HAPPY NEW YEAR ONE AND ALL! It is the first day of 2016 and I am astonished that I am up and dressed and preparing dinner.  You see I have been attacked by symptoms.  I say symptoms as I do not want to label this malady for fear it will hang around.  If I call it a cold I will have it for 7 days or a week whichever comes first ‘they’ say.  If I call it a flu then I will be accosted by those who tell me I am nuts not to get a flu shot.  So I do not name it – I name the symptoms.  I have had a sore throat, nasal congestion, watery eyes, headaches, minor cough and now hoarseness.  Symptoms only.

I am not a big one to run to the doctors for the least little thing.  I do my due diligence with the yearly check-ups etc.  Other than that I am an over the counter search the web and gut kind of patient.  If I cannot fix it I will call the doctor as an absolute last resort.

The other thing about doctors is I believe even with all their education they do not know everything.  I also believe that some alternative remedies work just as well if not better than expensive chemical prescriptions.  I also believe that ancient remedies though sounding ridiculous can be very helpful.  Acupuncture is one of those.  Seriously you are telling me that sticking needles all over you to take away pain will work?  You are telling me in the case of acupressure that pushing on the right spot will remove pain?  Both of these are valid methods of taking care of pain.  Being a white knuckle dentist patient it amazes me that my brother-in-law goes and has his dental ills taken care of by using acupressure.  Had someone else said this I would scoff.  Not from this man.  He is a man of few words and the ones he says are truthful so I accept this alternative medicinal cure as real.

The first minute of 2016 I decided to go back to the ages of childhood medicine and I rubbed Vicks VapoRubVICKS all over my throat and chest before I went to bed.  I used Vicks nose spray to clear my nasal passages and prayed for a good night’s sleep – something that had been alluding me for almost a week due to the symptoms.  It was not more than 15 minutes when I was feeling much better.  I could breathe and  my cough was lessened.  I had the impression I might actually sleep.  I did!

With all the meds out there this little miracle in a blue jar changed my world in one night.  I am on the mend and looking forward to 2016 instead of last night dragging 2015 behind me as I headed to bed like it was an anchor weighing me down.  I toss aside that ague as one rips off the covers in the morning when getting out of bed.  It is a miracle!  I will be well again! (I know a little melodramatic right? Why not – it is a new year!)

I know a little too much glee invested in that statement.  I am going to be ship shape again soon.  Not much gets me down for long.  A few symptoms will not do that either – I will not let them.  I will sing the praises of Vicks and share it with the world.  Do your own investigating.  I hear now the new thing is to put it on your feet.  I thought of that last night once in bed though was too tired to bother.  Tonight I will bathe in it as from my reading it does wonders.  Read for yourselves from the links provided – the pros and cons.  I will believe the pros, ignore the cons and continue to use the product in the magical blue tub!

So it is indeed a Happy New Year – let the year begin!