Please read the following statements.

Broccoli – Eating four cups a week of this nutrient-rich vegetable (or its cruciferous cousins cabbage and Brussels sprouts) cuts your risk of dying of any illness 26%.

Coffee – Women who drink two to three cups a day are nearly 15% less likely to die from any cause.

Now the last phrases of these statements say ‘of dying of any illness’ and ‘to die from any cause’. I know I am way out in left field here yet it occurs to me that one could interpret these to mean that if we drink coffee and eat broccoli we will not die? Luckily I like them both so increased consumption may be on the list for the coming weeks.

These surely are misleading statements. It also appears we need to read them in context. We do know there are foods that are better for us than others. We can choose to eat to live or live to eat. Both are possible.

We have agencies that tell us what is good for us. Monitors our foods. Legislates against certain sizes of food or what is in them. Like it or not many are working supposedly to increase longevity. My question of the day is who says how long we will live?

Surely if we live a healthy lifestyle we will live a long life yet there are many examples of people who do everything right – they exercise, eat no fats, no alcohol, no sugars no cigarettes and they still die younger than one would anticipate.

I think that the broccoli and coffee are juxtapositioned in the healthy list. I think perhaps we need to use our heads eat properly for our own bodies and exercise as we think we need. We need to love our neighbors and do for them. We need to care for our families and stay in touch. I think isolation from family can be as detrimental as overeating!

In the end it is not what I think. I believe that we can live forever if people think of us lovingly after we go. I want to be remembered for being a loving, caring and passionate person. I want to be remembered as fighting for the good and right for all. I think if I am remembered at all then I will be living forever even though my body no longer exists.

If one day someone has a cup of coffee and a bite of broccoli and chuckles about those statements or this blog then I will still be here. Job well done. Off to finish my coffee and prepare some broccoli for lunch!!!


By ktsquared Posted in Trivia

2 comments on “LIVE FOREVER

  1. Kathy, this was an absolutely beautifully written blog. I believe it is to me one of the best. You can tell that very much of your heart and soul had entered into these words upon this page. You have succeeded in having the words jump start each of our contemplative spirits into the right direction, towards things that matter, not what seems to matter. And wonderful lady, you do NOT have to ever worry about you being remembered in a shining light of thought. You are caring, loving, determined for the good, you have so much faith in others and in God which you show constantly. You my friend have at one point given me back my faith in others, showed me that there was still good in this world outside of only the ones who I loved and loved me, you gave me hope and a gift I could never return for it is something I can hold deeply in my heart and in my memory for the rest of my life. You are an amazing woman no matter how much you do or don’t see yourself having accomplished so much of what you desire in touching others in this life and being remembered. You have! God bless always to you and your guy!

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