I have been asked a couple of times lately what I think of the primaries going on right now.  I told everyone I would be posting thoughts on cornersoapbox.wordpress.com.  I have yet to do that.  I will be posting this on that site as well to get a start on political conversations.

Today however I am writing another – yet another – open letter to the news media.  Sunday afternoon I was watching Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.  I like Chris Wallace.  I liked his father Mike Wallace.  I believe both of them men of integrity despite Mike’s occasional scrapes.  I believe they look for truth and report it.  Sunday I was very disappointed in Chris Wallace.  So perhaps this is an open letter to Chris Wallace.  I just re-titled this blog!

On Sunday Chris was interviewing John Kasich.  For those of you who asked he is my choice for the man to run for President of the Republican party.

During the interview Wallace quoted Rubio , showed a clip and made a judgment that was incorrect.  You can find all of this by looking at the transcripts. (1)

Chris Wallace said this:

WALLACE:  Governor Kasich, you’re on the show today.  We’re very happy to have you here.

I want to ask you — I want to ask you about Marco Rubio because he has suggested to his supporters that to try to stop Donald Trump, maybe his supporters in Ohio should actually vote for you.  Take a look.


RUBIO:  I have a voter in Ohio conclude that voting for John Kasich gives us the best chance to stop Donald Trump there.  I anticipate that’s what they’ll do.


WALLACE:  Governor, following that same logic, should Kasich supporters in Florida support Rubio so he can beat Trump?  It’s winner-take-all, instead of splitting the anti-Trump vote?

You can see what Marco Rubio actually said by checking the video. (2)

Marco Rubio said:

“If a voter in Ohio is motivated by stopping Donald Trump and comes to the conclusion that John Kasich is the only one who can beat him there ten I expect that is the decision they’ll make.  I can tell you in Florida I am the only one that can beat Donald Trump.  If someone supports Ted Cruz or John Kasich if you vote for them in Florida you’re in essence voting for Donald Trump.  If a voter reaches the same conclusion in Ohio then I think that’s what they’re going to do as well.    (question by reporter) I’ve not talked to John Kasich about this – you asked me a question -I’m giving you my observation clearly John Kasich has a better chance of winning Ohio than I do.  If a voter in Ohio concludes that voting for John Kasich gives us the best chance of stopping Donald Trump there then I anticipate that is what they’ll do.”

As I read this nowhere in this statement did Marco Rubio say he wanted his supporters to vote for John Kasich.  Of course it can be taken or inferred that this is what he is saying.  In fact his campaign came out and said they urged voters to vote for Kasich.  Rubio did not say that in his statement.

This is the fine line of which I am speaking.  Even in the reporting and Wallace using the video clip from Rubio, Rubio did not suggest to his supporters to vote for Kasich.  He clearly stated that if voters made the assumptions and wanted to stop Trump they would vote for Kasich.  He did not release them to do so.

I hear you out there and yes I can see how this is a veiled release yet his words did not say that.  Chris Wallace came to that conclusion.  I must also add that Rubio’s campaign did come out and urge voters to vote for Kasich.  All that being said in this particular answer Rubio did not say those words.

The second media note I wish to make is from Breitbart.  Now again I like their news reporting and take umbrage with the headline that came up in a chat I had this morning.

The Headline was:

REPORT: Soros Money Funding John Kasich’s Presidential Bid

followed by:

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Soros Fund Management is one of John Kasich’s top financial contributors.

Interestingly, as Breitbart News has previously reported, John Kasich has made a series of extreme statements on immigration that place him to the furthest leftward reaches of not just the GOP Presidential field, but the Democratic Presidential field as well. For instance, Kasich has said that enforcing our immigration laws and deporting the illegal immigrants is not “humane.” Kasich likened deportations to the Japanese internment camps of World War II. Kasich has also pledged that he will enact amnesty within the first 100 days of his hoped-for Presidency– in effect, meaning that those who support John Kasich’s presidential campaign are voting to enact the largest amnesty in U.S. history by April 30, 2017.

