When asked if she could see political motivation she said, “It is hard for me to tell.”  I was surprised she did not simply say no.

Most poignantly Ambassador Chris Stephens’ mother was the most eloquent when she hoped Hillary had a nice Mother’s Day as she had her child with her.  She said she has heard from no one since the incident and they told her it was a video.  She is now angry.  I wonder why we are not hearing as much from her as we did Cindy Sheehan?  Both lost their sons in war.

NOTE:  I wrote extensively about this on Sept. 29th in a ‘Thank you to Special Report and Brett Baier’ of Fox News who were on this from the very beginning much like the reporters during Watergate.  They gave a very definitive timeline of when the word terrorist was used.  Hillary first used it on Sept. 13 and Jay Carney on Sept. 20th.  The day of Sept. 12th Obama referred to ‘acts of terror’ not being specific and in fact later that day in a “60 minutes” interview clearly said he was not sure and did not want to rush yet.  He blamed the video up until Sept 25th at the UN!!!

Yesterday Obama referred to the talking points issue as ‘politically motivated sideshow’.  Corrupt or Inept?  The buck stops at his desk.


When asked about the IRS scandal Kucinich said it was “not tolerable”.  He said “The tone is set from the top.”  This was referencing the IRS scandal as Doug Shulman, the head of the IRS and Bush appointee, had testified before congress that they had absolutely been no targeting.  If Kucinich thinks the IRS top sets the tone and lies occurred wouldn’t that also translate to the current Oval Office?  I wonder if this impacted the 2012 election as well.

Mike Rogers form the House Intel committee said the IRS issue ‘should send a chill up your spine”.  It needs to be investigated by and “external” authority and “fact based”.

George Will commenting on the IRS scandal asked, “How stupid do they think we are?” He went on to read item #1 of Article #2 of Nixon’s Articles of Impeachment remembering that this is the 40th anniversary of the Watergate summer.

No one was talking impeachment.  Nixon was not impeached.  Articles of Impeachment were drawn up however.  George Will was simply making a comparison. When I went to look for the item to post I decided to include the beginning part as well instead of just #1.


Using the powers of the office of President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon, in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in disregard of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has repeatedly engaged in conduct violating the constitutional rights of citizens, impairing the due and proper administration of justice and the conduct of lawful inquiries, or contravening the laws governing agencies of the executive branch and the purposed of these agencies.

This conduct has included one or more of the following:

1. He has, acting personally and through his subordinates and agents, endeavoured to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposed not authorized by law, and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be intitiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.

Yesterday Obama spoke about the IRS issue in a presser.

“But I’ve got no patience with it, I will not tolerate it and we will make sure we find out exactly what happened on this.”

Read more:

Didn’t he say the same about Benghazi?

Being so vocal I wonder if we will be audited soon?  Making a note here just in case.  Taxes from this house are nevere fudged – not even a penny!!!


Much discussion was about the ‘Red Line’.  Remember I called it pink and fuzzy?  The best quote was about a parent moving the line they set when they raise their children.  Finally the kids do not believe there is any punishment at all.  Due to the slowness of our willingness to act it was a general belief that few other countries seem to be interested in our policy in Syria.


The Justice Department is getting phone info from the AP news without going through the proper channels??  It has just begun.

Sunday I was feeling refreshed that real news was available.  We were no longer being fed the White House Wheaties.  We were being offered a full meal deal finally!  Disagreement over issues is upon what our America is based.  Get it all out there and let we the people decide.  I feared that was not done before the 2012 election.  It appears in a number of areas sadly this could be true.

Yesterday the President was mudding the waters again by trying to use hit and run quick comments.  President Obama your false outrage leads many of us to believe there is a ‘there there’!





How appropriate for a morning post.  A couple of days ago a facebook friend shared a cartoon by a liberal outlet – egg

It showed a whole egg standing on its end.  The line across it said “This is your brain”.  Below it was a sunny side egg in a fry pan.  The words across this said “This is your brain on FOX News.”

A favorite commercial of mine many years ago showed two hooded kids on drugs.  It showed the egg and then it showed the cracking of the egg and you could hear it sizzle in the frying pan.  Same message – egg was your brain and frying was the result of drugs.

