…..written Nov. 19 – unable to post until today………


I am at my happy place – our cottage at the head of a harbor off the coast of Maine. I came here in answer to a ‘call’. Ask anyone who lived here and they will tell you, if they are honest, that on occasion they hear a strong call to return to this place. It may or may not be answered. I choose to answer this call as often as I can and did especially this time. You see it has been a year since my father graduated and I wanted to be here. Plus I wanted to check on our cottage before winter.

My ‘boyfriend’ was not going to join me. I asked my aunt, 8 yrs my senior and more like a sister, partner in crime to come. We arrived Thursday night turned on the heat to toast the cottage and began our few day stay. We were returning to our homes the following Wednesday. That was until Sunday morning.

We got up as usual, turned the heat up, made coffee and began smelling burning plastic. Not certain of what it might be we turned everything back off. The smell was much like a curling iron heating up or the scent of foil garlic bread heating in the oven. Something was burning. We had company coming for lunch.

I made a few calls to a couple of male relatives getting neither. Got a call back from one wife saying call the fire department which I did. I called them and explained exactly where I lived. I was told they gave my neighbor a burn permit that morning so it was probably from his burn pile. They asked me to go out to see if I could smell it outside. It seemed I did so we let the whole issue drop as explaining the smell and smoke we saw.

Our company arrived. We were having a great time. The house was getting chilly so we turned on the furnace only to experience the smell and smoke again. Off it went immediately. One of our guests said they had those conditions when their furnace needed cleaning. We shut if off committed to calling the heating company in the morning and started the woodstove.

Morning came and the repairman said my furnace was burning itself up. It was heating though not connecting with the blower. The blower was not pushing the hot air. The safety switches did not work. The plastic coated wiring was melting (the burning plastic smell). The heating man left to order the part as well as taking the blower for further examination. The heating company gal called to say it would take 2-3 days for the part to arrive. It was then Monday making a Thursday exit doubtful.

The thought of HAVING to stay in my happy place an extra day or two was extremely appealing. Now realizing that Thanksgiving is next week along with all the things I had planned to do, the added time is beginning to look less enjoyable. We are keeping the home fires burning, literally, in the woodstove to keep the cottage warm so there is no freeze up. As the weather is turning warmer for the weekend a freeze is unlikely though I still want to be sure all is in working order before I leave. My aunt may have to be ‘rescued’ by her husband as she can stay no longer than Saturday.

That is the story of the Cold part of the title. It has been chilly even with the woodstove. We have shut off the bedrooms to make it comfortable. Both of us like cold rooms to sleep so that works well. Luckily it is keeping the rest of the cottage fairly warm. It is an adventure for sure!

The Signs and Wonders part of the title is a bit more involved. Hang in with me as I explain these words.

Daddy graduated to heaven on a Sunday. The date was November 16th, 2014, Mondays date. The furnace began to act up on Sunday after two days of working just fine. The repairman came on Monday with the verdict. This for me was both a wonder and a sign.

Why, after working properly all fall and for the Thursday night, Friday, Saturday we were here, did the furnace break on Sunday – a year to the day after Daddy’s graduation. The repairman found the problem a year to the date of the graduation! Coincidence? Godinsidence? Or simply my father still looking out for me through his intervention from another place? Perhaps you can come up with even more questions. I have none.

The furnace is serviced regularly. It was working properly all fall. Had I not been here the furnace would have overheated probably resulting in a fire with the cottage being a total loss unless someone happened to see the smoke.

Ask your questions as you will. For me I have all the answers I need. I am reaffirmed in a life after our time on earth. I believe my father is still watching over me with “Our Father who is in Heaven”. Graduation is not the end. I find this reassuring and comforting. I am filled with wonder at this demonstrative sign.

Now if the furnace part would arrive please today I could get home to my boyfriend!



addendum – the part arrived Thursday and the furnace repaired on Friday.  we reached our homes on Sat ofr my aunt and Sunday for me………..ONWARD………..

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