I suppose if I was going to be very honest about the start of this post I would have to go to the picture that one could have taken of me last night as I leaned on the ironing board with tears streaming down my face at the end of a movie.  Third ending I caught yesterday of three of my favorite movies.

Do you remember last lines?  If I gave you the last lines of these three movies would you know the name of the film?

Movie 1 ending was “Thank you boys. Thank you.”

Movie 2 was, “Shall we?” then she said as she looked at him, “Sam.”

Movie 3 was sung, “To love another person is to see the face of God.”

It all started when I decided that Sat. afternoon I was going to get all my ironing done.  Once again the basket, that I swore would not ever get large again to all of you dear readers long ago, was overflowing.  I knew I was in for a long 3+hours at least.  I took ibuprofen so my knees would not ache.  I set forth to my task willingly and almost a bit excited.  I found an indie movie to watch which was cute.  When it was done I had to find something else to watch.   As I skipped through the channels I saw nothing that was intriguing yet I saw three movies that I adore.  I thought to myself if I play this right I will catch the endings, which are the best, of all three.  So I began.

I wonder what it is about the ending of a movie that lets us not ever forget it.  Much of “Gone With The Wind” is forgotten yet we remember the last scene of Rhett in the door saying , “Frankly my Dear I don’t give a damn.”  To which Scarlet replies as she stands by the stairs,  “Tara. Home. I’ll go home, and I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day.”  The last line being “After all tomorrow is another day.” is not ever forgotten and much misquoted.

The last scene of another of my favorite movies ends with “…..there’s no place like home.”

Another last line from a movie I really like is, “You wanna have a catch?”  “I’d like that very much.”

[Of course as I wrote this it now had me going all over the web looking up last lines of movies.  The best site was the one from “AMC filmsite” which is written and edited by Tim Dirks.  He even has them listed by decades.  It is quite site for last lines.]

It was an interesting afternoon and the ironing got done on top of it all.  So the answers to the queries above?

Movie #1 was “Dead Poets Society”.  I am always – I use that absolute absolutely – touched when Todd Anderson stands on his desk and says “Captain my Captain.” and turns to face Robin Williams playing  Mr. Keating leaving the classroom.  With each additional boy that ascend to the top of his desk the music builds and my heart swells.  These boys are taking their whole lives in their hands, as the school Dean is telling them to get down, with this literal stance.  They are defying the rules and showing respect for a man who inspired them to think for themselves and out of the box.  This to me is the epitome of inspiration and courage as you look at Todd Anderson through the legs of another boy as the camera fades out to the end.

Movie #2 was “Sleepless in Seattle” as Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks leave the Empire State building.  There is no major epiphany here.  This is simply a sweet movie with a nice ending of love found.  I am an easy target for chick flicks.  The other thought could be that I lost my mother when I was young and my dad had a few sleepless nights I am certain.  As I think about it this may touch another cord in my being perhaps.

Movie #3 was “Les Miserables”.  I adore this movie.  Then again I adore musicals in general.  This one touched me more than most however.  When our kids were in their teens we took them to the theatre to see plays.  Their mother liked them so we went!  “Les Mis” was one of my all time favorite plays.  It was a dark play and I was fascinated by the barricade and how they made it all turn in and out and around.  Having been the kids stage mother for their school plays I knew a bit about scenery and this barricade was terrific.

The movie got really good reviews and deserved them all.  The actors sang their songs as they played the parts instead of having them dubbed in and this was new for on screen musicals.  Knowing this gave me great appreciation for all the actors as I watched the movie the first time.  I thought them terrific and it is an all time favorite of mine.  I cannot ever watch it without tears especially at the end.  I find that scene done so very well and hope that is how we all go to heaven actually.

So there I was leaning on the ironing board sobbing away as Jean Valjean tells the truth about his theft and jail time and escape to his soon to be son-in-law.  Then Fantine comes in with that scalped hair to take him home to heaven and my face is soaked.  Then the last line,  “To love another person is to see the face of God.”  More tears.

As I write this and think of the last lines of my favorite movies [the other two that I mentioned being “The Wizard of Oz” and “Field of Dreams”], it occurs to me that most last lines are filled with hope of some kind?  At least the last lines of my favorites are.  I may have to look further into this at another time.  Hope is a good thing!

Today by the way is Hugh Jackman’s 46th birthday.  I am a huge fan of his and have seen most of his movies.  As old as I am I am not dead and appreciate the physical attributes he displays from his physique to his dance moves to the grace and sexiness he eschews.  It was quite an awakening when I realized that having been married 46 yrs I could be his mother.  So much for thinking of him as a sex symbol!!!


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