“The world is not enough.” came to my mind as I began to write this entry. I thought it was some famous quote by Shakespeare ala “Ah poor Yorick I knew him well.” Turns out it was not a famous quote it was the name of a Bond movie.  It also turns out it was not ‘well’ in the Shakespeare quote. The quote is “Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Horatio”. Changes the whole intent of the quote does it not. That was what I was mulling on my way back from breakfast – another perspective.

The air outside at OCS is crisp and cool. Not cold. It is still summer after all for a few more weeks. Fall is nipping at the heels of that summer season and I love it. Those who read me regularly know I am a winter person. Fall comes a close second. I walked back from breakfast alone as my lifelong friend has a class. This simple birthday treat to each of us three years ago has now become a tradition for which we have much gratitude.

As I walked the short walk back to our room I watched the workman working at the reflecting pond. I stood and overlooked it for a few minutes before entering the building. If I had turned 180 degrees around I would enter the door we normally use. As I looked I spied an alternative that would bring me to the corridor to our room. I decided to take it. When I did a flash of acknowledgment came to me mind. I was indeed choosing another perspective.

This year for some unknown reason I have had a difficult time getting into the groove of relaxing here at OCS. I have had to acknowledge that I am dealing with some stress in my life. Self-imposed by the way. I have forever thought that stress washes off me like waves off a rocky beach. This week I am having to finally admit that my inner being has tidal pools, just like the shore, where water (i.e. stress) collects. I am not happy about this. I do own it. I am making plans for ways in which to deal with this stress. I absolutely abhor that word.

As I entered the building from the new door it occurred to me that it is exactly what I am doing with the energy disturbing my mind and body. I am challenging myself to look at my life with a different perspective. Well, hey, maybe it is about time right??? I am a different person today than I was yesterday and tomorrow will be new again. Thank you Lord.

As I entered the corridor that leads to our room I was once again stopped by the sculpture that sits in the foyer. It is beautiful and we stopped and looked it all over the other night. It is a simple glass bowl with probably a 18″ circumference at the top rim sitting on a possibly three inch base. It looks top heavy and unwieldy and yet there it sits in a glass case with no assistance. It is was created by Stephen Rolfe Powell and can be purchased from the Schantz Gallery in Stockbridge MA. I am guessing it is well in the four figures to purchase.stephen-rolfe-powell+T1-Salacious-Saturn-Twister-2013+D1-7.75-x-28.5-x-28.5in+FN-Salacious-Saturn-Twister-50x33

As I stood there and looked at it this morning I knew that Stephen Rolfe Powell looked at life from alternative perspectives. I research him to only have my thoughts affirmed. Do the same he has some interesting pieces.

My walk by “Salacious Saturn Twister” this morning somehow gave me absolute joy and affirmation that all is well with the world all the time. We simply have to look with for another perspective.


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