Yesterday I told you that I watched all the Sunday news shows.  I learned a bunch of things and I call that a good morning.  I love learning and information.  I believe I have shared that often.  I also believe I have shared my distrust of the current government led by President Barack Obama.  Another President said, “The Buck stops here.”  On Sunday former Senator liberal Democrat Dennis Kucinich said it best.  He said, “The tone is set from the top.”


I learned that the ARB report on Benghazi was a report about the Security before and up to Benghazi not the whole incident.  I believe we have been led to believe that the ARB report was a review of oversight of the whole Benghazi attack through completion.  It was security alone.

I learned that if it is not heard on network news it may not be real.  FOX News has been following Benghazi since Sept.11, 2012.  It was not until this week when Jonathan Karl of ABC broke the news of the 12 talking point versions that Benghazi was important at all.  Steve Hayes of FOX had reported a timeline in the Weekly Standard a few days earlier.

I learned and knew actually on 9/12/12 that Mike Rogers Chairman of the House Intel Committee called this a terrorist attack.  I saw him do this in a Fox News interview from the House.  He did that in 9/12 before the administration did.  He never veered nor blamed a video.

I learned that former Senator Dennis Kucinich, a liberal Democrat, said that Benghazi was a “failure of policy”.  When asked if the talking points were scrubbed he answered, “Of course they were.”  He went on to say that this “had an impact on the 2012 election”.

Jonathan Karl of ABC said there is a “credibility issue with the White House”.

General Petraus said of the Benghazi Talking points that “I would just as soon not use them but it’s their call.”

There were three questions that concerned George Will, a newspaper columnist, journalist and author.  He gave the questions and answers.

Q. The security  A. was lax.

Q. The Rescue   A. doubtful.

Q. Were we mislead  A. certainly!

Many of the people on the panels believed there was much evidence of more than just scrubbing the talking points.  Cover up was mentioned often.  Even Sen. Diane Feinstein said we “should have moved faster to call it an attack.”  When asked if she could see political motivation she said, “It is hard for me to tell.”  I was surprised she did not simply say no.

Most poignantly Ambassador Chris Stephens’ mother was the most eloquent when she hoped Hillary had a nice Mother’s Day as she had her child with her.  She said she has heard from no one since the incident and they told her it was a video.  She is now angry.  I wonder why we are not hearing as much from her as we did Cindy Sheehan?  Both lost their sons in war.

NOTE:  I wrote extensively about this on Sept. 29th in a ‘Thank you to Special Report and Brett Baier’ of Fox News who were on this from the very beginning much like the reporters during Watergate.  They gave a very definitive timeline of when the word terrorist was used.  Hillary first used it on Sept. 13 and Jay Carney on Sept. 20th.  The day of Sept. 12th Obama referred to ‘acts of terror’ not being specific and in fact later that day in a “60 minutes” interview clearly said he was not sure and did not want to rush yet.  He blamed the video up until Sept 25th at the UN!!!

Yesterday Obama referred to the talking points issue as ‘politically motivated sideshow’.  Corrupt or Inept?  The buck stops at his desk.


When asked about the IRS scandal Kucinich said it was “not tolerable”.  He said “The tone is set from the top.”  This was referencing the IRS scandal as Doug Shulman, the head of the IRS and Bush appointee, had testified before congress that they had absolutely been no targeting.  If Kucinich thinks the IRS top sets the tone and lies occurred wouldn’t that also translate to the current Oval Office?  I wonder if this impacted the 2012 election as well.

Mike Rogers form the House Intel committee said the IRS issue ‘should send a chill up your spine”.  It needs to be investigated by and “external” authority and “fact based”.

George Will commenting on the IRS scandal asked, “How stupid do they think we are?” He went on to read item #1 of Article #2 of Nixon’s Articles of Impeachment remembering that this is the 40th anniversary of the Watergate summer.

No one was talking impeachment.  Nixon was not impeached.  Articles of Impeachment were drawn up however.  George Will was simply making a comparison. When I went to look for the item to post I decided to include the beginning part as well instead of just #1.


Using the powers of the office of President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon, in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in disregard of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has repeatedly engaged in conduct violating the constitutional rights of citizens, impairing the due and proper administration of justice and the conduct of lawful inquiries, or contravening the laws governing agencies of the executive branch and the purposed of these agencies.

This conduct has included one or more of the following:

1. He has, acting personally and through his subordinates and agents, endeavoured to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposed not authorized by law, and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be intitiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.

Yesterday Obama spoke about the IRS issue in a presser.

“But I’ve got no patience with it, I will not tolerate it and we will make sure we find out exactly what happened on this.”

Read more:

Didn’t he say the same about Benghazi?

Being so vocal I wonder if we will be audited soon?  Making a note here just in case.  Taxes from this house are nevere fudged – not even a penny!!!


