Today I am in prayer all day long for a friend of mine.  I got a message a week or so ago from his wife that she was anxious to talk to me.  Give her a call as they are home for a couple of days.  This beautiful couple has been part of our hearts and family since 1997.  She was the first one to appear at our door as we moved into our home in Ballwin, Missouri.  She had a flower and a box of chocolates.  Friends for life for that alone.

They soon endeared themselves to us and hopefully we to them.  The message simply said she had wanted to talk.  I thought I cannot wait to chat it had been too long.  Then we had to go to Maine and to RochesterNY and to NazarethPA and clean and pack and unpack and I did not call.

I got an email from mutual friends yesterday saying that the husband was going in for a heart cath today.  On Tuesday he is having a 5-6 hour open heart surgery to repair a badly damaged mitral valve.  It is elective at this point.  The doctors say he is in great health and this is a good time to do it before he gets any of the classic symptoms and it is a dire situation.  His wife is a nurse so he will have the best of care.  Who knew?  To see this man he is the picture of health.  He is thin, exercises by playing tennis regularly and is energy personified.  You never do know!

So today I am in prayer for them both.  I cannot imagine one without the other.  It would be like salt without pepper or a yin without a yang.  So I am praying for the surgeons, the nurses, the staff to be guided in their skills by the loving hand of God that this procedure and subsequent surgery will be textbook – smooth and correct!

For me I am going to try to find their cell number to send a text.  I will not waste time nor energy in remorse for not calling.  I failed again and wallowing in it does no good.  Prayer is better!  Please Lord let out dear our St. Louis Don Quixote be soon be back to health to joust at more windmills with his beautiful Dulcinea!!!

Lesson learned AGAIN to not put off………….



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