Yesterday I told you that I watched all the Sunday news shows.  I learned a bunch of things and I call that a good morning.  I love learning and information.  I believe I have shared that often.  I also believe I have shared my distrust of the current government led by President Barack Obama.  Another President said, “The Buck stops here.”  On Sunday former Senator liberal Democrat Dennis Kucinich said it best.  He said, “The tone is set from the top.”


I learned that the ARB report on Benghazi was a report about the Security before and up to Benghazi not the whole incident.  I believe we have been led to believe that the ARB report was a review of oversight of the whole Benghazi attack through completion.  It was security alone.

I learned that if it is not heard on network news it may not be real.  FOX News has been following Benghazi since Sept.11, 2012.  It was not until this week when Jonathan Karl of ABC broke the news of the 12 talking point versions that Benghazi was important at all.  Steve Hayes of FOX had reported a timeline in the Weekly Standard a few days earlier.

I learned and knew actually on 9/12/12 that Mike Rogers Chairman of the House Intel Committee called this a terrorist attack.  I saw him do this in a Fox News interview from the House.  He did that in 9/12 before the administration did.  He never veered nor blamed a video.

I learned that former Senator Dennis Kucinich, a liberal Democrat, said that Benghazi was a “failure of policy”.  When asked if the talking points were scrubbed he answered, “Of course they were.”  He went on to say that this “had an impact on the 2012 election”.

Jonathan Karl of ABC said there is a “credibility issue with the White House”.

General Petraus said of the Benghazi Talking points that “I would just as soon not use them but it’s their call.”

There were three questions that concerned George Will, a newspaper columnist, journalist and author.  He gave the questions and answers.

Q. The security  A. was lax.

Q. The Rescue   A. doubtful.

Q. Were we mislead  A. certainly!

Many of the people on the panels believed there was much evidence of more than just scrubbing the talking points.  Cover up was mentioned often.  Even Sen. Diane Feinstein said we “should have moved faster to call it an attack.”  When asked if she could see political motivation she said, “It is hard for me to tell.”  I was surprised she did not simply say no.

Most poignantly Ambassador Chris Stephens’ mother was the most eloquent when she hoped Hillary had a nice Mother’s Day as she had her child with her.  She said she has heard from no one since the incident and they told her it was a video.  She is now angry.  I wonder why we are not hearing as much from her as we did Cindy Sheehan?  Both lost their sons in war.

NOTE:  I wrote extensively about this on Sept. 29th in a ‘Thank you to Special Report and Brett Baier’ of Fox News who were on this from the very beginning much like the reporters during Watergate.  They gave a very definitive timeline of when the word terrorist was used.  Hillary first used it on Sept. 13 and Jay Carney on Sept. 20th.  The day of Sept. 12th Obama referred to ‘acts of terror’ not being specific and in fact later that day in a “60 minutes” interview clearly said he was not sure and did not want to rush yet.  He blamed the video up until Sept 25th at the UN!!!

Yesterday Obama referred to the talking points issue as ‘politically motivated sideshow’.  Corrupt or Inept?  The buck stops at his desk.


When asked about the IRS scandal Kucinich said it was “not tolerable”.  He said “The tone is set from the top.”  This was referencing the IRS scandal as Doug Shulman, the head of the IRS and Bush appointee, had testified before congress that they had absolutely been no targeting.  If Kucinich thinks the IRS top sets the tone and lies occurred wouldn’t that also translate to the current Oval Office?  I wonder if this impacted the 2012 election as well.

Mike Rogers form the House Intel committee said the IRS issue ‘should send a chill up your spine”.  It needs to be investigated by and “external” authority and “fact based”.

George Will commenting on the IRS scandal asked, “How stupid do they think we are?” He went on to read item #1 of Article #2 of Nixon’s Articles of Impeachment remembering that this is the 40th anniversary of the Watergate summer.