Much discussion was about the ‘Red Line’.  Remember I called it pink and fuzzy?  The best quote was about a parent moving the line they set when they raise their children.  Finally the kids do not believe there is any punishment at all.  Due to the slowness of our willingness to act it was a general belief that few other countries seem to be interested in our policy in Syria.


The Justice Department is getting phone info from the AP news without going through the proper channels??  It has just begun.

Sunday I was feeling refreshed that real news was available.  We were no longer being fed the White House Wheaties.  We were being offered a full meal deal finally!  Disagreement over issues is upon what our America is based.  Get it all out there and let we the people decide.  I feared that was not done before the 2012 election.  It appears in a number of areas sadly this could be true.

Yesterday the President was mudding the waters again by trying to use hit and run quick comments.  President Obama your false outrage leads many of us to believe there is a ‘there there’!





It is fascinating to me to watch the current resident of Pennsylvania   Avenue work.  First of all he seems to do little of that.  I think it would be interesting to put his office time as a percentage to his living in the White House up against other people who have been in the same situation.  I understand he has a 24hr a day job.  Yet he is on the golf course often.  He parties often.  When the 3AM phone call came on Benghazi it appears he went to bed and we know he went to Vegas.

Today more information will be coming out about the actual goings on in Benghazi.  It will now be interesting as well to see if news agencies other than Fox and the one lady at CBS – Sharyl Attkisson – are as persistent or even cover this hearing that is happening today.  The one question that people do not even acknowledge is “Was Benghazi ignored as it did not fit the narrative before the election?” Romney tried and sadly backed down.

If in fact it comes out that a ‘stand down’ order was delivered I hope the news agencies go after this with the fervor and persistence they did with Watergate or Iran Contra or Lewinsky.  If the information has any hint of a cover up then it deserves scrutiny.  Real scrutiny that only a free and unbiased press can give it.  Unbiased being the operative word and I have written about this before.

The current President continues to ignore this.  He continues to lead with a hands off approach and blame and finger pointing.  He reminds me of a child who is in fear of being caught and says “He did it” or “it wasn’t me” or the old “I don’t know”!  As recent as yesterday he did it again with referencing the ‘red line”.

I watched the news last night with eyes wide open in disbelief.  My only comment was “Really?”  The President was questioned about his ‘red line’ with Syria.  [To me it appears to be more of a squiggly faded pink line as it is not being upheld.]  He actually said in an answer to a question that he wanted to be certain.  He had evidence that Syria had gassed its own people yet he wanted to be certain.  He said he would not be able to motivate the world leaders with the suspicions they had heard and needed fact.  He said we went to war on evidence once before and we know how that turned out or words to that effect.  Once again it was a Blame Bush.  Really this far into HIS second term he is still blaming Bush.  Obama is the kid who does no wrong.  Obama the kid who points to the others – “they did it!”

I think this man is the worst leader we have had in my time on this earth.  His ineptness actually frightens me.  He is leading this country to distrust and likes it.  I have compared him to Nixon often and that is as far as I will go.  Others go further.

One thing I have not done with this blog is to use someone else’s words to fill my page.  I have thought of guest bloggers and left it at thought.  Today I am making an exception and going further.  I tried to cut and paste the entry and it did not work.  So I am introducing a facebook page to you my blog readers.

The new face book page is called “The Right Vantage” and the author has written a terrific entry about Benghazi.  Instead of using my own words today to explore what is to come in the hearings, I am sharing the link to ‘The Right Vantage” as being a clearer voice.  I hope you can open it and enjoy it.  Thank you “The Right Vantage”.!/pages/The-Right-Vantage/499052863495456




I have spent the majority of these past few months in political confusion.  I could not understand how a video could be blamed for Benghazi.  I could not understand how Americans who want truth and freedom could re-elect Barack Obama.  I could not understand why budgets were not important and other lesser items were.  I was simply confused.

I think the world is going to make a sharp turn to clarity much like it did many years ago.  With all the talk about Benghazi and special sessions of congress and truth I think clarity may be coming out after all.  I have long contended that this mess is akin to Watergate and I think others may be on the verge of agreement.  I am looking forward to these hearings. Maybe it really was the video?

I watched a couple of the news shows off and on yesterday morning.  I was astonished to hear a Democrat Representative from Ma – cannot remember his name maybe Leach or Lynch – say that he did not believe there had been protestors at Benghazi and had no idea why the government spun it that way.  HOLY COW!

I also watched the recent vote in the Senate on gun control under the bill on background checks.  It did not pass.  The current resident of 1600   PA Ave. blamed the Republicans and the NRA.  Not sure how that works since it took Democrats to defeat this bill.  The Republicans do not have control of the Senate so some Democrat Senators had to vote to defeat this bill.  REALLY?