Breitbart goes on to show George Soros, a noted donor to liberal causes, gave John Kasich’s campaign $202,700.(3)  The inference of the article was that since Soros is funding Kasich that Kasich will be a liberal President – at least not conservative.  Where is the truth?  The truth is Soros gave Kasich $202,700.  I wonder if that is enough to buy legislation.  We must remember that the President cannot enact nor pass any legislation.

The third piece of questionable reporting is last night in the reporting of the primaries.  The Drudge Report had a screen shot of Trump over Cruz by 13% in Missouri when in fact at the time Cruz was leading by .7%.  Big difference.

My conclusion is I make up my own mind when I hear the words from the candidate themselves.  Sadly Chris Wallace has now joined the ranks of all the other reporters in that my trust at least needs to be earned back.

It is going to be a long campaign year I am afraid if the two winners now end up there in September.  It also will be very interesting and wild I believe.












(1) http://www.foxnews.com/transcript/2016/03/13/can-donald-trump-unify-republican-party-fractured/

(2) http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2016/03/11/marco-rubio-ohio-voters-sot.cnn

(3) http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/10/us/politics/george-soros-and-other-liberal-donors-to-fund-bid-to-spur-latino-voters.html?_r=0




…..fools to the left of me …..to the right of me….. here I am stuck in the middle …..scattered scattered  – I cannot seem to focus on any one thing these last 48 hrs – so much effort has been put into the day of reflection we presented on Saturday that the rest is now a blur………it has been a wildly busy time.  Are we not old and is this not supposed to be the time to slow down……..I was left with a blur, unsettled thoughts about what to do next and where when and how do I start.  The news has been full of the election the Pope and controversy surrounding all of it.  I myself even entered into some of that controversy which did nothing except unsettle me more……in the middle of all of this is daily living and doctors appts regular blood work dentists meals life…..CALGON TAKE ME AWAY.  Can you still buy Calgon???

When I left the OCS on 9-11, an interesting day to leave, I was filled with new resolve to live a new way of life.  As I sit here this morning the thought occurs to me – when is it going to begin.  The answer comes as readily – when you are willing to begin.  I am thinking perhaps today is the day.

I have been struggling all this past week with all the admiration this Pope is receiving.  He is the successor of Peter and many men have held this same position.  Why is this man now the new darling of all, especially the politically left leaning among us?  I struggle with this and then I think my answer came this morning while I was taking my shower.  You have heard of pillow talk before well let me introduce you to shower talk – I am not the only one who hears this either.    Another friend of ours gets light bulb moments in the shower as well.  As I type I am certain we, each individually alone in our own showers for clarity, are not the only ones.  The only real difference in pillow talk and shower talk is the ease of writing down your thoughts is not available. I keep pen and pad by may bed for pillow light bulb moments – the shower – well water inhibits any of that so one must rely on memory.  I did and here I am developing this stream of consciousness  conversation with myself.  While this will be public this is more for me than anyone else.

Let me start ( and maybe even end) with the Pope.  I have absolutely no right pontificating about this wonderful man nor his position.  This is the faith that I chose for many reasons.  Probably first it was my husband’s faith and I wanted one religion in our family.  Many other validations of my choice have come over the years.  PLEASE – this does not to negate any faith at all.  I believe in faith and church. My second mom said “I don’t think it matters what pew you sit in – just that you sit in a pew.”  She made that ever so clear to me once when she told me about her church attendance in Boston while getting chemo.  She was a Catholic now Protestant sitting in a church on Sunday  in Chinatown in Boston with my dad’s boss who was a Jew.  Now if that is not ecumenical I do not know what is!!!

My problem with this Pope is all the hoorah.  He is not the first Pope to come to the US.  Why is he being celebrated and touted as being so different from the last two?  Is he being seen as the second coming?  He is a different man in the same position of many before him.  His life work has been to serve as the other Pope’s before him.  Anyone elevated to this position is there from a life of service to Christ not just the church I believe.    What makes Pope Francis so different?  What makes the media see him so differently?  I have been chewing on this for a bit now and this morning was the light bulb.  I had to do some further looking.

