It is the season of change.  The fall brings about a myriad of changes.  The leaves turn color and oh how glorious that is to see.  I am in awe that each tree has its own color.  Each tree has within it the necessary nutrients to create a specific color change.  Did you know that?

The red maple’s leaves turn red which is great as it is named that way!! From forest.about.com I grabbed this short paragraph of information.  I will provide the link as it has great information if you are interested.

Red maple, along with sugar maple, scarlet oak and sassafras are abundant in anthocyanins that produce deep wine and red colors. (1)

Hickories, aspens, birch, cottonwoods and some sassafras  have lots of carotenoids so their color is yellow the article goes on to say.  Sycamores and oaks go from green to brown quite quickly.  This was described as bland yet I think when mixed in with all the other colors it comes to life as completing a palette.

In fall the breeze can pick up and help the leaves so beautifully colored begin to leave the tree.  They drop off much like we drop off to sleep.  One minute they are on the tree and the next they are fluttering to the ground.  Silently falling to then dry and be crunched under foot by children playing.  At least if I were a leaf I would look forward to giving someone that fun.

I have been listening to the breeze this morning.  It is gentle yet strong enough that I can hear the whoosh as it wends its way through the branches of the trees in my back yard.  Yesterday I suggested moving my desk so that I could look directly at the view.  I seemed to create more work than was necessary when I can simply swivel my chair.  The breeze is calming any urge to make those changes right now.

Yesterday I did go ahead and make a few changes.  It is fall and I am in the ‘nesting’ mode of the year.  The time when it becomes necessary to bank your home from the harsh ravages of the winter to come.  The winter may not ravage yet the work of banking the home still is necessary.

That is an interesting word – banking.  The dictionary references and even googling referred to financial use of the word.  Then under noun you can find bank referring to a ‘long pile or heap’ and under verb there is reference to ‘building up’ as in banking a river to protect the area around it.

We used to bank our house every fall with brush. First would go the tar paper to seal the foundation then the brush went on top.  I loved the look of it.  It was a green collar around our home like a scarf to protect us from the cold.   Further the short curtains of summer would come down and the heavier drapes would go up so that any air that would come through the storm windows that were covering on the outside could be stopped even more.  It was a snuggling in time for me.  It still is.

In an effort to reclaim our house from the disaster it has become I decided yesterday to tackle the kitchen eating nook.  In anticipation of this 004001002effort I decided to also do a small makeover.  Like in the magazines – “A MakeOver for Under $100”.  I did just that.  I have had a simple panel or nothing for curtains at this window all summer.  I wanted a change.

Window coverings have a personality you know.  Drapes, the more simplistic of the species as they are generally straight pieces of fabric, can be formal or country or contemporary depending on the fabric and adornment.  Cafe curtains (note the word change)  with short panels on top of each other for me bring about an image of a cottage or country log home or a cafe in a busy town.  Thus the name.  Sheer drapes create images of floating in the wind.  Sheer curtains evoke hominess for me.  It is the difference in the two words as well.

Then you have Priscillas.  Anyone who knows curtains or drapes know that a Priscilla is a curtain with a ruffle.  It can be sheer or solid fabric.  It will have a ruffle all the way around and it will also have a tie-back to pull the curtain from the middle to the side.  A full window will have two of these delightful panels and when the middles are pulled to the side you have the most wonderfully graceful opening to your world.  The world is no longer boxey as with a straight panel drape or curtain.  The world out your window is now framed with a fluffy edge.

I used to use Priscillas all the time.  I made them out of calico fabric.  I’ve made them out of muslin.  This time I bought them.  My sewing machine is on the fritz and by the time I figured out the cost of fabric it was not much different.  They arrived and sat for a week or so.  I was waiting for the right time for the house to tell me it is time to go to work.  Well actually the house has been screaming for attention, the maid has not had the energy.  The cooler weather has brought the two in sync.

I took the time to clean out and toss and put aside to go through later.  I polished the windows,  dusted the floor and shelves  and vacced.  I was a whirlwind.  I hung the curtains last.  The Priscilla took to the window as if she had been waiting for a long time to meet.  The corresponding valance on the slider was new for me and I liked the look.  The fall table runner that I quilted was added atop the table.  It was done and I looked and felt warmth creep through my body.  Let the snuggling in begin.013

While I have more rooms to clean it is ever so rewarding in my being to see this space transformed.  I look at it and I am immediately calmed.  I look forward to a friend sitting on the other side of the table and sharing a cup of with them.


(1) http://forestry.about.com/od/fallcolor/a/fall_leaf_color.htm

One comment on “ODE TO OCTOBER

  1. I’m glad that you have made the time to send your posts on a frequent basis. I enjoy them and find that it makes a nice focus of thought when I read them. Hopefully without the “must do everyday” goal being a thing of the past you find it more enjoyable.

    Say Hi to Bill.

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