I watched the debate over voter ID after the elections.  I really do not understand this one.  We have to have ID for the Drs., the airports, schools so why not to cast a ballot?  The Democrats believe voters will be disenfranchised?  WOW!

The Republicans and Democrats need to work together.  They need to listen to one another.  It makes no sense to me.  How can the Republicans want voter ID and not want background checks?  How can Democrats want background checks and not voter ID.  It is my belief that our vote is more powerful than our guns.

TRUTH – the kids on facebook use this word often as a game about each other.  TRUTH government we need it now.  It is spring and time to get all the cobwebs out of Washington, D.C.  Rip off the covers and shake out the dust of half truths and side stepping.  We need leaders to stand up to this administration.  We need leaders to sweep the halls of Congress clean on both sides.  It is not too late I believe.  ‘At this point’ it is more important than ever.





Before I began writing on this issue today I went back to my face book page to see if I had made any comments that could be perceived as ‘in your face’ kind of comments after the election.   I was very clear, pointed and vocal before the election which candidate I supported and used my wall to point of the flaws in the other.  I try to only use facts .  I also try to not use bad language or sarcasm.  From Wednesday to Friday I had been re-posting other peoples words and comments more than adding my own words.  I commented that I did not believe that the next four years were going to be any different than the last.

I have been as clear and outspoken with my thoughts and feelings in my blogs.  I do not believe that any of the two that I wrote Wednesday or Thursday used ‘in you face’ language.  Nor was I belligerent as I was full of confusion and lacked understanding about the results of the election.  I was not feeling sour grapes.  I was scared and frightened about what was coming.  I tried to go upbeat and hopeful and move on to what comes next.

Friday I received an email and was excited with the address as it was from someone I thought loved and cared about me – perhaps it was an anniversary greeting?

The subject said:

You’re going to want to share this

 The body read:

President Obama stopped by campaign headquarters in Chicago and spoke from his heart about how grateful he is for everyone’s support.
Every single person who helped build this campaign deserves to see this – watch it and share:


The link took me to Barack Obama standing to speak – I had seen the same on television on Tuesday.  I sat there reading this email and realized it was intended to not so tongue and cheek point out to me ‘We won.’  I assumed it was to be funny .  It was only snide.  I already knew this.  Since the disappointment of these results I have felt such sorrow for our country.  As the cock-eyed optimist I see not much good coming.  This person does not read my blog and is not on facebook so this was out of left field.

More than this was my feeling of gut punch from this person.  It wasn’t a pleasant greeting for me to receive at this time.  They had no idea what I was feeling.  I have held them in high esteem all my life.  I listened to them.  I often told people who made fun of their ideas that while this person was one who might dream wild, they could make dreams come true.  They worked hard to do that.  They taught me to tithe which we still do while I do not think they do any longer.  I would’ve given a part of my body for them if I had to and have helped them out financially.  When I am sad about our country and trying to move forward I got this garish email.

I responded with the following words I had not said out loud or in print before not even on facebook .  Unfortunately I was terse and sarcastic to hide my hurt:

…..are you really serious? You got your wish. Who are you going to blame now? You will own the Catholic Church losing it’s freedom of religion if the lawsuits are lost. You will own the $5+/gal gas that is coming. You will own the $2500 already in effect increased rate for insurance and the increases in insurance rates that are to come. You will own the destruction of the second amendment that is already being tampered with in the UN issue. You will own the layoffs that are to come – 1700 already announced yesterday in St.   Louis at Boeing. You will own the manufacturing that does not come back to the USA. You will own the destruction of the coal and the people who will be pushed into poverty due to that. You will also own the deaths of the four in Libya as this unfolds to be the incompetence of this administration – but hey – it was a good speech I imagine…..did he have a tear in his eye here as well?? Would not know as I didn’t watch it – I voted for freedom of choice for all Americans and the pursuit of happiness not regression into government slavery!!!

From wiser men…..

‘America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.’ Abraham Lincoln

“A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.” Thomas Jefferson

‘When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.’ Benjamin Franklin

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ― George Washington


The response was: (sic)

Got your message…..understand you position…but we can own if it happens . I do know that God will take care of us since HE is a Democrate

… this they signed their name.

I emailed back, owned my feelings and said that I did not find any of this funny and was insulted and hurt at the insensitivity of it all.  What more can one say?


Today’s scripture was about the ‘widows mite’.  It speaks about men of the law who devour the widows’ houses.  It reveres the woman.

Mark:12   The Widow’s Offering

41 Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. 42 But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents.

43 Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. 44 They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

What does this scripture have to do with all the above in the journal section?  To me it speaks of kindness and giving.  It speaks of love and sacrifice.

What doesn’t it speak about?  It does not speak about taking by taxation.  It does not speak about adding financial burdens onto those who cannot afford it.  It does not speak of generosity above law.

