Yesterday I spent some time musing about telling others shocking information.  There are other uses of the word shock (without the ‘ing’) that we could have some thought.  Shock can be a noun or verb besides an adjective.

As a noun we have definitions of sudden blow or sudden impact, collision or commotion or sudden disturbance of the mind or emotions or sensibilities.  Shock is a common word for the pathological collapse of the function of the circulatory system.  Shocks are part of the car in that they absorb the bumps in the road so you have a smooth ride.

As a verb shock is to strike with force or to jar with a comment that shocks.  When we had a pool we had to “shock” it.  This meant we had to add a product called “shock” to the pool to have it create a chemical change for the better.  We have to add similar products in smaller doses on occasion to our fish tank as well.

Did you notice anything in the above descriptions.  The word shock is usually associated with sudden or violent or impromptu and not planned.  A shock is usually a surprise of some sort good or bad.  My grandfather had a shock and died.  Today this is more commonly referred to as a stroke.  Regardless this word is associated with something that is unexplained and out of the norm.

I experienced a couple of shocks this week.  On Tuesday I was in the middle of a lengthy business letter when all of a sudden the power went out.  Shock followed quickly by anger as I was uncertain if  the computer had saved my work.

At the same time I had an appointment coming up in a short time from this shock.  Since the power did not come back on I was ‘shocked’ to realize I could not get out of the garage with my electric door opener.  Luckily I knew enough to pull the red cord and simply open the door.

Shocks can also come from carpets as we walk across them and touch  a light switch.  Also from our friendly pets as they rub up against you and their fur connecting with you gives you a start.

Speaking of pets, I think it is almost shocking and I am lucky that we had our calico cat Cassiopia for almost 21 yrs.  Prior to that I killed a pet parakeet “JB”.  It was not intentional of course.  I was so traumatized by that I told my husband I probably should not have children if I could not keep a bird alive.  To their or my credit our kids are still living.  Fish are now our pets.  Well were as I have done it again.

SHOCK: Yesterday after writing my blog I looked at our fish tank and was shocked to see 5 fish floating.  The day before the water had been fine though a little cloudy so I added a dose of clear water like I usually do.  I have no idea what happened.  I did nothing different.  I was shocked again later to see the rest of the fish floating.

All are now gone and our children and grandchildren will now be shocked to read this.  What can I say blogging about it beats calling everyone and hearing their angst.  It is like the “Cats On The Roof” joke.   Now if I see their number on the ID caller I simply can avoid answering the phone today as I know what the topic will be!

I took the tank apart last night.  I was sad about it actually.  I enjoyed it as a night light on our kitchen counter.  We set  it up over two years ago.  One of the fish was an original in that 10 gal of water.  I was sad to see him upside down.

I am taking a break from pets of any kind for a while.  It appears this will be the best for all.


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