So I could see the humor and appreciated it and then took it a step further as a FOX viewer.  I put it up on my wall with the comment that a sunny side egg is a wide awake viewer!!!  Sizzling to get all the news. It is all perception and we have to love the differences.

I love political humor so long as it is not over the top.  There is a fine line for me.  I also have to be cognizant that there is a fine line for others.  While I am clear in my opinion of the current administration I will not post things that call for bad things to happen to them – well with the exception of being accountable.

Political humor has been around for a long as printed news.  I think probably Poor Richards Almanac would be the forerunner of much of this literature.  Political Cartoons about the same time.

An editorial cartoon, also known as a political cartoon, is an illustration containing a commentary that usually relates to current events or personalities. An artist who draws such images is known as an editorial cartoonist.

They typically combine artistic skill, hyperbole and satire in order to question authority and draw attention to corruption and other social ills.[1]

By the mid 19th century, major political newspapers in many countries featured cartoons designed to express the publisher’s opinion on the politics of the day. One of the most successful was Thomas Nast in New York City, who imported realistic German drawing techniques to major political issues in the era of the Civil War and Reconstruction. Nast was most famous for his 160 editorial cartoons attacking the criminal characteristics of Boss Tweed‘s political machine in New York City. In fact, Tweed was arrested in Spain when police identified him from Nast’s cartoons.[2]

Notable editorial cartoons include Benjamin Franklin‘s “Join, or Die” (1754), on the need for unity in the American colonies; “The Thinkers Club” (1819), a response to the surveillance and censorship of universities in Germany under the Carlsbad Decrees; and E. H. Shepard‘s “The Goose-Step” (1936), on the rearmament of Germany under Hitler. “The Goose-Step” is one of a number of notable cartoons first published in the British Punch magazine

hear no evilThis week we have also seen the news come around to Fox News way of investigating news as Jay Carney finally answered real questions not softballs in the White House briefing room.  There was a great cartoon by Glenn McCoy about that as well – the lack of press coverage over those facts.  It showed the see no evil monkeys referencing investigation into Benghazi.

Another part of all of this is that there usually is truth behind it.  It is my best wish that truth be told and I work to that as well.  I read the following line and loved it.

“There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. Please use in that order.”

In order to use it I had to verify this quote I went to easy wiki.  There seems to be no real author of it and on wikipedia.

It was attributed to three or more.  It was lastly to Larry McDonald, former President of John Birch Society or Frederick Douglass in 1867 or Stephen Decatur Miller in 1830.  Regardless it is still a good quote.  I see my blog as a soap box often!!!

I take my soap box seriously and call our news people into responsibility on occasion through emails or letters.  As I was ironing on Thursday I had the “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the TV.  A reporter by the name of Guy Benson totally misstated the results of the hearings.  I reported it to Cavuto with an email!


I watch Fox News almost exclusively and Your World most afternoons. Today I watched to entertain as I was ironing.

Guy Benson was incorrect this afternoon when he reported on the Benghazi hearings.  It is horrible and blatant.  He could easily have done better had he paid attention to what he was saying.   When people are looking to find fault with FOX News erroneous reporting gives them fodder.

Mr. Benson said Greg Hicks called Hillary Clinton at 2AM to tell her of the attack.  Wrong on both accounts.

Greg Hicks testified that he called the State Dept to tell them they were under attack.

Greg Hicks said that Hillary Clinton called him at 2AM about the situation never asking about protests or video.

Two errors too many for FOX.  I can no longer say FOX News is right.  I can now say we must all be vigilant.

Sad Neil. Very sad!  In the same report there was another error and did not have pen and paper to write it down.  I am available to report news anytime!

I signed my name and information.  I must check to see if I have had a response.

While I cannot draw political cartoons I can speak.  It is important to have conversaations through humor or words.  It is the conversation on many different levels that brings truth to light ultimately through words or pictures!

I have a friend who is very talented and draws a cartoon for our local hometown paper each week.  I cannot imagine the talent it takes to come up with the idea let alone the image.  Sometimes I agree with him – others not – and invariably I smile and isn’t that the best thing about the whole thing.




