This morning I woke up at alarm time and stayed in bed as I normally do until the hustle of going to work is passed. I was feeling the cold outside of the blankets.  It was freezing in this room.  I love to sleep in a cold room and believe for the first time in a long time I had actually had a decent night’s sleep.  When I got out of bed at my normal time I checked the temp in the room and it was 52*.  When I opened the shades there was frost on the inside of the window.  It was cold and outside of the blankets it was uncomfortable.

I have been dealing with symptoms of stuffy head, nasal congestion and coughing lately.  I have no idea where I got the germs that created these symptoms.  I only know I have them am not naming them as I do not want them to feel comfortable enough to hang around.  Not working as they are hanging around regardless.

All of this is to make the statement that I am feeling the cold more this year than in years past.  I am wondering why this is?  Is it age?  Is it the symptoms and will pass?  Is it colder outside?  I mean 52* is 52* is it not? Not much has changed except I am not eating many carbs – like pasta, breads or alcohol – these days as I feel better physically without them.  Could it be that food is making me cold?  I have no idea though watching squirrels put away food for the winter gives one pause.  Bears eat tons before they go to hibernate.  Who knows and I am really not interested.  I simply know the cold is bothering me this winter.

The problem is that for as long as I can remember I have been hot in body temperature.  I am certain that has to do with age and stage of life.  I do not like being hot.  I am uncomfortable.  I compensate for heat out of doors or in buildings by dressing cool most of the time!

I wear sandals all year long.  My Clark sandals are comfortable and have been acting as a thermometer.  When it is warm out they are open toed and cooling.  In the winter many buildings or people have their homes warmer than I like and the open toes keep me cool as well in this time of year.  Even in snow I wear sandals as I am usually only going from the car to a building.  I do have boots in case I need them though can count the times I have worn them on one hand.

On top of the shoe issue, I am more comfortable in cropped or capri pants that come above my ankle.  Again it is a heat issue and I am more comfortable in the shorter less covering on my legs to keep me cool.  I do not own many full legged pants.

The revelation in all of this is, that for the first time in years, I am faced with buying shoes and long pants.  I am at a loss.  This may also have to include a sock of some sort.

Now in the scheme of things in this world this is not a huge deal.  For me it is a wee bit traumatic as I really am so comfortable having free ankles and feet.  Perhaps a clog, I used to wear them, is a compromise?  Perhaps a skinny sock will allow shorter pants and not look to funny?  Perhaps this cold feeling will pass when the symptoms go? Perhaps I will finally have to face the fact that I am an eccentric old lady and simply deal with this quietly?  Who knows?

I can only take comfort in the fact that though I am dealing with the physical cold issue be it temperature or germ, I still have a very warm and whimpy heart!




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