We in this country are already moving back to where we were before Nov. 6th and even further back than that if the job situation is any indication.  Thursday a number of companies announced lay-offs.  It is the opinion of many that the companies had been waiting until after the ele3ction to hire or fire.  Boeing in St.   Louis announced 1700 lay-offs.  They plan a 30% reduction in their managerial staff by the end of 2012.  USCellular is losing 12% of their 8400 workforce.  Vesta Wind Systems is trying to find an investor for 20% of their business at the same time reducing their workforce by 3000.  There are more.  The listed some I mentioned and more and printed a list.

A layoff is tough enough for employees to deal with, imagine hearing the crushing news that your office is shutting down just before Thanksgiving and Christmas… Here are some of the business closings that were announced in just the past two days:

Check it out.  They list 20 companies including some Targets and KMarts all over the country that are closing.

This country before the Great Depression had conditions that included failed banks and uncertainty with those that survived.  The stock market declined and crashed.  As economic realities took hold people stopped spending money and purchasing items.  Items were not produced and the workforce was reduced accordingly.  People not working cannot pay their bills.  The unemployment rate rose.  As business began to fail the government taxed imports more.  Our relations with foreign countries were strained.  (Benghazi speaks to this at this point.  With David Petraeus stepping down we may learn more that is unsettling.)  It seems to me that our country now is not dissimilar to then.


Since the election I have been full of sorrow for the path that was chosen.  I was so involved in trying to get a different result that it is hard to know what to do now and how to handle the sadness and the fear I am experiencing.  I have tried to be upbeat in my blog to offset this.  The email I received was like pouring salt into a wound.  I am fearful for America.  I pray for the resilience that so often pulls us through.  As hurricane Sandy is teaching us, the government does not function well taking care of peoples need’s.  A quote from a survivor of  Sandy says it all.  They said, “It is never the government, it is the people who will take care of themselves.”

As for the person that sent the email and the people who re-elected our President, I hope all goes well.  Our government will continue in gridlock for some time I fear.  Eventually taxes will go up.  It occurred to me that just as this person taught me about tithing, perhaps every legislator could be required to give away 10% of their own money before they are allowed to spend ours?  Emailer, you are right you won.  You can no longer blame George Bush as through your choice you do truly own it now.  The next time you want to plague or tease someone perhaps you ought to know your audience better.

As for me, I am ashamed by my terse response.  I am upset that I responded so poorly with words I had not wanted to say in that way.   I will have to live with that.  I still prefer the role of the widow and freely giving that with which God has entrusted me.  As for God I believe He transcends political party affiliation.  May God continue to Bless this wonderful Republic.




From MAME the musical:

Open a new window,
Open a new door,
Travel a new highway,
That’s never been tried before;
Before you find you’re a dull fellow,
Punching the same clock,
Walking the same tight rope
As everyone on the block.
The fellow you ought to be is three dimensional,
Soaking up life down to your toes,
Whenever they say you’re slightly unconventional,
Just put your thumb up to your nose.
And show ’em how to dance to a new rhythm,
Whistle a new song,
Toast with a new vintage,
The fizz doesn’t fizz too long.
There’s only one way to make the bubbles stay,
Simply travel a new high way,
Dance to a new rhythm,
Open a new window ev’ry day!

I have mentioned once or twice that I love the movie and book ‘Auntie Mame’.  The musical is good as well.  I believe it is her resilience that I love.  That is what America has – resilience.

I am stymied to the vote that was cast in our country yesterday.  I could not believe the results.  I still cannot as I type this.  It is my belief, along with a little less than half of the other people here that we are going the wrong direction.  What happened yesterday was no mandate for anyone.  We have voted more stagnation.  Well perhaps with the exception of the House of Representatives who reinforced their numbers against  pseudo hope and change.

The saddest thing for me is that negative advertising won.  President Obama advertised that Mitt Romney would take away birth control and abortion.  The facts are that no President can do that.  There are laws on the books protecting both of these issues – Griswold vs. Connecticut and Roe vs. Wade.  It would take congressional action to over come these.  That will not happen.  The Senate we have today has not passed a budget in over three years.

I also do not understand why 52/53% of our country that believe we are on the wrong track did not vote that opinion.  I do not understand how 41% of Catholics could vote  when Obamacare is making Catholic Institutions sue the government of our country.  I do not understand the 10% that gave the win to Obama that said the current President had more empathy for the middle class.  I do not understand why if Florida’s Cuban-Americans went for Romney that Florida voters gave the win to Obama.

Some other stats are that:

52% of men voted for Mitt Romney.

55% of women voted for Obama

60% of the youth vote went to Obama – down from 68% of 2008

45% of people polled said Obama’s response to Sandy was important

15% of voters said the response to Sandy was most important

25% ONLY said they were better off today than yesterday

50/50 split of military vote

I was asked what I was going to write after the election and Mitt Romney won?  No reason to worry now.  I have much fodder.  I can follow up on the Benghazi issue where the President lied to the country.  Not opinion as this is fact as proved by CBS.