I have to become political again in my blog this morning much to the chagrin of some of my readers.  I have watched this sorrow in Libya unfold these past 18 says, three days shy of three weeks.  I have SAID a number of times that we are being governed by the Keystone Kops.  These last 18 days are a real example of the scattered activity the Kops used to show except this is not funny.

On September 11, 2012 our embassy in Libya was attacked.  Where were the news agencies?  Some of them reported the disturbance and the attacks due to the anti-Islamic video.  One news agency went where few reporters go anymore.  FOX News Brett Baier on Special report took the time on 9-12 to give his viewers a timeline of events so that there might be some clarity in the confusion.  He started with the attack on the United States Embassy in Libya on 9-11 and brought it forward to noon on 9-12 and to what he and his team of reporters knew up to the 6PM report of news.  It was real news in the way Cronkite or Huntley/ Brinkley/Peter Jennings would have reported.

9-11 -He had the full quote on the screen for us to read of the statement put out at 6AM Tuesday

9-11 (noon Cairo time) that condemned the protests in Egypt due to the video.  This was followed by pictures of the protestors tearing down the American flag and putting up the AlQaeda black flag.  He reported that the protesters were heard chanting “We are all Osama.”  He reported that at 5PM on Tuesday the attack on Benghazi was reported with the thought that one was dead and one wounded. He showed the tweets from the US Embassy in Egypt. 

9-12 – At 5:30AM on 9-12 the news of Chris Stevens’s death was known. 

At 9:57 Hillary says, “…this was an attack by a small and savage group…”

At 10:42 in the Rose Garden the President says, “The United States condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack.”  “…will increase security and bring to justice…”

In the reporting on “Special Report” Brett Baier spoke of the Romney statement and the Obama Campaign’s response.  He reported that President Obama spoke with 60 minutes that afternoon and flew to Vegas for a pre-scheduled event.

On this same report on 9-12 Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House select Committee on Intelligence and himself a former FBI agent said, “It was a coordinated military style commando type raid that had both direct fire and indirect fire, military movements involved in it – this was a well planned well targeted event no doubt about it.”

The reports on the 9-12 “Special Report’ show went on to speak about Ambassador Stevens being carried to a hospital and dying from smoke inhalation.  It reported that no Marines were guarding the US Consulate Headquarters.  It showed reporters peppering Romney with questions about his statement.  It told us that the Pentagon had sent forces to Libya and ships were on the way. 

“Special Report” has kept on the story often coming out with information not reported any place else.  Catherine Herridge has kept on the story for the last 18 days bringing information out that is real news even before the White House says anything.  When they do it has usually confirmed what Catherine Herridge has already reported.

Last night Brett Baier gave another time line beginning on:

August 2012.  At that time an unclassified report was filed.  It was called “Al Qaeda in Libya – A Profile”.   

Sept. 5-6 – The Democrat Convention focus was Osama is dead and GM is alive.

Sept. 10th – A video surfaces of Al Qaeda’s Amir and Spiritual Leader asking for Jihadists to avenge the death of a Libyan Terrorist who was killed in a drone attack in June

Sept. 11th – Expected protest erupt in Cairo after the anti-Islam video is played.  I detailed the events of this day first in this post.

Sept. 12th – also previously written.  The horror was the announcement of the deaths of 4 American citizens.

When going through this timeline last night Brett Baier said that according to sources the US Intelligence communities know knew this was an attack and listed it internally to unlock resources.  It was believed it was Al Qaeda or Al Qaeda linked groups.  This report has since been confirmed by FOX News.

Sept 12 – Obama makes an announcement, sits down with ’60 Minutes” and goes to Vegas

Sept 12th – CBS to their credit also covers news that puts the fact that this was an attack out in the open.

Sept 13th – State Dept. says security was okay

Sept 13th -Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State disavows the video

Sept 14th – Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other three courageous men return to America

Sept 14th – Sen. John McCain calls it terror

I must add a personal note here on Sept 14th we went to see the movie ‘2016’ and the last few frames showed the Middle East in flames.  We came home and saw the same thing on our own television as reported from the Middle Eat that day.

