SMALL WORLD – yet again


This day I am struck by the smallness of our world.  This may be construed as a continuation of the butterfly effect I have mentioned often.  As recently as last week.

It is a Monday and the promised rain has not appeared.  I did however decide to take this day ‘off’.  For me that consists of doing what I want and not what I have to do.  The simple fact becomes that what I want often coincides with the have to dos so the day off becomes very muddy.  The only ‘off’ part is that I do not live with any self imposed pressure of have to get it done now!

Today I really should be creating 3 reports and accounting for a couple of projects just completed.  The ‘off’ part is that I may not do any of those reports until tomorrow.  Scarlett O’Hara and I are very close.  In fact have a doll of her in her green curtain dress (still in the packaging to alleviate dust) as a reminder that we can ‘think about that tomorrow’!

This morning I spent more time than normal for a Monday perusing the internet and facebook.  I added a facebook friend which was particularly rewarding as so many of mine leave rather than read any information that may not agree with their world view.  In adding this new friend I did send them a private message warning of my propensity to be opinionated.  I think this will not surprise them at all.

I came across a post by a facebook friend and it really struck the small world key.  Follow this if you can.  It really is interesting and shows just what a small world and butterflies have in common.  Both reach out and touch us all in some way.

{An aside – I think this is why I liked the short lived TV show “Touch” so much.  It showed us that we are all interconnected in some way or another}

Here we go………

I thought it was really unique that  I met my husband who lived in upstate NY at my pen pal’s, that I met via a magazine column, wedding.  The following is even more involved.

I grew up in Southwest Harbor Maine.  My Dad had three sisters.  His sister Pauline married Uncle Archie.  They had three children Les, Molly and Carol.  Carol married a local boy named Glenn.  Glenn is the son of Irene who was in a family of seven girls and one boy.  Most stayed around Southwest or within an hour or so.  The brother, the oldest Ralph, became quite a famous wooden boat builder in our town.  He even met a President and is a whole other post!

So we have me – to Daddy – to his sister Pauline – to her youngest daughter Carol – to her husband Glenn – to his mother Irene who had a sister Nancy who married and moved away from Maine to New York.

Nancy had a son named Tim who commented often on his cousin Glenn’s facebook page.  I commented often on some of Glenn’s posts as well.  Tim asked if I would be his friend on facebook.  I agreed.  We explored our connections to Glenn and I discovered that both Glenn and Tim’s mothers babysat for my sister and I when we were young kids.  That was small world.

Tim shared that he grew up in a small town in upstate New York that I had probably not heard of at all.  I asked him to share as in our early marriage we lived in upstate NY for three years.  He told me it was New Hartford.  Small world.  My husband lived there and he and my pen pal both graduated from New Hartford High School.  Small world again.

Today Tim shared that he was about to hit the NY Thruway to drive to visit his mom and it was windy.  I shared that I knew the thruway in the wind and it can be white knuckle driving.  I also said to tip his hat to 18 Hillside.

{Another aside: It spurred me to go to google and look at it to see what the house looks like today.  So often we can be disappointed.  I was not.  In fact I was impressed to see they took away the treacherous driveway apron that was so steep we sometimes could not get up it in winter!}

Tim and I chatted some more on facebook and he believe he delivered newspapers to my in-laws.  The years he was a newspaper boy I would have been there visiting on occasion and may have actually seen him!  Or taken the paper from him! Hear the butterfly wings flapping?

The small world goes from Maine and me to Dad to Aunt Pauline to her daughter Carol to Carol’s husband Glenn to his mother Irene to her sister Nancy moving to NY to her son Tim to my in-laws.  Really?

As I said last week “No man is an island, Entire of itself, Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.”

Or as our son says, “It’s a small world but I wouldn’t want to paint it!”



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