I will bone up on Obamacare which is going to cost this country much.  We are going to go more into debt with the taxes associated with Obamacare.  While we are hoping house sales will increase to help the housing market each sale that goes to someone with an accumulated wealth over $250,000 will now pay a 3.8% tax on the profits to pay for Obamacare.

Our manufacturing will go to other countries as businesses are not going to pay the taxed here.  Unemployment will increase.  The Republican congress will still be blamed for the lack of leadership coming from the White House.  Sadly I will have much of which to write.  Our country has voted for stagnation.  Who is Obama  going to blame the mess of the last four years?

While I will not trust this President anymore today than I did yesterday I will move forward.  I will keep my pantry stocked.  I will not spend and become a better saver.  I will get up each morning and look forward to the day with enthusiasm and vigor.  I will enjoy our family.  I will revel in the accomplishments of our grandchildren.  I will move forward with plans for our retirement.   I will continue to go to church, help my neighbor and try to change the world.  I will continue to pray for our country.

The song continues:

If you follow your Auntie Mame
I’ll make this vow, my little love,
That on the last day of your life
You’ll be smiling the same young smile
You’re smiling now, my little love,
If you wake up ev’ry mornin’
And you pull aside the shutter,
And you promise me that these’ll be
The first words that you utter
Open a new window,
Open a new door,
Travel a new highway,
That’s never been tried before…..




Today is the big day and the first result has a tie.  Dixfield Notch, NH voted last night at midnight and the vote was 5 to 5.  In the rest of the country 30 million have already voted.  Let the cheering begin.

Dixfield Notch, NH has been the first to report their results, voting begins at 12:00AM election Day.  This is a tradition that began with their railroading history.  Since 1948 when the vote was at 7AM the voting has been early so that people working for the railroad would not have to take off unpaid time from work.  Then began a race with a nearby town, Hart’s Location with 35 voters, to be the first to report results.

What more can be said about this race?  The discussions are all done.  Tonight or even early tomorrow we will have a President once again.  When you think of it the process we go through in this country it is wonderful.  While not without strong language it is without violence, despite the Black Panthers standing in uniform monitoring at a polling place in Philadelphia in 2008 and today.   One day we have one man as a President and the next day, if there is an incumbent, it could be the same man or another.  No guns no bombs quiet and orderly.  God Bless America and the wisdom of those who went before us.

To fill out the page this morning I decided to look at the superstitions and folklore surrounding our elections.  Growing up in Maine I heard “As Maine goes so goes the nation” my whole life.  This has now switched to Ohio.  It is said that no one can be elected President without winning Ohio.

Another little tidbit that I found was the sports items.  There is the “Redskins Rule”.  For those not sports minded the Redskins are the football team – Washington Redskins.  This rule has predicted the last 17, out of 18, White House winners.  The rule is that if the Redskins do not win their last home game before the election that an incumbent will not hold the White House.  The Washington D C Redskins lost to the Carolina Panthers 21-13 in their last home game at Fed-Ex Field.

The next concerns the actual date, November 6th.  Since 1860 when Abraham Lincoln won election only Republicans have been elected on this date.   The most thorough information I could find about this was on  Check it out for yourself for the full article at:

Starting in 1792, states had a range of dates on which to conduct presidential elections, but in 1845 Congress standardized the date so it would always be the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Since then presidential elections have been held on dates ranging from November 2nd to November 8th with each date coming up about six times in a fairly regular pattern. The date November 6th has always been a good one for Republicans:

1860 – Abraham Lincoln over Stephen Douglas

1888 – Benjamin Harrison over incumbent Grover Cleveland

1900 – William McKinley over William JenningsBryan

1928 – Herbert Hoover over Al Smith

1956 – Dwight Eisenhower over Adlai Stevenson

1984 – Ronald Reagan over Walter Mondale

There was another curiosity that said that a Senator cannot be elected President.  That of course has been debunked in our history with the elected of Sen. John F. Kennedy and Sen. Barack Obama.

There is also a superstition that before the election of General Grant in 1872 that a man that used his middle name could not be elected a President a second time.  This was an interesting tidbit for me as I did not realize how many Presidents used their middle names.   There were 7 that had and/or used their middle names that were not re-elected.  They are: John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison,  James Knox Polk, Rutherford Birchard Hayes, James Abram Garfield, and Chester Allan Arthur who were not reelected. Grant, who interrupted the pattern after Polk, may have eluded this by only using his middle initial.  It gave me pause to wonder had President Kennedy lived would he have been re-elected?

You have to love Trivia!  I am certain there is more out there that I have not found.