No one was talking impeachment.  Nixon was not impeached.  Articles of Impeachment were drawn up however.  George Will was simply making a comparison. When I went to look for the item to post I decided to include the beginning part as well instead of just #1.


Using the powers of the office of President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon, in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in disregard of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has repeatedly engaged in conduct violating the constitutional rights of citizens, impairing the due and proper administration of justice and the conduct of lawful inquiries, or contravening the laws governing agencies of the executive branch and the purposed of these agencies.

This conduct has included one or more of the following:

1. He has, acting personally and through his subordinates and agents, endeavoured to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposed not authorized by law, and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be intitiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.

Yesterday Obama spoke about the IRS issue in a presser.

“But I’ve got no patience with it, I will not tolerate it and we will make sure we find out exactly what happened on this.”

Read more:

Didn’t he say the same about Benghazi?

Being so vocal I wonder if we will be audited soon?  Making a note here just in case.  Taxes from this house are nevere fudged – not even a penny!!!


Much discussion was about the ‘Red Line’.  Remember I called it pink and fuzzy?  The best quote was about a parent moving the line they set when they raise their children.  Finally the kids do not believe there is any punishment at all.  Due to the slowness of our willingness to act it was a general belief that few other countries seem to be interested in our policy in Syria.


The Justice Department is getting phone info from the AP news without going through the proper channels??  It has just begun.

Sunday I was feeling refreshed that real news was available.  We were no longer being fed the White House Wheaties.  We were being offered a full meal deal finally!  Disagreement over issues is upon what our America is based.  Get it all out there and let we the people decide.  I feared that was not done before the 2012 election.  It appears in a number of areas sadly this could be true.

Yesterday the President was mudding the waters again by trying to use hit and run quick comments.  President Obama your false outrage leads many of us to believe there is a ‘there there’!





Every year I vow I am going to get these things done the first of February when the W2s come out.  Here I am once again in March looking at the end of it and they are still not completed.  I have started!

In starting that means I have taken all the papers from their various ‘stuffing’ places and assemble them in a box.  I have thrown out all the unnecessary pieces of paper and semi-organized the others to piles of coordinating info.

Every year I say I am going to keep up with all the inputs to a ledger and do really well until say about April. Then I assume there were flowers needing planting or activities that kept me away from my necessary bookkeeping.  So now is the time I have to find all the receipts to write in the ledger.

Then I have to gather all the various forms.  I usually take another sheet of paper and put all the things that can go on the different schedules there on a clean sheet of lined paper so I do not have to go through every one of them as I am inputting the info into the computer program.  That takes time.

Then I have to upload the computer program and start the arduous chore of following the links and putting the right numbers in there so that I can hit the NEXT button.  I one time took my taxes to company to do them for us.  I ended up sitting there and watching the lady do it with computer program following prompts.  I thought I can do that at home and have not spent money ever since!!!

The issue with ‘at home’ is that it takes second place to every other thing that is on the list or more interesting.  As the 15th of April looms I am putting it at the top of my list this week.  At least I want to end the week with a first pass at putting all the info into the program.

All of the above deals with the chore of filing taxes.  I am of the attitude that I am grateful to pay them as it means we have a job that sustains us.  It is a ‘Thank You God’ for the job.  It is a cursing to our government for abusing our hard earned funds.

Are you aware of all the abuse of taxes?  We are funding still the affinity of the current resident of 1600 Penn Ave for solar energy even though many of the first companies have gone into bankruptcy with the stimulus funds.  I have mentioned this before.  It bears a second mention.

Sen. Tom Coburn keeps track of these with his “Waste Book”.

