It has been a long time between posts.  No good reason simply the busyness and business of life.  I have decided that it is time to regroup, regain my being and reestablish some guidelines for my life.  Thus far this week I have done the outward work of cleaning in the house.  I have had some painting done on the walls and the carpets cleaned.  A few more chores and I believe I will have the opportunity to  actually take a breath and live without chaos as I continue to clear the clutter of paper out of my life and off the desk.  Last night as I was falling asleep I thought I needed something more.

This morning I awoke with the answer.  I am going to have an affair.  An affair seems to allow the two participants to escape from the mundane of their lives.  It appears they are kinder to each other.  They do special little things for each other.  They call at odd times to be spontaneous.  They may bring flowers or chocolate.  They dress up more than normal.  It sounds very appealing.

I believe the impetus for this was a movie I watched on Sunday.  Being a chick, I love chick flicks.  Sunday I watched “Serendipity” a favorite.  I also watched “Falling in Love” with Meryl Streep and Robert DeNiro.  I did not think I had seen that one before.  It was almost finished when I realized I had seen it after all.

In this movie the two characters meet in a bookstore though they ride the same train into the city.  It is a draggy movie until they connect and meet for coffee, then supper, then sit together on the train and hold hands then the big deal that does not happen as Streep has a case of conscience.  Both of them are married.   Both seem to have working marriages.  While neither are living in bliss they seem to be happy.  The affair unsettles both marriages until they each divorce.  You can see the movie yourself for the end.

As I contemplated the post sharing that I am going to have an affair I researched famous affairs.  Of course those my age know of the Liz Taylor – Richard Burton affair.  We know the famous abdication from the throne of Edward so he could marry Wallis Simpson.  More recently there was the nastiness f Prince Charles and Camilla.  Ultimately these examples ended up in marriages.  Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy had a lifelong love affair never marrying.

Then we have the tawdriness of Monica and Bill and others that had brief flings that made the news.  There are actually books that have been written about affairs.  On such book has an interesting name “The Break-up Bible”.  Cannot imagine what this has within its pages.

While an affair is not in my nature I am thinking it is something that will be exciting.  In my new take on life it will give me a boost.  I plan to begin this affair on Thursday.  I already have the man picked out.  He is an older married good looking man.  He has various interests so I think we will find much to chat about.  His children no longer live at home.  He works so could call without alerting anyone that might matter.  Hopefully he will enjoy the new meals I plan to woo him with using different recipes than what he may be eating now.  In the Streep film she changed her clothes a bunch of times to find just the right outfit.  I think it will be fun to get out of sweats into nice clothing on occasion.  Perhaps an affair has more to do with the anticipation then the actual meetings?

Think of all the work that goes into having an affair?  Think how great all our marriages would be if we put that much effort into them?  Really stop and think……how wonderful would your life be if you prepared your home and heart as much for a spouse as it appears people do to have affairs.  Would more marriages be happier?  I do not have the answer.  I simply am going to have an affair.

In case you do not know me and have not caught on as yet, I am crazy in love with my ‘boyfriend’.  We actually celebrate  47 years of marriage next month.  He has been away this week on his annual fishing trip.  I miss him! So I decided that when he returns we will begin an affair that hopefully will last another 47 years at least.

Nothing like having a bully pulpit to shout I LOVE YOU right out loud without waiting for Valentine’s Day or any other holiday.  Perhaps other husbands and wives could take my lead.  The question of the day could be “Have I told you I love you today? If not why not?”   Think these may be more important, certainly more interesting than, “How was your day?” or in my case “How many fish did you catch?”  Your question of the day is……….?



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