I was asked recently what I was going to write about when the election was over.  Since my blog is eclectic I am certain there will be much more to fill the space.  If Barack Obama is re-elected I have no worries as we have not yet the full information about Libya.  I also will scrutinize Mitt Romney to see that he keeps his promises.  By the end of 2009 there were a number of books already out with facts and figures about how Barack Obama had not kept his ‘first day’/’first year’ promises.  It must be no different for Mitt Romney when he becomes President.

As the votes are being cast and counted I am feeling like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for the best gift ever with a Romney win.  I really do not believe I will be disappointed.




I get the biggest kick out of people who complain about our government.  Well we all do at one point.  I am talking about the ones that complain and when asked – did you vote they say NO.  I have taken to telling them then they have no right to complain.  Our ‘constitutional right’ of complaining comes when we execute our constitutional right to vote.

As voters we are hiring a person for the job of President of the United States.  Both of the candidates meet the requirements.  So who is the best choice.  When hiring a person one looks at the resume and other factors.  We of course want to hire the top talent and we have gone through a process to find the best two candidates.

From I found an interesting synopsis:

Four hiring practices of highly successful organizations
The study revealed that the organizations with the most effective hiring policies were more likely to use the following four practices:

  • Job interviews in which candidates are asked to describe specific examples of their skills
  • Automated resume screening and search
  • Assessments that predict whether candidates are motivated by the factors associated with a particular job or a company’s  values and ways of doing things
  • Simulations that gauge specific job-related abilities and skills

I believe the interviews, resume screening and search are completed as we have President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney vying for the job.  The candidates are now openly describing their skills so that first bullet is completed as well.  It is for the employer – the American People –  to now make assessments to see if the candidates are motivated by ‘a company’s values and ways of doing things’.  We can also judge if they have the skills and abilities to do the job.  So let’s look as clinically as I can.

JOB SKILLS (ways of doing things):

Candidate Obama proceeded with bankruptcy of the car companies with public funds.

Candidate Romney believed in a structured bankruptcy with private funds and govt. guarantees.


Candidate Obama pushed through a partisan government run insurance plan Obamacare.

Candidate Romney work with a Democrat legislature to implement Romneycare.


Candidate Obama said he would work across the aisle and bring bi-partisanship back to DC.

Candidate Romney worked with a 85% Democrat legislature as Governor.


Candidate Obama pushed green energy to the loss of stimulus money.

Candidate Romney believes we must use resources we have and be energy independent.


Candidate Obama has a record of spending and not working with Congress.

Candidate Romney has a record of working across the aisle and balancing a budget.


Candidate Obama has no business experience.

Candidate Romney has run successful businesses as well as the Olympics.


Candidate Obama has regulated small businesses to closure.

Candidate Romney believes small businesses run this country.



Candidate Obama attended a church where the minister said things like “G__D__America”

Candidate Romney served as a minister in his church.


Candidate Obama was very open in his books about his recreational drug and alcohol abuse.

Candidate Romney has never used recreational alcohol or drugs.


Candidate Obama criticizes America.

Candidate Romney praises America.


Candidate Obama wants to transform America.

Candidate Romney wants to restore America.


On Nov. 6th we will all hire the man we believe can lead America for the next four years.  I believe we need a man of character and strength and I believe that man is Mitt Romney.  I have not been quiet about this fact.   I voted in 2008 and that gives me the right to complain.

I have been critical of our current President.  He has given me much of which to criticize.  I look to a candidate running for office to keep his promises as an act of character.  The President has kept few.  His most recent acts call his character back to mind for me.  In Benghazi there was much confusion. I am not sure a clear picture is out even now almost 2 months later.  The one thing that is blatantly obvious from what we do know is that the President knew what was going on and for weeks he and his staff were not truthful about the incident with the American Citizens – his employer!  Another item is his response to Sandy – he was there in one day!  It took him 7 days to get to the JoplinMO disaster, 14 days to the oil spill in the Gulf and ignored the flood in Tennessee. Hurricane Sandy happened the week before election day.  You make your own decision on these character points.

One of my favorite quotes is “Character is what you do when no one is looking.”  I want to hire a man to run our country who is a man of character and believes in service to country and others.  Mitt Romney is a man of character.  I challenge anyone to prove otherwise.

We are hiring a man to run the United  States of America.  Let these, their own words, speak for the candidates.


Candidate Obama said this week that ‘Oh no don’t boo – vote.  Vote. Voting is the best revenge’.

Candidate Romney said this week that we must ‘…vote for love of country’.


If you want the right to complain about how President Romney runs the country you must vote Nov. 6th!




 I had such a good time investigating events that had happened on Oct. 1 for that day’s post that I thought I might do a similar one for today for no other reason then I had nothing else in mind.  I started looking at ‘happenings’ on this day in history and of course there are quite a few.  I plodded through the facts that this is the day Che Guevara was executed in 1967.  It was this day in 1973 that Elvis divorced Priscilla and in 2011 Sir Paul McCartney married for the third time.  In 2009 on this day in Norway
U.S. President Barack Obama is awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”. President Barack Obama is the fourth US president to have the Nobel Peace Prize awarded , the others are Theodore Roosevelt (1906), Woodrow Wilson (1919) and Jimmy Carter (2002).”

