‘Open mouth insert foot’ is the prescription I have heard for saying the wrong thing.  Or your ‘mouth is in gear before engaging the brain’.   There are more quotes about words spilling out of our mouths with lack of harmful intent and yet they are still out there once they have been spoken.

I did that yesterday and felt horrible the minute I said them.  The horrible feeling was one of wanting to run away and hide.  I wanted to immediately wash my mouth out with soap.  I certainly wanted and have asked forgiveness from the person I hurt.  Words cannot be rewound like in a video.

I had this happen to me a few years ago.  I was out to lunch (no literally) and one of my companions made an off the cuff remark about me that was like a slap in the face.  Immediately the other two ladies stopped eating and a hush fell over the table.  Ultimately someone spoke to break the tension as we enjoyed the rest of our meal.

I was quite hurt by the comment long after that lunch.  After much thought I gathered my courage and wrote a note to my friend explaining my hurt feelings as well as suggesting that sometimes we need to think before we speak.  I received a lovely note back and an apology with some explanations and it actually bolstered our friendship I believe.  A leap of faith repaid with generosity is a gift.

After I made the comment yesterday I wondered if it had to do more with my age than anything else.  I do find that the filters I had years ago seem to be disintegrating.  Is this what happens as we age.  I took a minute to think back to my great aunts and grandmother and I have come to believe that this is real.  Is it that as we age we become careless?  Does this mean we care less?

I hope not.  Each time I fail I look to it as a lesson learned.  This one I am taking to heart.  I do not ever want to hurt anyone so will have to engage my brain more often now before I open my mouth.  At least be aware that I need to do this when I am speaking.  It is my hope that awareness will lead to less carelessness.  The unsaid word can do no harm!

Ever a work in progress……….