I struggled with what to name this post “Purple Rain” came to mind and the “The Color Purple” came to mind as well.  Both titles have been taken thus the simplicity of the above name.  It of course refers to the color purple and the fact that it has been raining for days. Any outside activity will require an umbrella.

In previous posts I have mentioned that I love a rainy day.  I do indeed.  These past days may be a little more than one would ask for yet I will take them even if they did start late Monday.  Now a rainy day that is a Monday is a real gem!  I have not been able to simply enjoy this rain as I have too many things on the TO DO list.  Have to admit that I found myself almost falling asleep at my desk this morning from the lull of the rain.

My world has changed a little and I am getting used to the new norm.  It is quiet in my house today as I have turned off talk radio.  I am disgusted with the talking heads.  Our world is falling in around us (pardon the dramatic) and all they can find to talk about is some NBA team owner who in a private conversation with his girlfriend (I am certain ex now) he made comments about a certain race of people.  This happens every day in Rap music so I am at a loss to understand the outcry.  I will take the quiet.

In this new norm I am making myself walk to the mailbox daily.  Now this really is not the jaunt it may sound like yet when I get involved in something I do not like to stop and surely do not want to go get the mail in inclement weather. I used to let other residents of this house do that.  I have now taken this as my chore – at least it is some form of exercise right?WP_000315

Yesterday I had to face the idea of getting the mail in the rain.  We have an umbrella stand that I am nuts about.  Okay I hear those
who know me – she is nuts in general!  This umbrella stand is such a luxury – who needs them.  Somehow in my convoluted mind I did.  I associate them with high society I think.  For years it had one umbrella in it.  I now holds three and our American flag when it is not on the porch.

WP_000316The design around it is a picture painted by George Seurat.  The title is  A Sunday Afternoon or Sunday Afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte. I first saw the picture in my college art history class.  The ladies in the painting were on the cover of the book we used in that class. This was one of my favorite classes ever.  Love art in all forms.  Of course I still have the book! This painting can be seen at the Art Institute in Chicago if what I read is correct. *

This painting was covered in the textbook under the title Modern Art meaning it began when the “Age of Reason” followed the “Age of Authority”.  The book said it was a time when new attitudes were moving to the more exotic as images and forms in painting and sculpture were being changed by interpretation and intuition into abstract images of man’s experience.  It was a time for the ‘isms’ – Fauvism, Cubism, Surrealism, Expressionism.  Sunday Afternoon  is an example of impressionism and a method he called divisionism and is often called, mistakenly , pointillism.  There certainly is more on the web if you are interested in the style and info.  The fact is this  7′ X 10′ painting was done with a series of dots so precisely and mathematically arranged such that a picture appears.  I cannot image the patience that it took over the two years he painted it.800px-A_Sunday_on_La_Grande_Jatte,_Georges_Seurat,_1884

I had to pass this course and the impressionism is not my forte with Courbet, Manet,  Monet that in order to remember Seurat and the style in which he painted I have ever called him “Dotty Seurat”.  It works.   Of course the fact that the landscape is French helps as well as I am a huge Francophile.

That was some digress!  It was raining and I wanted to get the mail.  I went to the umbrella stand to get an umbrella.  There were two a green one my husband gave me years ago and a bright yellow Mary Englebright that I enjoy carrying.  As I approached the stand I saw another.  A smile came to my face as I remembered our #2 daughter aka ‘Princess Wicket’ had given it to me for Christmas.  It is black and purple with images of Paris on it! AHHHHHHHH……..all of a sudden singing in the rain and Gene Kelly was in my brain.

I stepped out and left the porch only to think the rain had stopped.  I would look silly with no rain.  Thankfully it had not .  I opened the umbrella and happily marched to the bank of boxes to open #8.  While not a long effort it was pure pleasure as I delighted in the simple joy.

The best is that it is still raining and I get to do the same thing again today.  It truly is the simple things of life.




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