 Another fact that I found personally interesting was the following:
2004 U.S.A. Presidential Elections
9th October, 2004 : This is the first US presidential elections where bloggers from both sides of the political spectrum are commenting on news stories and providing political commentary in large numbers during the run up to the presidential election with a number of high profile left and right leaning blogs now attracting many thousands of readers. The growth of political blogging could well feature more in this election and future elections both in the US and around the world.

Still nothing caught my attention for more than a passing glance and mention until I found some of these stats:

1916 – Babe Ruth pitches & wins longest WS game (14 innings) 2-1

1921 – Babe Ruth’s 1st WS homer; only Sunday game ever pitched by Carl Mays

1928 – NY Yankees sweep Cards in 25th World Series, Ruth hits 3 HR in game
1928 – NY Yankees become 1st to sweep consecutive World Series1961 – Yank Whitey Ford breaks Ruth record of 29 2/3 consecutive inning

…..and there it is – BASEBALL!  It is October and the World Series is coming and I really like baseball.

It is called America’s Pastime as during the late 19th and early 20th century it was probably the most widely played sport in the country. Baseball was to that time period what television and video games are to us today. Before TV Baseball was what was played whenever kids got together after school or any free time.  Even grown men would play in town leagues after work.

Baseball’s origins have been suggested to be connected to a game from the 1300s and more commonly from ‘rounders’ a game popular in Ireland and Great Britain.  In the 1830s there were reports of ball games throughout the country.  In 1856 a local New York City journalist referred to the craze as the ‘National Pastime’.  In 1857 sixteen area clubs formed the first governing body and the rest is history.  I am not going into it. I suggest though that you all google Baseball History or go to the Baseball Hall of Fame website ( as it is an interesting read.

We went to the Baseball Hall of fame years ago when we lived in New York.  Cooperstown is a lovely town and especially with the foliage at this time of year.  There are uniforms and trophies and memorabilia to keep you interested.  Occasionally there is a game going on at Doubleday Field.  On the hall of fame website I found the following information about the members.

 The Hall of Fame is comprised of 297 elected members. Included are 207 former major league players, 27 executives, 35 Negro leaguers, 19 managers and nine umpires. The Baseball Writers’ Association of America has elected 112 candidates to the Hall while the Committees on managers, umpires, executives and long-retired players (in all of its forms) has chosen 159 deserving candidates (95 major leaguers, 27 executives, 19 managers, nine Negro Leaguers and nine umpires). The defunct “Committee on Negro Baseball Leagues” selected nine men between 1971-77 and the Special Committee on Negro Leagues in 2006, elected 17 Negro Leaguers. There are currently 65 living members. By position, there are: 72 pitchers, 16 catchers, 21 first basemen, 20 second basemen, 15 third basemen, 24 shortstops, 21 left fielders, 23 center fielders, 24 right fielders, 20 managers, 9 umpires and 32 executives.

Who among you has not hit a ball with a bat?  Nothing like it if you connect and get to run.  As a kid I was not great and not bad.  I really think it might have depended on how badly I was flirting and with whom!!!   Most of the guys played Little League.  I was interested to discover that Little League began in 1938 and the first official game was June 6, 1939. 

Now is the time for the ‘boys of summer’ to wrap up the season.  The World Series is one of the things we watch every year.  I do not have a sports fanatic for a husband.  He does like to watch the Series.  My favorite World Series story was the year the Boston Red Sox – our team – played the St. Louis Cardinals the team of the area in which we lived.

My husband and one other man at the workplace were quite quiet about their allegiance and took much ribbing as it had been 86 years since the Red Sox had won.  As the wins were going to the Red Sox they became a little more vocal.  They did not rub it in when the win came.  They did however have very large grins!!!

Once again we are looking forward to the play-off wins to find out who will be in the Series.  Somehow I want the Nationals to go to the Series as they have never been under this name.  I understand they also are an underdog choice.  I root for the underdogs!

Baseball and Fall…maybe I will get out ‘Field of Dreams’ or ‘Angels in the Outfield’ next movie night………….




Yesterday I finally wrote a note to Comcast our cable provider.  For the last few weeks I have noticed a side bar on my email inbox page.  On the right of the screen is a side bar that hold ads.  No problem to me as I usually ignore them until recently. 

I’ve noticed that this space has been occupied by ads for Barack Obama.  It scrolls between pictures of him to pictures of Michelle to pictures of the two of them interspersed with ads for Norwegian Cruise Lines and a fat belly-busting product.  I decided to time them and they changed every time I hit a new email.  There has not been one ad in this space for Mitt Romney.  It became investigation time for me!!!