What I found was very interesting regarding the media.  Before anyone jumps all over me, the media has reported widely on both the previous Pontiffs though maybe not in quite the same manner.  Pope Francis is getting a positive full court press and I wondered why.

While both the previous men were amazing as well their outward positions were not aligned with much of the media in the USA.  The agendas did not mesh.

Pope John Paul II – well you can read the summary. (1)

Plenty have been written and said about the remarkable journey of Karol Jozef Wojtyla, popularly known as Pope John Paul II, to the most sacred seat of catholic community in the world. Throughout his lifetime, he earned both the admiration and criticism for his stands and opinions and enjoyed great influence over the masses. Along with being the longest serving Pope in history, he was also the first non-Italian since 1523 to become the Pope. Considered one of the most powerful religious authorities of 20th century, he was instrumental in improving relationships of the Catholic Church with Judaism, Islam, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Anglican Communion. Never restricting himself to the comforts and safety of Vatican, he pushed aside the boundaries of religion, culture, caste and creed to spread the message of ‘God’ and apologized for the wrong doing and sufferings inflicted by the Catholic Church over the centuries. However, he defended the church’s decision to oppose the marriage of same sex couples for which he also faced great opposition. He vehemently opposed the various aspects of Liberation Theology (liberation movement in catholic theology) and also criticized the U.S invasion of Iraq, incessantly.

Pope Benedict:

During his time as a cardinal, Ratzinger’s liberal Catholic critics dubbed him “God’s Rottweiler” because of conservatives positions and actions such as his denunciation of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, his disciplining of Latin American liberation theologians, and his censure of Asian priests who viewed non-Christian religions as part of God’s plan for humanity. (2)

Ratzinger was elevated to the papacy on April 19, 2005, upon the death of Pope John Paul II, and celebrated his Papal Inauguration Mass five days later. Known for his rigid views on Catholicism, he has sought a more inclusive image as pope.(3)

In 2008, Benedict made his first visit as pope to the United States, where he spoke out against clerical sexual abuse and delivered an address at the United Nations. That same year, to foster relations and understanding between religions, Benedict addressed the first Catholic-Muslim Forum, a three-day conference of Catholic theologians and Islamic scholars.

All three men proclaimed Catholic values.  All three men really not wanting the job yet accepting, believing and living according to and in the shoes of the fisherman who came first.  Pope Francis, is seen as a new wave in the church.  I have to admit I did not understand it.  I was struggling with this man, as well, though you revere the Office.

I could not understand why he said it was not necessary to go to church.  Why did he say “If a man is gay and searches for the Lord …who am I to judge?”  I was confused when he stood in the well of the Congress and asked for capital punishment to be abolished and did not ask for abortion to be repealed.  Why bother speaking about climate change and gun control?  Then I read another article or two and discovered what he actually really said in some case and through conversations found clarity with the others.

One article quoted,  “Since the start of his papacy, Francis has sought to shift the hierarchy’s focus away from what he said is an “obsession” with sexual issues and toward a greater concern for the poor and all those rejected by the church and society, a social justice priority that many gay Catholics also share.” (5)

Then I saw an article about Mo Rocca. The article was from a militant church group (4) and they were incensed that Mo Rocca was a Lector reading the first Scripture during the Papal Mass at Madison Square Garden.   They described him as an actor, comedian and openly homosexual.   This struck me odd in this context.  I am not labeled openly heterosexual.  Why specifically when speaking about a church service was his sexuality mentioned.  In the context of church is not the prerequisite of our going that we are all sinners? This article was of course focusing on what they believed was Rocca’s sin.  I was very confused at first about what all the hubbub was about.  AND there it was in the shower – the light bulb – who am I to judge?

The media in this country is obsessed with liberal leaning pundits who focus in and aggrandize all the social issues so why would they not adore this man who is now apparently focusing specifically on a social agenda.  The issue, that was not coming across to me via the media, poured down on me like the water in the shower.   Pope Francis is still speaking the beliefs of the Catholic Church.  The Church in the Mo Rocca case has always accepted homosexuals. What the media is hearing now is a different lead line.  Pope Francis is leading with the Love One Another and feed the poor.

