This bit of trivia may be known by many.  I may simply be commenting on old news.  Here it goes. The residents of this house were surprised when we made the following discovery.  It was totally by chance.

Lately I have been taking a bunch of medication for tooth distress.  All is almost well.  In the meantime I have prescription bottles in the house.  One was sitting by the TV chair and became the object of aimless play.  All of a sudden I heard “Look at this”.  I looked.  The cover of the bottle had been inverted to be placed in the bottle upside down and it held.

Now, as yet, I still can open these tricky bottles by pressing down on the tab and twisting.  I have noticed though that my strength is less than it003 was.  Sometimes simple things, like clasping my bracelets, are not so simple.  I refuse to give in and continue to do everything I can to not ask for help.  With the exception of some jars which are sealed so tightly that even the strongest among us struggle to open them.  I can see where one day holding down the tab and twisting may not be as easy.

The discovery that was the AH HA moment was that the cap has two ways of attaching to the cylinder.  Obviously it was created that way.  The other point is that no one told me or us.  So now I am sharing this with the rest of the world in case there are some out there that still do not know this simple fix for these specific prescription bottles.

The top says – “Hold down tab and turn”.  The next time you have a prescription look to see if in fact there are not ridges going around  on the cap top.  006Not the straight up and down grooves that allow you to grasp it.  These are ridges that look like they could screw into something.  Then look at the top of the pill bottle and you will, hopefully as we did discovered, see that the top part has grooves inside with channels.  The AH HA is that if you turn the cap over and screw it into the bottle for easy removal.  Instead of a cooley hat it looks like a sombrero.

004That Folks, is your trivia for the day.  Brought to you from sheer happenstance.  Perhaps you knew it – we did not.


By ktsquared Posted in Trivia

One comment on “PILL CONTAINERS

  1. Checked our pill containers. Ours are flip tops….easy on easy off. Maybe when you get into your seventies you will get those too!! 🙂 However, didn’t know some could be used both ways. You never know when that little piece of info will come in handy.

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