I clicked on the ad info that was below it and up popped a survey of sorts.  I was able to look it over and put comments in specific boxes to submit.  The Comcast disclosure said:  

Regarding candidate/political advertisements:
Comcast delivers paid advertisements from many sources that represent a wide range of viewpoints. With respect to candidate advertisements, the amount of advertising distributed for a particular candidate is determined by the candidate. Comcast maintains an objective position and will neither accept nor reject ads based on agreement or disagreement with the advertiser’s viewpoint. If you have a comment about the advertisement you saw, please contact the sponsor of the commercial, the candidate or the candidate’s political committee. The sponsor’s contact information is usually available on their website.

I filled out the survey and left this quick comment:

I timed the ads for a few minutes and on the right of my email inbox screen there is a almost continuous loop of Barack Obama and Michelle – what about equal time on a public service – is this in compliance with the laws of campaigning???  …..I believe this is partisan and not sure it is legal – think I will take it to facebook or my blog to share…your statement says you maintain an objective view – I do not see that – since I began to notice this not once have I seen an ad run by the Romney campaign in this space….

This led me to thinking about what we are hearing throughout our media.  I have written about this before.  It is the consensus I believe that most Americans believe the majority of the media supports re-electing Barack Obama.  Networks, not cable, are supposed to give equal time for ads and I believe they probably do.  They cannot however control the opinions of commentators that clearly lean left to the Democrat Party.  The polls have the potential to be skewed as well.

Last night on one of the cable talk shows that we watch there was a very interesting discussion about polls.  Karl Rove tried to demystify the information and it seemed very clear to me.  Regardless of the messenger at least let me share the message.

He had two small white boards.  One was for Florida and one was for Ohio.  The explanation that I am about to share is my interpretation of the information that I heard and I hope it makes some sense to you.  It did to me.

The way polls are done is to use a matrix and the one they use usually is the results of exit polls from the past to project the future.  Rove said the polls are not dishonest we just need to look carefully at how they are done.  So here is what he said using the exit poll matrix.

In Florida in ’08 the exit polls had +3% more Democrats voting than Republicans.  In 2004 Florida had -4% more Democrats than Republicans and in 2000 Florida had +2% more Democrats than Republicans voting.  Are you with me?

It is his contention that the CBS/NYTimes poll that has Obama (Democrats) winning the election in November by +9% is way out of reach.  This means that this poll believes there are three times more Democrats in Florida that will vote Democrat this November than there are Republicans that will vote.  Are Democrats in Florida 9% more excited about this election this year than they were in 2008?  It is for us to decide if this poll is right.  We need to have the real information about how it is compiled to understand.

In Ohio he gave the same information.   In 2008 Ohio was +8% for Democrats.  In 2004 it was a -5% and a +1% in 2000.  The CBS/NYTimes give this a 9% Democrat win as well.  While Rove believed the race closer in Ohio he believed the margin was somewhere between the +8 of 2009 and the -5 of 2004.

The other point to add here is that the polling finds that Romney is winning the Independents by 3 points so how can these margins in these two states be so high?  All this information and the margins of errors and the way they figure the polls are on the websites of each individual poll.  It has to be ferreted out and searched for and it is there to check the websites and the instruments by which they conduct their polls.  Real Clear Politics polls and have the race has Obama winning by 4 points.

In 2008 the Rasmussen Poll was the most accurate throughout the election cycle.  I like Scott Rasmussen when I catch him speaking.  His poll is an independent poll and he seems like a no nonsense kind of guy.  They do daily tracking of many different things.  Their last poll of the Presidential race was last week and it had the race as essentially a dead heat.  Obama was up 2 in Florida and up by 1 in Ohio.

As I have said, I believe the media is a major force in helping Obama get re-elected.  We as the electorate have to be informed.  We need to find information anyplace we can.  I believe that we have to share it as well.  What I hear may not be what you hear. I am committed to passing on all I can for everyone to make a clear choice. 

I hear you out there – yes of course I want to elect Mitt Romney.  That does not take away from the fact that we have to be informed.  Polls can keep people home from voting.  I have said it myself.  Why bother going as it is a foregone conclusion that “?” will win.  I voted anyway as I do believe with all my heart that every single vote counts.

I also believe in the American people.  I do not believe, contrary to many, that they are just sheep who can be directed to a candidate by what the media says.  Dr. Larry Sabato, the Director of the UVA Center for Politics said it very well last night.  He said, ‘People are not empty vessels into which the media can pour opinions.’  He added, ‘We all have perceptual screens and we screen out things with which we disagree.’  It is important to have all the facts to filter through those screens.

If I am wrong, and Dr. Sabato is as well, then let me add my information to the din to help all make an educated choice even if it is not for Mitt Romney.