I cannot for the life of me understand how bad you must feel in your soul to attempt suicide.  I mean I’ve felt terrible on occasion.  Goodness knows I do remember the terrors of being a teen.  Even then when I was at my lowest suicide was not even part of my lexicon of words.

Perhaps that is part of it.  Is it possible to be exposed to too much?  This young girl is not atypical.  She has been exposed to more’ stuff’ than I can even imagine I believe.  Not everyone is born of a famous father and lived in ‘Neverland’.  Yet many young people are exposed to more than they necessarily need to live a good life.  So are we adults.  Our filters however are more solid.

That too is a part of it.  Young people and teens do not have necessary filters to make qualified judgments in times of stress I do not believe.  WAIT!!! WAIT!!!  Not all, please note, I believe some may be mature enough to make smart decisions in time of stress.  If a young person does not have a support system of any sort then they have no real filters upon to which they can put their stress.

Imagine a filter is a real tangible item that you can actually touch or hold.  This filter can be place over the top of a sink.  What you need to deal with can be drop through it.  If there is a solid support system this filter will keep the solids on the top and all the rest will wash away.   It is like a colander that holds the ripe strawberries and the water washes away the dirt.

Imagine if Paris Jackson had been raised in a different family with values and morals and faith.  I am thinking that the chances of her taking these actions would be lessened.  I am not saying they would be gone completely.  I am saying with solid filters the possibility is much better for a child to grow into adulthood in a healthy fashion.

I am going to have to ponder this filter idea more.  There was a ‘cartoon’ on facebook today that I did not pay too much attention to except to acknowledge it by reading it.  It said that teens were taught about all sorts of sexual information in school and given condoms and that guns and the Bible were left out of learning.  Perhaps this says much about filters?



  1. Good Morning, Just had to respond to your blog this a.m. You went through a lot
    in your young life but stop and think “Your father’s name was not in the paper all
    the time and still is” but the whole Jackson family has been watched by the world for years and still the news brings everything up once in a whileha. However, it is his
    children that really have to bear his actions and they are brought up in some context so often that I can only imagine the things that are said to them over and over. I wonder how much stability there is in there lives. Certainly I do not think I
    would have been strong enough to cope with what these young people have gone through. I feel that compared to this family I have had a very easy life as I was growing up and still have people that support me when I am down. I have one especially good friend that I know is always there for me and I can call or go to him at any time and he will help me or console me and help me with anything that is bothering me. I wonder how many people this girl can go to for help without it getting in all the papers.

    I think this girl should make us all stop and think of how much better our lives have been without all the media coverage for every time we cry, do something stupid.
    What kind of a life has she really had???? Let me know what you think????

  2. …..your response affirms my post – as a young child I had a great support system and there was right and wrong and good and bad and most of the time those that I loved and loved me tried to keep me sheltered from harm (today would read as media) and in the right and good…..I was blessed for sure and cannot relate to this young lady and will be praying for her this day…

  3. I have something to say about this topic for it is extremely close to home. First off I have to say, I feel so deeply for Paris. Where she is at right now is the most lonely dark scary place to be, so scary & dark that the intense desire for it all to stop are so incredibly profound that in her mind death is the only way. Yes, it is a distorted view, I agree, however by the time your mind gets there it is so completely flooded with negative scary thought you are beyond caged in. You can’t see through the dense fog. It just would take too much energy you believe you don’t have. I know these feelings. I know what she is going through. I have tried to kill myself in my lifetime 3 times & they were serious attemps. By the grace if God I am here today to have the wonderful amazing life I have. I cry when I think about what if I would have succeeded my son would never have been. I disagree, Kathy, somewhat about you statement of having a strong faith & support group would maybe of discouraged these events. I just heard on the news this isn’t her first time & that she has been under serious counseling sense her father passed away. This screams to me a child that might have some deeper issues as well. Issues like chemical depression, although I have no clue. I do know I had an absolutely wonderful support system with my last 2 attempts and a strong moral up-brinning & and such a profound faith, so in the end it came down to two simple things my emotional state & where my mind was at. My attempts where spread out; one as a teen, one in my twenties, & one in my early thirties, so I can’t agree that it is less there for adults. I have attended hundreds of support groups over my years & I can say this is a myth & not the case. You just see it & know about it less because it is hidden more & considered more shameful the older you get. This is a tough subject that so needs to be talked about more, especially when it comes to adult suicide. This is something I’m very passionate about. I have deep skills now to never go there again, but it is such a horridly petrifying place to be. This young lady will so be in my prayers. She has such a long road ahead. God be with her.

  4. …..thank you Dear Sweet Kelly for your opennes and honesty in sharing your story. You have certainly shown that even a good support system is not enough. As I said I cannot imagine the depths this child has been nor the despair she is feeling. It cannot be easy, as you have so eloquently pointed out, for her in a fishbowl. I am certain that with the love in your life now you will not go down that path – if the spector even starts to appear there are many of us far and wide to help bring the sunshine back to your life……….i love you Miss..,.

  5. Kathy, Thank you my friend. I pray & hope it never will, but I can never say never. However, I have a pretty goodbelief I wil never be there again. My life is very full. I have more than I have ever that as possible. The joy of my son’s smile everyday is more than I could have ever dreamed of, ever! This is how I feel today. And for the past 14 years, my mind has ventures to the darkness. I do have to always beware it is possible for me its not just situational Its genetic. Its chemical. I just hope all those out there lost in this vey dark place find a wy out I feel for all who walk down this path. Those who haven’t been there try to understand. They try toinvision through there own memories of sad or depressed times in their lives . However this is by means no comparison to the place one goes when they try a commit suicide. Its a place only one can try to describe. Kathy thank you again for blogging on this topic today. And I wanted to let you know, I have so much sunshine, so much:_)

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