The light bulb said to me he is speaking acceptance which I live daily.  I love everyone.  I simply took for granted others did as well.  It evidently is new to some that the Catholic Church – the people in the Catholic faith –  actually does love everyone.  Pope Francis is calling us to love one another – something I live or try to remembering I am human too.  His message was not new to me so I could not understand all the flurry of newness.   That was the light bulb.  The Pope proclaims hope and reaffirms the promises of Jesus.  He is walking in the shoes of the fisherman and bringing us the same message as all Popes before though it appears many more are listening.  That is a good thing. The different way he is packaging his message is what is being heard first now.  New Pope new packaging that evidently appeals to more of the masses, certainly the media.  His message in Congress was really clear.

“This rule points us in a clear direction: Let us treat others with the same passion and compassion with which we want to be treated. Let us seek for others the same possibilities which we seek for ourselves,” he said. “In a word, if we want security, let us give security. If we want life, let us give life. If we want opportunities, let us provide opportunities.

“The yardstick we use for others will be the yardstick which time will use for us,” the pontiff said, drawing a standing ovation from the assembled House and Senate. (6)

I struggle with my faith and stand on scripture probably more than Catechism, truth be known, yet they really are one in the same if you do the study.  Probably more correctly speaking the Catechism is based directly on the Bible.  Regardless as Christians, followers of Christ, we are called to follow His standard for us all.  Pope Francis is continuing to proclaim that.

As with most of my blogs I come to the end more educated and find my own message.  Grounding – that  is what I need and that is one of the mindful gifts I am going to give to myself.  Back to the basics of a daily study of faith.  Daily prayers are good and not enough.  I need more grounding than that so this stream of words has brought me to a new resolve.

Last Saturday at our enrichment I was speaking to one of our friends and shared with them that I had a very interesting walk with and without faith in my life.  The part that really impressed me the most is that while I was all over the place God had not moved.  He was right there waiting for me to return.  Blessedly I did and receive His blessings daily through the gifts He has given me.  For all of that I am grateful.

Pope Francis said, “We have a father who waits for us. In the midst of our worldliness, He calls us his children. We are not orphans.”

Thank you.


(1) http://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/pope-john-paul-ii-81.php



(4) http://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/outcry-after-open-homosexual-serves-as-lector-at-pope-francis-nyc-mass-vide

(5) http://www.religionnews.com/2015/02/16/gay-catholics-find-new-tone-pope-francis-bishops/




Yesterday there were hearings on Capital Hill looking into the truth of the attack on Benghazi.  Did you watch?  Did you find it on TV?  It was there on FOX, CNN and C-SPAN.  Networks did not carry this one.  They did carry the hearings when Hillary lied before the Congress.

Yes I said it – Hillary Lied.  There is now proof that she was aware this was a terrorist attack on the day of the event and the next day. She blamed a video even at the hearings in January.

Greg Hicks, the second in command in Benghazi said he told the State Dept. when he talked with them that they were ‘under attack’.  He said he did not mention protest or video.  He is the man that Hillary talked with at 2AM in the morning after the attack.  He does not remember her even asking about either option.  Since he had reported in, he believed she knew the truth as she asked nothing further about the attack.

In the hearings there also was further information brought forth by Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina about State Department emails.  It seems there was a Sept. 12th email from Beth Jones, Acting Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs that showed her stating that the strike was “affiliated with Islamic terrorists”.  As I watched Rep. Gowdy further said that he was an average judge, I believe.  At any rate he designated himself as average and that this information would have been strong proof for him to bring the case that people knew it was not the video.

Then we heard that the military was told to ‘stand down’.  These men are trained to go help.  To hear this twice – once that a FEST team would not be deployed and second when the military in Tripoli were told not to go.

