GOOD MORNING WORLD                                    

I have spent the last couple of days trying to get the house decorated for fall as I clean through.  A few years ago I made, by hand not machine, two quilted fall table runners.  I know they are in this house.  Do you think I can find them?  I am positive I put them in a certain place that I would surely remember this year.  I do not remember.  Having moved so much I envy people who can put things back in the same place year after year after year.  Sometimes I go to get an item and have to think about which house I am actually living in right now.  I will find them I am sure.

Along my travels throughout the closets in this house I found many other things.  In one closet was a bag full of purses that our daughter owned at one time.  I thought I had given her back all her purses.  This child had to have a new purse for everything it seems.  I had not ever seen this before and I love it that our granddaughter is carrying on the same tradition with which our child now has to deal!!!  I will toss these leftovers in the recycle for the Vets next time they come.

I have to now hang my head and admit publicly that I found tote bags numbering well over 20 – maybe more – in all of my closets.  Perhaps my child was not the original bag lady?  Tote bags do not count right as they can be folded and do not take up much room?  Darn how can you say no to cheap or free?

I have three bags that look just alike – the Avis Bags.  I cannot remember why we have them – whether it was a trip we all took or my husband rented a car a number of times with the company where he worked.  I know a dear friend also had almost as many as we.  They are very sturdy bags and carry enough in them for a weekend away.  Four was a good number for our family and each one of us got one.  I was surprised I still have them over 20 years later.

There is a bag from Waldenbooks.  Is that store around anymore.  It was buy some get one free.  At one point I think I had three of these bags – you never know when you will need one.

You could get bags for joining groups-Doubleday Book Club, Panola Country Club, Southern Living magazine, BeautiControl Cosmetic Company.  I bought bags as mementos of trips as being an easy thing to bring home.  I have bags with French logos, Hawaiian themes and Michigan lighthouses.  Let us not even talk about all the cloth grocery bags that are in the car in case I remember to actually take them IN to the store for refilling.

One of the bags I have that I really enjoy is a bright yellow covered with blue Iris.  The colors are dramatic and it is a great size for carrying.  I must get it out again.  I am not sure where I got this one.  It does remind me of the Memphis area.

We lived in Cordova which was just outside Memphis and Germantown, TN.  My husband’s office was in Germantown.  In the spring the whole area was awash with Iris of all colors.  I went to the site to discover that they have over 400 varieties in the area.  It seems that most home gardens in the area had iris in them. 

I had not ever known much about the iris except it grew wild.  They were blue and sticks and did not interest me much.  As I grew older and saw how beautiful the blossom was and discovered the many varieties I had a totally different take on them.  In the spring I love to have bouquets of iris and daffodils or iris and lilacs.  Yummy!  

The end of this is what do I do with all these bags?  I suppose I could toss them.  Recycle them?  Well some of them maybe.  After all aren’t they like scrapbooks of travels???  Maybe I can use them in my decorating somewhere?  For sure I am going to take them shopping today – right!!!???  I can’t get rid of the iris bag or the convention bag or the red bag or…



tote tree – 2 hrs later

$1.16 for shower curtain rings – had macrame hanger





Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to both of our ‘girls’.  Our daughter was on the road driving home to Texas via St. Louis, MO.  Our Goddaughter was not enjoying her day off as she did not physically feel very well.  The second situation allowed us the opportunity for a long overdue long phone visit.  She lives in N.C.  The whole conversation was wonderful!

She reads my blog daily and was very open with her praise along with a couple of critical questions.  One was so very insightful in that she believed at a point I was struggling for material.  She was indeed right.  She also said part of my postings sounded more like a journal than a blog.  That I thought was an interesting point.  What really is a blog?  Will be thinking on that for awhile.  She was also telling me about sharing one of my posts with a co-worker.  It was the one from my birthday.  She was sharing with the co-worker that it inspired her.  The co-worker asked if she was easily inspired.

Those two words have stuck with me all night into this morning.  Easily inspired?  Was the co-worker suggesting that this is a bad thing or a good thing?  I have been thinking about this ever since our conversation.  Is it good to be easily inspired or is it not so good?

If you are not easily inspired I imagine it would take a huge event or statement or vision to inspire you.  Will it take a view of the Grand Canyon to create WOW for you?  Will it take the birth of a child for an ooh or aah from you?  Does it take the words of Shakespeare or a poet laureate to illicit emotions in your soul?  Doesn’t this lead us to the conclusion that only large events or moments are necessary for inspiration in this case?  From this then can we not reason that many small moments of life pass by without acknowledgement or recognition as important or inspiring?

I AM easily inspired.  I have decided this is a good thing.  I marvel at the morning sun which I may not want when a rainy Monday is my preference.  I marvel at the birds in my backyard.  I love the bunnies that run here and there in the same yard despite my husbands BBGun shots to keep them off his grass.  Give me the words of our grandson reading out loud, despite his stutter, over Shakespeare’s words heard in a theatrical production.  Let me watch this same grandson playing a game of Charades over a Broadway play when I know he is shy about performing in front of others and cannot be on a stage without fainting!  Give me the yellow flower done in pastels by our granddaughter with chalk all over the furniture over Rembrandt.  Let me look at our youngest grandson holding a stuffed animal won from a fair that is bigger than he over the Grand Canyon.  It is the little moments for me.

In the mid 90’s we moved to the Memphis, TN area.  I found myself one evening on a paddlewheel boat in the middle of the Mississippi River.  I had to go outside as I could feel myself welling up with tears.  I stood in the dark on the rail of that ship and cried.  I was from a small town of 1800 people off the coast of Maine.  I read Huckleberry Finn in high school.  Like many in my class I dreamed one day about seeing the Mississippi River.  I had no way of knowing that it might just be possible.  Here I was a grown adult not seeing it.  I was experiencing the river like Huck.  I looked at the stars and moon shining on the river.  I could see the water flowing swiftly and feel the boat under my feet.  I realized how dreams can come true.  Silly?  Perhaps.  It was a small insignificant moment to many inside the boat.  To me it was a dream come to life.  Easily inspired? YES!!!  Please let me ever be so!

If I have mentioned this experience before please excuse my repetition.  It sticks with me still.   As I have concluded, I am easily inspired.