I love that my mind is filled with eclectic thoughts at random times.  This morning was a perfect example of the randomness under which I think.

I was in our closet getting dress for the day.  Note this closet has not yet hit the “one thing per day” clean list so it is less than easy to find the clothes I want to wear.  I was looking around at the chaos and my eyes hit upon a basket that held two old passports.  First off why am I keeping them and secondly on display in a basket?

Logically I justified the display with the fact that I would not want to throw away the stamps held within those booklets of the places I have been.  Then I remembered that a lot of the places I have been did NOT stamp the book.  My mind continue to wander to the why I am keeping them and then off to another tangent.  This one led to this post and a larger question.

If you could keep all your keepsakes in a box what would you hold onto for all time.  Further I was thinking of a box the size of a shoebox.  Well let’s go a little bigger – a boot box.  What would you keep? I have been thinking about that all morning since I ‘came out of the closet’! What would I keep?  I am actually going to go get a box and fill it to see just what I would put into it for perpetuity.

I know right off the bat that those two passports would be included.  I can think of a couple of locks of hair that would go in there.  A special picture, since I do not have her hair, of our third child who came to us from love not birth from other parents.  I would need something of our grandchildren in there.  Perhaps a special picture or piece of art?  I would put in a wedding photo.  Perhaps a family photo as well.  I have most of the kids papers still and need to toss them so maybe in there I would find a gem to include in this box.  I would want my all my parents in there as well as my siblings and their families.  Perhaps a genealogy chart so others may wonder why we only have three branches on our tree.

I think that for this fall this sounds like a worthy task as I am going about cleaning this house.  Maybe there is a special book or knick knack that needs to be here in reality or a photo of it.  A doily that I no longer use.  I know I have a beautiful one that my Aunt Louise made for us.  Maybe I should simply use it again?  Or frame it like I did the one Auntie made.  Puts a totally different feel on the cleaning issue.  Instead of cleaning I am in search of treasures with meaning.  Oh what a twist and a game to play to simply clean a house!

I have ever known that I had much of Tom Sawyer in me.  Just ask – Betsy or Beverly or my brother or Aunt Becky or my sisters or – anyone that I have managed to involve in tasks that start out as fun and end up being more work than I ever imagined and they helped me out.

So the question of the day is what memorabilia would you put in a favorite boot box?  Oh wait it must be decorated too.  Another fun idea I know I have some velvet…….and there I go again off with another thought!



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