On Fox and Friends this morning I heard Sean Smith’s mother say that Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice told her “nose to nose” that it was the video that was responsible for the killing of her son, one of the diplomats, in Benghazi.  They knew differently.  To tell someone a falsehood when you know the truth is lying in my book.

I am not going to recap all of this as you can find it somewhere on the web.  The TV news was visibly absent.  I looked at the couple of photographers in the well.  I saw there were empty seats.  Where were the news people?

I remember Watergate and the well of the congress was filled to overflowing with cameras snapping away as John Dean and all the others gave their testimony.  There was standing room only in the gallery.  My how times change.  The crimes are not dissimilar.  It is lying and cover up with the exception that four men died n Benghazi.

I watched most of the hearings yesterday on CSPAN as I did not want commercials or analogy.  I wanted to hear it.  I am sad I heard so much partisanship.  I was pleased with the couple of Democrats that seemed genuinely interested in getting to the truth rather than to just berate the Republicans for cutting the budget for State.  It was noted a couple of times that even the State Dept. Rep Charlene Lamb said in the first round of hearings that money was not an issue.

I look forward to seeing where this will go.  I am hoping for truth no matter where it is to come out.  I commend CBS for its presence this time around.  When I went to look for back ground this morning they were the only network, aside from FOX, that had anything available when I did a Bing search.




The following are noted killers.

John Wilkes Booth/Oswald/Sirhan Sirhan/John Hinckley/Mark David Chapman

OJ Simpson was acquitted of the 1994 murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. It was all over the news for a year.  There were even parodies of the people involved on late night television show.  Everywhere you turned there was a news report of this trial.

The same can be said of Casey Anthony on trial for killing her daughter Dec 1 2008.  The trial ran for 6 weeks reports daily.  Now we are inundated with the news of Jody Aries.

The following are noted serial killers.

David Richard Berkowitz (born Richard David Falco; June 1, 1953), also known as the Son of Sam and the .44 Caliber Killer, is  a serial killer who killed six victims and wounded seven others beginning in the summer of 1976.  His was highly publicized in the press and the killings achieved worldwide fame as New York City was terrorized by this man.

From Wikipedia:

Intense coverage of the case by the media lent a kind of celebrity status to Berkowitz, and observers noted indignantly that he appeared to enjoy it. In response, the New York legislature enacted new legal statutes, known popularly as “Son of Sam laws“, designed to keep criminals from profiting financially from the publicity surrounding their crimes. Despite various amendments and legal challenges, the statutes have remained law in New York, and similar laws have been enacted in several other states.

Another serial killer was Ted Bundy who was also a rapist and kidnapper.  He confessed to 30 homicides in seven states between 1974 and 1978.  It was reported that he called himself the ‘most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet”.  A member of his defense team said he “was the very definition of heartless evil.”

John Wayne Gacy, Jr. another serial killer and rapist was known as the “Killer Clown”.  He was convicted of the deaths of ‘at least’ 33 teenage boys.  The killings were committed between 1972 and 1978 in Chicago.

Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

Most recently Mass Murders such as Columbine, Colorado Theater, the Arizona Mall, the Uni bomber, Fort Hood, The Beltway sniper, Oklahoma bombing, Sandy Hook and the Twin Towers on 9/11 have made news that never seemed to stop.

All of the above were in our face in our newspapers and on out television channels network and cable both.  We heard the intimate details of all the cases or trials unless police kept information to solve the crime.  The news was filled day in and day out with the who, what and where of the crimes.  One could not pick up a paper or print media without finding page one covered with pictures of the accused and the latest update.

Once again is amazes me and points out clearly how the news is now being manipulated when a serial killer in Philadelphia fails to make the paper anywhere else other than locally.  CBS and CNN covered the mass killings when the man was arrested back in 2011.   No one, with the exception of FOX News has said anything about the lives of innocent children being taken.  Let me repeat this NO NEWS ORGANIZATION has covered the serial deaths of babies in Philadelphia. I am not going into the gruesome details.  I do not even read what little there is out there about this as it turns my stomach.

