After having been away for over a month we returned to pick up all of our mail.  There was a pretty orange envelope from someone I did not know in Charlotte, NC.  I anxiously opened the card.  I smiled at all the different ‘brooms’ and could not wait to read inside.susans-card1-2

The next item you need to know is I used to dress in full witch regalia to the green face and mole on Halloween.  My black hat was tall with a huge wide brim. I delighted in giving out candy to the neighborhood children. We used to attend Halloween parties.

Now Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays.  I understand there are many who revel in it.  I am not sure where I lost my enjoyment of it.  One year in full dress a young boy was surprised and started to back up and was about to fall off the porch.  Of course I grabbed him and hoped he would not fall.  Then he saw our children and knew who I really was.  I often wondered if I harmed that child’s psyche in any way?

Then as I grew older the annoyance of having to get up and get to the door was a pain.  Compound that with the ‘Scream’ mask which I detest and I am no longer into ghouls, the glow for Halloween left me.  In fact truth be known I do not like being scared and some of the costumes are scary.  This year we did not even turn our light on and it did not matter as we were not in any heavy trick or treat area.  If the light had been on I am certain no one would have come anyway.

Back to the above card.  It came out of the blue across the miles and years.  It is from a woman who used to trick or treat at our door when I was in full witch dress.  Come to find out she loved it.  I was friends with her mother and her son was a best friend of our son.  She decided this year to tell me how much, as a young girl, she loved my costume and the hat especially. She said, “Every year as we get ready for trick or treating I always wish I had a big strong witches hat like you wore greeting trick or treaters in Hollis.”  She went on to share, “…..I look back with a smile.  My youngest is 15 yrs old now and even she knows of your great witch costume.”

While I no longer wear the costume it is heart-warming to know at least one child was and evidently still is happy for my foolishness.  Thank you Susan for reaching out.  You made an old lady happy.  When our world slows down I will write back.  You never know.



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