Today is pie day then further prep for the big baking tomorrow.  The thing I did last year that I will be doing again tonight was to make my stuffing.  It of course is way to early to put it in the bird.  If you read the comments you will see that some people cook the turkey all night long in a slow oven.  I just get up early and make the stuffing and put the bird in.

Last year I came up with a really good bright idea.  For some weird reason I decided to make the stuffing ahead.  Once I had all this stuffing I discovered that I did not have much room in the fridge for a bowl.  I put it in a large baggie as a space saver.  The next morning I was further enlightened to stuff the open end of the baggie in the bird then pushed the stuffing from the closed end of the baggie which forced the stuffing into the cavity!  No mess!  No dirty hands! One move and done! Why had I not thought of this years before?  Simple!  Easy!  Let the cooking begin!

Today will be a busy day as I will also clean in preparation for our family and guests to arrive tomorrow.  We will be 10 around our table.  There are many more that I wish could join us. I am grateful for the 10.

As I write this my mind is racing, as fast as my hands will be later, to many subjects.  Some of them are the year that has past, the fun that is to come tomorrow and this weekend and of course Christmas.  Talk about time racing past.  Today may be the day to stop after the cooking is done and all is prepared to sit and have a reflection time.  Why wait till New Year’s Eve?

I have had a wonderful year.  I have opened myself to new possibilities.  I have allowed myself the luxury of putting me first.  That, Dear Readers, believe me is a rarity though becoming more fun daily!  I stood my ground by standing for my beliefs.  I took some blows.  I was not diminished.  I think I became wiser and stronger.   What is that Old Blue Eyes Frank song – “I Did It My Way”.  Well not all true still close enough!

The most recent skirmish of course would be the election that has just passed.  The candidate of the political party that I belong to was not elected President.  I was stunned and am still sad and concerned about that.  I believe this country chose the wrong path to bring about prosperity and growth.  Does that make me wrong?  No.  Does that make the other party right? No.  There is no right or wrong there is simply choice and selection and direction.

There is still much discussion going on about how the campaigns were run.  How the media handled it all, fairly or not.  It came to light yesterday through Pew Research that MSNBC in the last week of the campaign did not run one anti-Obama ad nor did it run one pro-Romney ad.  Their viewer ship is down so not sure how much of a difference it actually made in the end.

I have heard the pundits looking back and debating and discussing the pros and cons of the results.  I look back on my posts and am very proud of the discussions I have entered into on Facebook and thoughts posted on my blog.  I have nothing for which to feel sorry and apologize for no words.  I was upset for awhile at myself for my terse response to an email I received and shared that with you..  Since there has been nothing further from them by way of further conversation or an apology,  I have deduced that they believe they were in the right and I was wrong so found no reason for further emails.

That is when it hit me.  Hearing the pundits talk about the two clear positions of the candidates and the choice, I question do the Obama supporters believe that since he won re-election that they were and are right?  All others involved in the campaign were wrong?  Is there a right or wrong in elections?  I had not ever thought of this concept.  Do Democrats believe in the black and white of I won you lost I am right you are wrong?

I find that fascinating  Is there was no room for any discussion of path or choice?  Like Obama said in 2009 ‘I won’. End of discussion!  WOW!  This was a very illuminating discovery for me.  We won the election we are right!  Light bulb moment!  This may seem bizarre to the reader.  I am sometimes very slow.  Is it truly possible that someone could believe that if a candidate loses an election that the other candidate and the party were wrong?  It boggles my mind.

I was very vocal on Facebook and here with my thoughts in multiple discussions and posts.  In any political discussion I have ever been involved with I try to keep to the facts while bringing forth my points as well as my opinions.  I like discussion not debates.  The sole purpose of a debate is to convince the other side that you are right.  I do not really care.  I prefer the sharing of ideas that come in a discussion.  Debates are competitive.  Discussions are relaxed.  I prefer the lack of competition of a discussion.

Does this mean now that any discussions or debates against the policies of the President are no longer relevant?  Are we to now simply go along with whatever he says and toe the line?  ‘Elections have consequences’?

Does this having to be right go to all things for the Democrats?  If in my discussions I do not believe in same sex marriage am I wrong?   If I do not believe in abortion am I wrong?  If  I do not believe in amnesty for illegal aliens am I am wrong?  If I do not believe in Obamacare am I wrong?  If I believe spending money and pushing up our debt is not the right path am I wrong? The answer is NO – a resounding one.  I am not wrong.   I have another opinion.  I have another vision.

