Yesterday there were hearings on Capital Hill looking into the truth of the attack on Benghazi.  Did you watch?  Did you find it on TV?  It was there on FOX, CNN and C-SPAN.  Networks did not carry this one.  They did carry the hearings when Hillary lied before the Congress.

Yes I said it – Hillary Lied.  There is now proof that she was aware this was a terrorist attack on the day of the event and the next day. She blamed a video even at the hearings in January.

Greg Hicks, the second in command in Benghazi said he told the State Dept. when he talked with them that they were ‘under attack’.  He said he did not mention protest or video.  He is the man that Hillary talked with at 2AM in the morning after the attack.  He does not remember her even asking about either option.  Since he had reported in, he believed she knew the truth as she asked nothing further about the attack.

In the hearings there also was further information brought forth by Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina about State Department emails.  It seems there was a Sept. 12th email from Beth Jones, Acting Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs that showed her stating that the strike was “affiliated with Islamic terrorists”.  As I watched Rep. Gowdy further said that he was an average judge, I believe.  At any rate he designated himself as average and that this information would have been strong proof for him to bring the case that people knew it was not the video.

Then we heard that the military was told to ‘stand down’.  These men are trained to go help.  To hear this twice – once that a FEST team would not be deployed and second when the military in Tripoli were told not to go.

On Fox and Friends this morning I heard Sean Smith’s mother say that Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice told her “nose to nose” that it was the video that was responsible for the killing of her son, one of the diplomats, in Benghazi.  They knew differently.  To tell someone a falsehood when you know the truth is lying in my book.

I am not going to recap all of this as you can find it somewhere on the web.  The TV news was visibly absent.  I looked at the couple of photographers in the well.  I saw there were empty seats.  Where were the news people?

I remember Watergate and the well of the congress was filled to overflowing with cameras snapping away as John Dean and all the others gave their testimony.  There was standing room only in the gallery.  My how times change.  The crimes are not dissimilar.  It is lying and cover up with the exception that four men died n Benghazi.

I watched most of the hearings yesterday on CSPAN as I did not want commercials or analogy.  I wanted to hear it.  I am sad I heard so much partisanship.  I was pleased with the couple of Democrats that seemed genuinely interested in getting to the truth rather than to just berate the Republicans for cutting the budget for State.  It was noted a couple of times that even the State Dept. Rep Charlene Lamb said in the first round of hearings that money was not an issue.

I look forward to seeing where this will go.  I am hoping for truth no matter where it is to come out.  I commend CBS for its presence this time around.  When I went to look for back ground this morning they were the only network, aside from FOX, that had anything available when I did a Bing search.



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