Examples of wasteful spending highlighted in “Wastebook 2012” include:

• Tax loopholes for the National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL) and Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) – professional sports leagues that generate billions of dollars annually in profits ($91 million in taxes)

• Moroccan pottery classes (part of a $27 million grant from U.S. Agency for International Development)

• Efforts to promote caviar consumption and production ($300,000)

• Robotic squirrel named “RoboSquirrel” (part of a $325,000 grant from the National Science Foundation)

• Promotion of specialty shampoo and other beauty products for cats and dogs ($505,000)

• Corporate welfare for the world’s largest snack food producer, PepsiCo Inc. ($1.3 million)

• Government-funded study on how golfers might benefit from using their imagination, envisioning the hole is bigger than it actually is ($350,000)

• “Prom Week,” a video game that allows taxpayers to relive prom night ($516,000)

• Oklahoma’s layover boondoggle, a scarcely used airport in Oklahoma receiving nearly half-a-million in taxpayer dollars only to transfer funds elsewhere in the state ($450,000)

• The 2012 Alabama Watermelon Queen tour paid for in part by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, “to promote the consumption of Alabama’s watermelon through appearances of the Alabama Watermelon Queen at various events and locations” ($25,000)

Please go read the full article.  In the meantime it is time for me to do our taxes!!!




Once again I greet this keyboard with an idea of what I am going to write only to be waylaid by another thought.  Wonder if Erma Bombeck had this problem.  Not that I am her of course!  I wouldn’t mind being in the same category however.  I really liked her columns and books.

The Slow Down title is that I have discovered that I have made some mistakes in my posts.  I have to remedy them.  I also have to comment on some of them as well as add some things that I promised I would do and have not.  Now that was really confusing and rambling!

Father Bob McDonald used to pray a prayer of slow down.  I loved to be there when he did.  It was not a rote prayer.  He would make it up as he went along yet when he got to the slow down part it was wonderful.  I could feel my body unwind as he said “slow down” so slowly and deliberately.  I could see an image of a spring completely tight.  When Father Bob said slow down I could see the spring unwind ever so certainly until it was back to its normal size.  Another vision is a cat stretching and arching its back way up and then reaching the paws way out.  Got to get back to Yoga!

So slow down and fix!  First I made a huge mistake in yesterday’s post and luckily have people who read and care and called me on it.  Hoping I was able to correct it before too many people read it. President Obama did not say over $250,000.  He said he would not raise taxes on those who are earning UNDER $250,000.  The taxes documented there will hit the latter group.  I also want to add that we personally have been hit with some of these taxes already.  We refinanced our home last spring.  On the closing document was a 3.8% tax that we had no idea what it was and of course asked.  We were told it was for Obamacare!

Second in the comments on this blog I was asked by Aunt Nance what my favorite thing to do is.  I am working on a posting about that and in all honesty not sure what I will choose.  I like lots of things.

Another comment was about me being thin skinned.  I am so glad people are commenting!!!  I answered that directly.  It might be helpful for me to share my thoughts here as well.  I cannot judge, plan, think how I am going to feel in any given moment – nor do I think anyone else can.  Feelings just happen.  That is okay.  If mine were hurt then I can choose how to react.  I could have screamed at that person and told them just what I was feeling and further what I was thinking about the way I was being treated.  That would not have been pretty I do not think.  Perhaps I am not liked by this person so what would my reaction matter to them?  Instead I accentuated the positive and kept it to myself and developed a blog about negativity.  I am thinking that was the better way.

Lastly, when the coffee cake post was made I promised someone who commented personally to my face that I would put up the cookie recipe so here it is.

Mom’s Icebox Cookies

 1C Crisco

1 tsp salt

1C Brown Sugar

1C White Sugar

2 Eggs

1C chopped nuts (optional and I leave them out – I judge I am nutty enough)

1/2 tsp soda

3C Flour

1 tsp vanilla

*Blend Crisco with salt and sugar/add eggs/add dry ingredients

*Divide in half on wax paper/roll into 2 long logs and close wax paper around them

*I put them in a freezer bag or I suppose you could use aluminum foil

*When I want some cookies I take them out and thinly slice off what I want

*Bake for 8-10 min at 350 till brown……..

I also have Auntie’s Ice Box Molasses – that is for another day as well as the explanation as to what an icebox is for those who are too young to remember!!!