DECEMBER 1, 2014


Today is a random thoughts kind of day.  I have been up for a couple of hours.  I showered, stripped the bed of sheets and headed for the laundry.  In that space of time I began three blogs in my mind.  Told myself a joke – funny thought – I do not remember and then thought about the actual date that today is sporting.

This is the first day of the last month of the year.  Is that really possible?  This means that we have only 30 days left of this year.  We have only 24 days left until Christmas.  I must ask where did the year go and how was it lived?

Each January I plan to slow down and by this time every year I am looking back at an iced gravity run trail made by a sled that I’ve left behind me.  At least it is a bob sled as I usually have companions with me on this journey.  I could easily verge off into a chat about bobsleds here and will not as I know little of them except from the Olympics.  I am not in a competition as I gave up competing years ago.  I do try to keep myself in check and while bobsledding is a random thought I think I will leave it at that.

Time was one of the topics that slid through my brain earlier.  To share with you bits of how my mind works let me show you the thoughts.

Thought 1 – WOW today is the first day of Dec………..

Thought 2 – Where did the time go…….

Thought 3 – Ti – i -i – ime is on my side -oh yes it is……

Thought 4 – If I could save time in a bottle……..

Thought 5 – I could do a blog about time……..

You see how hard it is to live in this head? No rhyme no reason just random thoughts.

Let me take just a minute to tie this up some.  It has really been a busy time for me since the first of June.  The summer flew by and the time over Labor Day at the OCS (Overly Comfortable Spa) was so needed even my friend commented that I seemed out of sorts.  Every weekend from then on was booked until November 16th which was our first day off in a long time.  Daddy decided to be the focus of that day as he chose to graduate.  The rest of November was then taken with activities through Thanksgiving. Time flew and I watched it go trying to grab a few minutes here and there to breathe.  As I look at December I am rewarded with the fact that we have only one weekend that is busy excepting Christmas.  Wonder if slowing down is on the schedule?

I wish I could remember the joke in my head.  It was one of those funny thoughts that we all have. Or maybe we don’t all have them.  Do you ever wonder odd inconsequential thoughts?  The old Bill Cosby line “Why is there air?”.  This led me to think of the comedian Shelley Berman and his comedy albums and how I laughed so at them.  Many today probably would not know who he is let alone get his humor.  See off on another random thought.

AND THE WATER IS BACK!  A joy of this day.  The water dispenser on our refrigerator freezes upon occasion.  We have no idea why or how.  It simply does not work.  When you become accustomed to using something and is in not working it can throw your whole way of working in the kitchen off.  At least it does mine.  So for the last month I have reached for this convenience and had to change my traffic pattern to do my job.  Not a huge issue simply different.  The larger issue is why does the water line freeze in the first place.  No answer though thankfully finally a random solution.

This first day of December 2014 is going to be one of those days where I flit from thing to thing and hope beyond hope that I accomplish at least one thing by the end of it.  At the rate I am going it is doubtful.  Thus far I have a bed unmade, load of laundry in the washing machine, my breakfast dishes in the sink, have made a phone call, answered one, cyber-shopped, written this random blog and do not have one of the chores on my list done.  Alas!  Alack!

Oh well I still have 30 days left of this year!  I wish I could remember that joke – if I do I will write it down immediately.  Make your day a great one – you have a choice in that and it appears my choice to greatness will be a struggle this day.


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One comment on “DECEMBER 1, 2014

  1. Check with your house guest about the water line freezing!!!! He might be able to help you solve that one.

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