Sept 16th – Susan Rice our Ambassador to the UN goes on 5 Sunday Talk shows to say it was not terrorist involvement it was due to a video.

Sept 17th – State Dept says we have to wait to label this.

Sept 18th – On the David Letterman Show President Obama says it is not war and blames the video

Sept 19th – Matthew Olsen the head of the NationalCounterterrorismCenter said on Capital Hill, “Yes, it was a terrorist attack.”

Sept. 20th – Jay Carney says via phone that it was self-evident that it was a terror attack

My investigative add:

On Sept 20th/21st multiple news agencies online reported that the August 2012 report said, “The report details Al Qaeda plans for Libya, including growth of a clandestine terrorist network that has attempted to hide it’s presence.  The U. S. Military has concluded that Al Qaeda is in the final phase of a three step process for developing a full-blown Al Qaeda affiliate.”   It showed Al Qaeda was currently in an expansion phase.

Brett Baier continued:

Sept 20th – President Obama told Univision ‘still under investigation’

Sept 21th – Hillary Clinton says, “What happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack.”

Sept 24th – On The View President Obama said, “…still doing an investigation, there is no doubt the kind of weapons that were used ah thth the ongoing assault that it wasn’t just a mob action.”

Sept 25th – Obama at the UN still references the video

Sept 25th – Hillary Clinton says, Al Qaeda … and other groups have launched attacks and kidnappings from Northern Mali into neighboring countries, now with a larger safe haven and increased freedom to maneuver terrorist are seeking to extend to increase their reach and their networks in multiple directions.”

Sept 27th – Leo Panetta, Secretary of Defense finally says “terror attack”

Brett Baier concluded with the fact that the FBI still is not in Benghazi. He also noted that Hillary Clinton’s statement on the 25th was just what had been in the report (I included it above 9-20/21) issued in August 2012.  Then as he does each night he ended his program with the words – ‘fair balanced and unafraid.’  

I wan to note before I conclude that in the meantime of all these days of our government acting like the Keystone Kops that CNN has been to Libya and at the scene and retrieved Ambassador Chris Stevens Diary.

I’ll leave all this information for you sadly not completed totally this morning.  Too much to review and post.  I read lots of news and do view other stations other than FOX.  In this case they were one of the few to keep their eyes on the ball and keep us informed.  Perhaps their news people really are Fair and Balanced.




Disclaimer:  I have taken a turn in my post this morning.  It was not what I intended at all.  The post on soap will wait for another day.  Read the following 1608 words if you want or delete if you want.

On facebook occasionally there are notices from friends that they are cleaning out their facebook friends and to hit like if you want to stay.   I am giving you this choice today.  I am not cleaning out.  I am inviting you to do that.

Yesterday I was involved in a thread on another wall.  The wall owner posted a clip saying that Canada had banned Fox News for lying.  I have been cautioned over and over again (thank you Dale) to check out things on Snopes or Fact Check before forwarding them.  This habit has made me aware that there is a lot of misinformation out there and did not want this person to be perceived as passing such along.  I commented on the owners wall with a post suggesting that the facts be checked.  I shared that Fox News was involved in a licensing issue and distributed in Canada over private channels just like the cable channels in the USA.   

The response was from the wall owner was that the Canadians were afraid the Prime Minister was ‘trying to push American style hate-media onto our airwaves and make us all pay for it’.  This had a credit of another website.  I commented something about our President not liking Fox News as well and as I reread it think I missed that point.

The response from the wall owner to another poster participating in this thread was that ‘…Tea Party aren’t fiscal conservatives but rather simple-minded, fearful, bigots…’.  I shared then that I believed in the Tea Party so that would in fact be me.  In the same post I said I prefer to see and hear things from people in their own words, referring to the other poster and quoting Obama’s own words in his book about his drug use and being at a madrassa as it had come up in another post.  I was then told I was narrow-minded

Let me add here that I know this wall owner very well.  We have chatted occasioanlly about politics this wall owner freely shared that they were a bleeding heart liberal who wanted everyone to have everything.  The clincher was the following post.