I did not choose the winning candidate in this last election.  That does not make me wrong.  It simply means the Republicans did not win.  That does not mean that their ideas do not have merit.  The discussion of their positions is still very valid.  A win in an election is not an all or nothing deal.  The debates and discussions are not over they now change (hopefully) to the subject of finding solutions.  Are the Democrats under the impression that since Obama won that he is right and the world will now do everything he says?  If this is all true I am blown away by the audacity.

The recent Hostess debacle is a perfect example of wanting to be right.  A few hundred people believing that they alone were in the right, the Bakers,  took the many to no jobs.  Who is right?  No one. To ensure that the jobs remain the company has to work with the people and the people must work with the company as well to find a solution.  No jobs is no answer and certainly a no win.  Luckily there is a judge that had a cooler head.  He called them back to the table to deal from common sense.

I remain hopeful as ever that we will find our way to the unity of ‘one nation undivided’.  This will not ever happen if being right and winning is the most important arrow in your quiver.  The newly re-elected President has to move beyond the ‘I won-elections have consequences’ rhetoric of his first 4 years to find a way to work with the Congress for the betterment of our country.  As I stated in an earlier post he and his supporters own their choice and now he has to work the solution.

I wrote about Joshua Chamberlain, the Mainer who at Gettysburg is credited with turning the war around.  It was said that had he not we might look more like Europe with many little countries.  Lincoln said that the way America would defeat itself would be from within.  If being right is that important to the Democrats and they shut out the Republicans like the first four years then perhaps with the latest talks of secession Lincoln could be proven right.

To me that is not winning.  Winning is talking and discussing and finding a mutual solution for moving on working for a common goal.  The goal in this case is a prosperous America that has much for which to be thankful.


NOTE:  Since the poll of Silence and Hammer (thank you all for your participation) found Hammer the winner – the discussions will unapologetically continue as it has this day.   We soon will be in the middle of the one size Obamacare, the cuts to Medicare to pay for it, the Benghazi deaths investigation, the debt ceiling, raising taxes, additional taxes created by Obamacare – no end of discussion points!



  1. PIE NIGHT and Friends

    On the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving for the past 10 years we have been going to our friends, Tee and Lynn’s home for what they lovingly call PIE NIGHT. This was invented by Lynn’s maternal grandmother about 60 years ago in response to her consternation that year after year no one had room for her pies when the Thanksgiving Dinner was completed. So her answer was to bake even more and serve the pies on the night before Thanksgiving. At first it was only family but in the years succeeding in the hands of Lynn’s mom and then Lynn it became an event for family and friends, even those who were not going to be with Lynn and Tee the next day for Thanksgiving Dinner. The numbers swelled to the point where at our last PIE NIGHT adventure there were over 50 people crammed into Tee and Lynn’s compact retirement home in Leisuretown chomping down the sheer joy of about 15 different kinds of pie, all home made by Lynn.

    I love the chocolate cream pie and lemon meringue. One year I asked her to make a mince meat pie, as a joke, and she made it. Recently our daughter has been invited. She is a favorite of Lynn and Tee from her babysitting days watching their grandchildren. Suzanne cannot digest fats, so Lynn makes her a completely fat-free chocolate cream pie. Lynn’s warning every year to all who plan to attend is, “DO NOT EAT BEFOREHAND, just have my pie for dinner.” We learned after Year 1 that this is a wise caution.

    Last year and this we have been Snowbirds in Florida for Thanksgiving and, alas, PIE NIGHT. We learned earlier this week that due to extenuating family circumstances Lynn and Tee will be out of town and there will be no PIE NIGHT NORTH. Instead there will be a PIE NIGHT SOUTH. They will be in Atlanta at their son’s home and he is staging PIE NIGHT SOUTH with a twist. Naturally he is inviting family and friends and they expect between 20 and 30, but all of the pies will be store-bought. He has a good job; his wife is not a PIE NIGHTER-by-blood; they have two children under the age of 2; and he doesn’t want his mom working hard on this. The gathered family will be celebrating the reunion of his brother who is dying of brain cancer with his daughters who live in Louisiana. PIE NIGHT should be a lift for all of them and a shock for those Atlanta friends.

    Tee and Lynn have sworn to the resumption of PIE NIGHT NORTH in 2013.

  2. …..great read John and blessings to all and PIE NIGHT sounds like a tradition worth starting and forget Thanksgiving!!! BTW store bought pies today and a lot different from the cardboard of years ago!!! Happy TDay……..

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