The first few days of this year were fine and still filled with food and fun.  Yesterday driving to a gathering I was listening to a gift I got for Christmas.  I had asked for and received a collection of John Denver CD’s.  It is a wonderful gift and I am certain I will enjoy it more as I get to listen to it all.  Only got a chance to hear one and a half of the four discs.  If you like him I highly suggest it.  It is newly released box set “All My Memories”.

Also there was a conversation over lunch around music yesterday.  How fun that the last word of that sentence was one of the most famous songs by this group.  A lunch companion was commenting on a comment that had been made referencing Paul McCartney.  The comment mentioned Paul and then went on to say ‘whoever he was”.  The conversation was around the fact of the Beatles popularity.

I contended that, in fact, there may be people in this world who have no idea nor care who the Beatles were.  If you are not into rock/pop music you would have no clue as to the identity of Paul and John, George and Ringo.  In fact, Ringo may be more known more for his stint as the conductor on a railroad  than his drums!

I contended it is all relevant to the time in which you were raised and the music you heard in your home.  I went on to say that few would have known the Dorsey brothers or Glenn Miller if they had not been raised with them.  One of the dinner companions touted that big band music was nowhere near as popular worldwide as the Beatles.   I could not argue that point.  I maintained the premise though that what you grew up with lasts with you as far as knowledge of the popularity of groups and genres of music.

I listened to, and our kids heard, various forms of music in our home.  We listened to and played show tunes, pop, rock, folk, gospel, country (though very little then), bluegrass, classical with even a little new age thrown in for good measure.  Their tastes vary now as adults themselves.  Among my favorites was John Denver.

I liked his voice and his music.  It was not until I was reading the booklet with the collection yesterday that I realized how prolific he was.  I knew he had written many of my favorite folks songs. I knew others artists sang and made his music popular.  I also knew he died way too young.   He finally got a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in Oct of last year.  Colorado has adopted “Rocky Mountain High” as a state song as has West Virginia with “Take Me Home Country Roads”.

I was lucky to see him in concert.  That is a whole other story though I have to mention he took the stage and never left.  He sent his band out for an intermission.  He stayed and played alone on the stage for the intermission and looked like he was simply having fun.

I am not sure if it was the lunch, the music, the memories it evoked or the anticipated quiet that I would be encountering upon going home that encouraged the precipitation that came to my eyes.  I just know all of a sudden I was extremely melancholy if not slightly depressed.  I was concerned about my demeanor at the gathering to which we were headed.   Is this how the new year was going to begin?  Rocky Mountains and Sunshine made John Denver high and here I was with moisture in my eyes feeling very much in a valley not on a mountain top.

My last post on facebook last night was:

…….well there it is and it could have stayed away – the quiet is here…..oh well heavy sigh………….

I awoke this first Monday of 2015 with dread as I had a dentist appointment that I knew was going to have me sitting for a crown and facing many dollars.  Tomorrow I have a root canal scheduled.  I am feeling old and thinking I am falling apart.  The world seemed heavy as I got out of bed and showered.  I did not even bother to put on a light.  There was nothing I wanted to see.  Certainly not this aging bloated from Christmas food body.  I left for the dentist.  Even the welcomed calls before I left did little to lift my mood.

At the dentist office I pick up a magazine called “Departures”.  In research just now I discovered it is for Platinum American Express members.  While in the office the destinations and dress did little to lift me as they were way over any budget I have or could even imagine.  It is my turn to sit in the chair.

The assistant came in to put on the bib and scope out the problem.  I said my tooth had broken apart and I probably need a crown.  She asked which side and I said the left.  She looked in my mouth on the right side.  I simply pointed to the other in sadness and concern that she did not know her left from her right.

My dentist comes in cheery as ever.  Dr. Brian has the demeanor of a happy cartoon character and I needed this today.   He too asks and looks and then says I think we can fix this with a filling and would know better when he got in there to clean it out.

I cannot tell you the feeling that flowed over me.  I felt my mood lighten slightly.  I no longer felt heavy and burdened like the heaviness of the lead bib they put on to take an x-ray.  I saw color not gray.  Was it going to be this simple.  It was.

I left the office……….I must take an aside here.  This office is a warm friendly place.  I really enjoy the people working there.  They smile and give everyone a warm welcome and goodbye.  It makes it easy for me to go there as I am a white knuckle dentist person.  For me it is the worst thing I have to do for my health.

I left the office with a lighter soul.  I said Good Morning to everyone I met as I was leaving.  That was fun as you could see the mixed expressions.  Who is she? I could see on the first person.  How come she is speaking? from the second. This is uncomfortable said one face?  The last gentlemen responded in kind.

I put my ticket in the machine to pay my parking fee to discover I was in there less than an hour so no cost.  Well I will be darned!  Feeling lighter still.

The office is not far from our home so the ride home is short.  Snow started coming from the gray sky.  A smile was coming to my face I could feel it as I relaxed.

The sky now is blue with clouds and sun.  The day has changed.  My mood has changed.  I am streaming my new CD from the web and smiling.  What a difference small simple actions or things can make.  OH MY!!!

It is a New Year.  Imagine the possibilities to come.