It is interesting to note that since Kirsten Powers of FOX and The Daily Beast wrote her column on the lack of coverage that today I note that CNN and The Huffington Post have articles on Bing!  I also must note that The Huffington Post also had an article earlier in March.  Below is the Kirsten Powers column that was printed in USA today earlier this week.  ALERT:  it is graphic.


All of this is that the story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell who is accused of the death of one woman in his abortion clinic and seven live babies.  The Doctor is on trial for the brutal murders of 7 babies older than 24 weeks who reportedly were moving after being aborted.

NOTE:  this is an abortion clinic where I believe lives are taken everyday as I believe life begins at conception.

Can the obvious avoidance of this case by the media be that it is about abortion?  They certainly report on all other serial killings.  Why not this one?

I post this today to be part of the information highway.  If serial killings are the norm in mainstream media why has Dr. Kermit Gosnell not made more news?  What he has done certainly is questionable.  If I were on the jury, with what little information there is out there now, my vote would be guilty as charged.

Isn’t news simply news?  Are we being fed stories the media wants us to read or are we getting all the news that’s fit to print?  You be the judge.




I have been pondering the results of 11-6.  I have tried to be silent and listen to what others have had to say.  I have been scouring the news and internet.  My conclusion is that nothing at all has changed.  So I have a choice.  I can be silent and not to ‘disturb the sound of silence’ and let ‘my words, like silent raindrops fell And echoed In the wells of silence’.   Whatever is going to happen will and I will have no input.

I can be passionate and use the ‘hammer of freedom’ to speak.  Quotes from the songs “Sounds of Silence” and “If I had a hammer”.  Protest songs of the 60’s.  The protesters are no longer protesting,  They are in power and giving away our country.

Since 11/6 the headlines have been:


-STOCKFALLS 3% SINCE OBAMA ELECTED (yesterday it was 5%)

-Putin Happy with Obama Victory

-Where to put your money after Obama Victory

-More Fed Easing

-Petraeus Resigns Over ‘Affair”

-Obama Administration Shuts Down Oil Drilling Out West

-Panetta: ‘I’m Reading the Paper Like You Are”



There is no silence out there.  Our Secretary of Defense reads the paper to know what is going on?  The newly re-elected President is demanding?  Our questionable friend in Russia is glad to have the flexibility available and that means what?  Does anyone remember that the administration went into Libya without Congressional approval?

I went to search for silence.  Wikipedia says it is the lack of audible sound.  The word silence brought up some websites for meditation as well as a play that is on Broadway and is a musical parody of ‘The Silence  of the Lambs’.  Despite my credulity as to the enjoyment of this story, I was interested to discover it has won awards.

I looked for wisdom as it is usually good to seek knowledge to understand.  I found the following quotes.

at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/silence.html#6JqCGjCxzFf5Kqmk.99

Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.
Leonardo da Vinci
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.
Abraham Lincoln
I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.
Elie Wiesel
When the oak is felled the whole forest echoes with it fall, but a hundred acorns are sown in silence by an unnoticed breeze.
Thomas Carlyle
Don’t you know that silence supports the accuser’s charge?

I thought about the silent majority that say nothing until they get to the ballot box – if they get there.  I thought about the times I have spoken up in my life when it would have been better to be quiet.  I thought about the times I was quiet and it would have been better if I had said something.  Still not sure where I stand on speaking out anymore.  I pretty much had my say in the email response I shared.  I can not see where my small voice will do any good at all.

Then I read the quoted words above again.  Can I remain silent when I believe David Petraeus spoke about his affair himself so that he would be beholden to no one?  When was the last time someone exposed their own bad deeds?   Can I remain silent when the same man is supposed to have said privately to a member of Congress, “Do you want the official line or do you want the real truth?”  Can I remain silent when 4 men died in Benghazi and our President did not answer a direct question that asked if he issued orders to protect those lives?  Could the 4 Americans have been saved had there been a rapid response?

The words above are saying that bad things happen when good people say nothing.  They are telling me that silence gives authority power, can be the beginning of the end, encourages bad ideas and supports bad positions.  There are already lots of acorns out there – Benghazi, Petraeus, debt, taxes, and where did the media go?