The wall owner said, “I’ve never wanted to talk to you about politics and as to my real feelings about the Tea Party, I was holding back. Discussing family, books, and hobbies with you is lovely, but your politics fly in the face of nearly everything I believe in and I am happy that you will no longer be spewing it on my wall.” 

I was then invited not to ever post on this page again which I found questionably open-minded.  I will of course desist as it is not my wall. I would never enter where I was not welcomed. Got it! 

This brings me to the point of this post.  It is my understanding that in order to further a blog and get advertisers a blogger needs to be widespread.  I am not sure how my facebook people got on my blog.   I believe there was a thing in publish that automatically added when I was looking for further publication.

I discovered this when a friend was visiting and we were chatting about my blogging.  She is a liberal union gal and she told me that she gets my blog.  I said I did not know she was a subscriber.  I was afraid I had offended her since it seemed my posts were automatically added to her wall.  I still am not sure what pops up on peoples walls from my blog as I get nothing on my wall.  She put it ever so nicely.  She said if it looked interesting she would read it if not she deleted me.  I was so glad to hear this.  We ended up having an interesting political discussion.  I have other very dear liberal friends, as she,  and I discuss politics with them.  We remain close despite our differing views and opinions.

THE POINT!  I cannot figure out how I got to facebook and when I have time will try to fix it.  Until then if what I say offends you then please delete me.  If you do not want to hear anything of a differing opinion then please delete me from your wall.  I will miss your posts as I like my facebook friends.  I will understand your desire not to have my ramblings show up on your wall.  It is going to be a year of this as I want to complete my challenge.

FULL DISCLOSURE.  I am not sure it needs to be said and as sure that I want to be clear.  So here it is – I am a conservative.  Maybe even a Libertarian and definitely a work in progress.  I think the Tea Party people believe in limited government and small business.  I rarely call anyone names on my wall and invite comments from right or left.  I ask that there be no foul language, swear on your own walls (thank you David!).

I work daily at my Christian faith and am thankful that God does not leave me when I fail.  I respect all faiths.  I may not agree with their rules, such as jihad, and I would do nothing to harm another except speak out.  My faith calls me not to harm and the Constitution gives me the right to speak openly.

I do not believe in abortion.  It seems odd to me that we can be charged $250,000 for destroying an eagles egg and babies are freely killed.  I accept that abortion is the law of the land and pray daily that one day we will realize that we are the only country in the free world regularly legally killing our own.  I would not ever do anything to a woman who has had an abortion except love her and pray for her wiser decision one day.  I would not go to a Doctor if I knew they did abortions.

I believe in marriage as a union between a husband and wife.  I love all my gay friends and respect their choices in life.  I am preparing a post on this for later.   I believe we need understanding here not legislation.   

I believe in loving my neighbor.  I help my fellow man when and where I can freely with gifts of money or time or goods if that is what is needed.  I do not like the welfare system we have in this country.  I believe it can create people that do not and ultimately will not as they do not know how to provide for themselves.  Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he will be sustained for life. Not exact yet the point is there.  I believe many need help and the system we have can be fixed to help not encourage staying there as a way of life.  Let us freely give to our neighbors not be taxed to help.  Perhaps the answer here is that all legislators be required to tithe 10% of their money as well as 10% of their time to others before they can legislate or tax?

I believe we need to stop name calling and divisivness and talk together.  Our founders argued vehemently over the Declaration and the Constitution all with a “Good Sir” or “the Gentleman from” in their conversations as formality was required.  Perhaps we need to bring that and the powdered wigs back to get our country working again.

I do not believe that global warming is man made.  A volcano – nature made – spews out more pollution than factories.  I believe we need to be very conscious about our planet and not destroy it.  I have been driving a car since 1982 that is good on gas.  We recycle and give away our ‘stuff’.

I am a feminist in that I believe all women can have a choice in all things.  If they do not want a baby choose to use birth control first to nip this argument in the bud.  If a woman wants a creer she should have it.  If a woman wants to saty home as her career she should have it.  If a woman wants all of it – go for it.  Feminism was about equal rights not about my female rights being better and more important than yours.  Again I do not believe in legislating it.  I think there was a study done years ago that said if test legal cases had been brought about and won in each state that the ERA amendment would never have been necessary.  Equal rights would be in existence.  NOTE here is that since my ‘career’ was at home the feminist do not consider me one of them.

