I really enjoy playing games.  Perhaps I mentioned that a few blogs ago.  I no longer care if I win.  I simply like to play.  One of my favorite games is Scrabble.  I rarely can find anyone to play with me as they think I am too good.  I like words and like to learn new ones.  This game is perfect for me and my curiosity.  I do get to play with a real person (persons) when I have the chance to play with my sister or sisters.  The middle of the three of us is quite a shark (is that the word for being proficient in Scrabble?) as she plays online and knows all the two letter and three letter words.

I discovered Scrabble online via facebook.  At first I played with strangers.  This was fun as I would look up words through the scrabble cheater to match the letters I had so that I might find more words to fit the board.  I did not know these people and had no loyalty to them so I chose the opportunity to cheat and learn at the same time. Now cheating is not in my nature so I dubbed this exercise as a learning tool.  Spin or what!!!

Then I got an invite from a long time friend to play her.  I was very excited and knew winning was not going to be a problem for me a she is good.  I shared in the chat what I had been doing with the other players and vowed to not do the same with her and did not nor do not.  In the facebook scrabble there is a teacher who will tell you how you could have done better after you play your word.  I like to click on this little guy to see what I could have done.

The places that the teacher shows me are interesting in that I rarely look to put letters right beside other letters to make multiple words.  Somehow my brain has not applied that step.  My sister who plays regularly does do this often when we play with a real board.  I challenge myself each time to look for those spots.  I will put up the words next to others and click the play icon only to see that there are no words spelled this way.  I continue to play and have given up on all the strangers and the cheating to learn.  I play a straight forward game with my friend daily.  I have yet to win which is fine by me.  I can be assured that at breakfast lunch and dinner (and maybe more) there will be a word for me to work with to move forward to lose yet another enjoyable game and that is good!

The most recent game we played started with me first.  I was given 7 letters.  I got NRLAECT.  Well I set about to make a word – I went with TRANCEL – not a word.  I tried RANCELT – not a word.  Then as I sat there all of a sudden the letters morphed into CENTRAL!  Wow.  First shot out of the gate I got 68 points.  I was flying and told my friend that that was my cushion as I knew subsequent words would not be valued as much.  Of we were on a new challenging word adventure.

She came back with CRUSTY off the c for 22 points and I followed with RADIO off the r a whole 7 points.  She came back with FOGGY off the o in RADIO for 34 points.  It went like this with my FILM for 27 and her VIBES for 33.  Then with seven letters of  – a n o blank q a i – I had to use AGO for 7.  The Teacher knew what I had in my rack and showed me that I could have done qanat for 46.  I had not ever heard of the word so looked it up.  When my friend did not use that space the next time and opted for JIBE and 29 points I went for QANAT and the 46!

I sent her a note in the chat to confess and tell her the teacher had shown me this word.  She challenged me to use it in a sentence tomorrow.  I cannot see myself walking up to a complete stranger and asking if they know about qanats.  I can however post it on facebook as trivia.  So to be honest, which is a character trait I wish to have always,  I did as my friend challenged me to do.

The post reads:  Trivia of the day: A QANAT creates a reliable supply of water for human settlements and irrigation in hot, arid, and semi-arid climates.

So I am learning all the two letter words.  ZA is in the Urban Dictionary as short for Pizza.  Wikipedia has a whole list.

This list gives all the English two-letter words playable in Scrabble (playable everywhere except for countries than use the rival TWL dictionary; the US, Canada, Israel, and Thailand) according to the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary and Official Scrabble Words International, each of which list all permissible words from two up to about nine letters in length.

aa ab ad ae ag ah ai al am an ar as at aw ax ay ba be bi bo by ch[1][3] da[3] de di[3] do ea[3] ed ee[3] ef eh el em en er es et ex fa fe[2] fy[3] gi[3] go gu[3] ha he hi hm ho id if inio[3] is it ja[2][3] jo ka ki[2] ko[3] ky[3] la li lo ma me mi mm mo mu my na ne no nu ny[3] ob[3] od oe of oh oi[2] om on oo[3] op or os ou[3] ow ox oy pa pe pi po[3] qi[2] re sh si so st[3]ta te[3] ti to ug[3] uh um un up ur[3] us ut we wo xi xu ya ye yo yu[3] za[2] zo[3]

The problem is I like to know what they are so I have to look them all up to find the meanings.  In case of course they should come up in conversation!  While ZA is not in all the dictionaries or on all the lists, it is in our language today.  It is Friday and in this house that means ZA is on the menu for supper!



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