Sound of Silence or Hammer of freedom?




I could have saved this for tomorrow and called it a ‘Follow-up Friday’ post instead of a ‘Fired-up Friday’.  Or perhaps I could call it ‘Take stock (as in review) Thursday’ if I need a tag line that is catchier than the above, I think I will add that to the title.

I have been looking at this blank white page everyday since June 1st.  It really is intimidating some days.  Today it is not as I have a couple of post partially ready.  Still I have in me a need to review and see the trail I left behind.  I want to look to see if there has been any impact from what I have written.  Well I took stock looked back and the answer is there has been feedback and impact.

I am pleased to share from the WHO AM I REALLY posts that I have even more genealogical information from my cousin so that I have more knowledge of my family trees.  I think the only one that is lacking now is my father’s mother’s line.

The CELEBRATION CONTINUES is the best one as it does continue.  Surprising our granddaughter was great and the few days at the spa were heavenly.  I am looking forward to what I can plan next to enjoy this birthday year.  I wanted one big thing to commemorate it.  I bought myself a Troll/Pandora bracelet!  It was fun adding the beads to get exactly what I wanted.  I love it!!!

I heard from the negative person I mentioned briefly in the ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE post.  They were not happy with what I wrote and sent me a nasty note.  I have yet to understand how they found out the post was about them unless someone else thought they were negative as well? I followed up with a calmer letter of my own and an invitation, when they were ready as I knew them to be well intentioned, to get together and heal the situation.  I have heard nothing yet.

The post entitled DECLARATION was intended to state my values.  I no longer post on that person’s wall as requested.  Interestingly enough I discovered yesterday that I was ‘defriended’ on Facebook by a young woman, a daughter of an old friend.  I challenged a couple of her political posts and followed up with facts.  Evidently it was not welcomed.  I got a chuckle out of the whole situation and sent her another friend request which of course will not be accepted.  

The good news of  WITNESS WEDNESDAY is that our daughter is all settled in her new home.  The children are in school.  Her husband is glad to have his family back together and she is looking for a job.

NUMBERS is calling me to responsibility that I have to make a doctor’s appointment to get the new numbers for myself.  Think I could lose 65# by next week?

I have written often in several posts about the media and the treatment given to our political process.  It is my belief, fortified by many others opinions, that our mainstream media is biased.  There was another example of this on Wednesday.  I watched the news off and on all day as I was working about doing my chores.  [[[By the way, is anyone else aware that right leaning people are heavier than the left?  Kid you not, this was a mention on one of my facebook threads.  It seems there is a study that says that right leaning people sit and listen to news more than others.  Got to tell you I would love a time to just sit and listen to news.  Have not had a chance to research this and plan to for a future post.]]]

I watched the press conference with Mitt Romney.  I listened and listened and it seemed they were all asking the same question over and over.  Come to find out a young eager reporter overheard a conversation between an NPR reporter and one from CBS and they were coordinating their questions.  I thought reporting was a competitive job and that reporters wanted the best scoop? The young man who made note of the coordination certainly did his job!!!

I am very pleased to share the results of  TACT etc…  I DID write the note to my friend telling her how I was hurt even though I did not think she meant what she said.  She answered with an email and note of thanks.  I believe our friendship is stronger now.  I am so glad I took the leap of faith and challenged what I heard over lunch.  Friendships are very important to me.

Lastly, SHARP KNIVES was probably one of my favorite posts.  I smile when I hear the words ‘but wait’.  I have to share that I fell prey once again to a hawker in Walmart.  This time the hook was a potato peeler and the buy was a slicer (mandolin).  It is wonderful!  Besides the free peeler we got another as well as the slicer and an extra cheese grater.  With this one buy I replaced three items in my kitchen.  BUT WAIT…………

Before I close I thank everyone – those I know and those I do not know – for your comments.  You spur me on.  I especially thank those I do not know for reading this blog.  It is more of a job than I anticipated and I enjoy the challenge I set forth for myself each day.