I hate guns and would not ever deny anyone’s right to have them.  In fact I may yet learn how to use them as a new challenge.

I love to discuss issues and share information and opinions.  I may not agree with yours as you may not agree with mine.  I am interested in what you have to say and sharing points of view.

So there you have it!  As Walter Mitty said – this is my world and welcome to it!  OR Not if you hit the delete button.




I have been engaged in a running discourse these last few days on Facebook.  The  thread began when I posted a ‘share’ about MSNBC fantasizing about blowing up Romney’s campaign bus.  This went directly, without passing GO, to a post with the question of is this journalism to the fact that MSNBC denigrates conservatives and FOX does the same to Liberals.  Then we were hit with the name calling that comes on both sides.  The thread got very interesting for me when FOX News was criticized for NOT being fair and balanced and my nephew used the Daily Show as a tool to prove that.  Another nephew posted, “I also know that a recent study found that people who rely on foxnews for their info are the least informed americans.”  That hit a spark for this information junkie and off I was on a search to find this study.

FairleighDickinsonUniversitydid a study in 2011 that showed just that.  They called New Jersey people and asked them a few questions on the news and the results were published.  In 2012 they did the same with the questions to the whole country they said, the same to all participants, and found the same results.  As a FOX News watcher this did not seem to ring true.  I searched and searched and could not find a recent study that agreed.  I did however find the ratings for Friday the 15th of June had FOX News as one of the most watched.  I posted those on my wall and concluded that if in fact that is true then there are a lot of uniformed people walking around out in America.

It got me thinking and searching to find definitive news.  My conclusion is that there is no longer such a thing.  CNN may come the closest to fitting the paradigm.  Straight news left us I believe when Cronkite left TV.  I did not know what Walter’s political views were. I knew that he cared about things from the tone of his voice as in the example of taking off his glasses when JFK was assassinated.  Otherwise he read the news with no emotion or opinion.  The same could be said for Huntley,Brinkley, Edwards,Downs and Walters – newscasters of the day.  It is my belief that this is a rare thing on TV anymore – network or cable.  More so now than ever before to be informed it is up to us to find the information. 

Matt Drudge said it best.  He broke the Clinton-Lewinsky story and no one would listen to him let alone print it.  It is said that 11 times the networks ignored what he was telling them.  It proved to be true of course.  He is quoted, “We have entered an era vibrating with the din of small voices. Every citizen can be a reporter, can take on the powers that be.”*  I believe this is exactly where we are right now.  In order to make an informed opinion we have to be our own reporter/journalist/newscaster.

My brother-in-law was right when he posted on the thread that those leaning left listen to MSNBC and those leaning right listen to FOX News.  In saying that we can all listen to it all and we must.  On both there are news shows and opinion shows.  We must know the difference.  While Bill O”Reilly is the most watched show in his timeslot he freely states that he is an opinion show.  He brings in people from both sides and has a debate – unless he has strong opinions about what is being debated.  At these times he can take over the conversation which is his right to do in the format he has set.  It is our responsibility to discern the difference.  Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are loud and entertaining and amazingly right, meaning correct, on occasion.  As I said on my thread we must learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.  There is a lot of chaff out there.

This is where the rubber meets the road to use an old cliché – must do a blog about clichés one day!  If as an audience we only watch one station we are going to get one side.  We are going to vote one way and our discussions will be narrow.  For me I try to be well informed and listen to many things and subscribe to newsletters and websites.  I want to be informed.  Matt Drudge now has one place to go look at many sources with his Drudge Report.  The Huffington Post offers an alternative.  There also are others.  It is up to us to choose.    

We must be informed not steeped in ideology.  From information we can choose to make informed opinions and ideas.  I cannot end this any better than to use a quote from one of our former Presidents:

“If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.” ― John F. Kennedy

Not sure about making it safe.  We can however be informed and listen to each other without rancor.


* (