Now that I am published (?) I can offer a repeat of one of my posts.  It seemed silly to go back and write again about Boxing Day when the story is just about the same.  The only difference this year is that yesterday there was no ‘putting toys together’ as there were no children in residence.  That is unless you think the older man, with the long stick ‘grabber’ for aging people that was gifted to the wife, going around grabbing at things was equivalent of a child.

As the wife I was a bit interested in the thought processes of some of the gifts I received.  I received a grabber to get things off high shelves and new green frying pan that never burns food and some new gold Christmas pot holders as our Christmas ones were looking pretty sad.  I asked if I was perceived as a bad cook, sloppy and old?  It was none of the above and in fact I almost bought the green pan for myself and I am short and usually us tongs to reach high items and you can always use pot holders.  Much laughter was enjoyed!

I am not going to leave you with the idea that my Christmas gift giver was lacking in any way shape or form.  There is a little sparkle on my ear lobes and the yearly song was lovely.  The best gifts of all were promises.  One was to go see Jersey Boys in January – YEAH!  The second was to go on a river cruise.

I have wanted to go on a cruise forever.  My husband fears seasickness and has vehemently said no to any kind of cruise over and over.  Then I heard  of the river cruises when our niece took one for her honeymoon.  I looked into it and have been trying to convince my traveling companion for a few years.  So yesterday I opened a jewel box in fact saying ‘I wonder what these earrings look like’.  In the box was a piece of paper.  I simply said “I will go on a river cruse – no oceans no seas no lakes”.  I was thrilled!  Of course I did comment on the spelling being the pain in the butt spell-tech that I am… to begin the planning…..on Boxing Day!!!


There is a picture circulating on facebook ( Santa asleep in a chair.  He appears to be ‘done in’ and exhausted.  I can relate to this shot.  Yesterday afternoon found me asleep on the couch sitting straight up.  I knew I was dozing and was so relaxed I did not care.  I remember being aware of my pose and feeling a little chilly and wanting the new blanket that had stars on it to put over me.  I was so comfortable I did not want to break the mood so did not bother to move and fell off to sleep again. 734546_313963812040856_1844614011_n

I think I was in and out of this state for well over an hour.  All else was quiet.  Dinner was done and the dishes being washed.  Someone was watching shows on TV.  Someone was putting together a Christmas toy and someone was playing a video game.  I was aware and relaxed as my work was done.  That is what the picture of Santa said to me.

Today the returns to the stores begin.  We have a couple of things to return and it will NOT be today.  When I first heard of boxing day as the day after Christmas I thought that was what it meant.  Wrong.

We used to be invited to a boxing day party each year.  It was lovely getting together with friends. The hostess was British so this was her tradition.  I could not imagine having my house as clean as hers let alone as organized the day after Christmas to have a party.  She did each year and it was very nice and relaxed, no pressure, despite the fact that her husband was my husband’s boss.  Things changed.  We moved and no longer celebrate the 26th as Boxing Day.

The origins of Boxing Day is not related to the sport or as I said returning gifts.  There are a couple of thoughts among historians.  One is that servants had to work on Christmas Day and not the 26th.  The Masters would give them gift boxes as they left to be with their families.

Another is that it is St. Stephen’s day and the alms boxes [i.e. poor boxes] at the churches were opened and the monies distributed to the poor on the 26th.   St. Stephen was on of the original seven deacons ordained by the apostles in the Christian Church to look after the poor.  When he died, he was a martyr and stoned as his preaching was so successful, he asked God not to punish his killers.

Another may be found in the carol “Good King Wenceslas.”  He was the Duke of Bohemia.  As the song says he went out on ‘the feast of Stephen’.  It goes on to say that as the Duke of Bohemia he helped his peasants through a blizzard the day after Christmas by bringing them food  and wine.

Today Ireland and England use the day as an added holiday and do the same as we with sports and shopping.  Occasionally there is the odd event such as swimming the English Channel to heighten the festivities.

For me it is going to be another day to relax.  I may play some games or do a puzzle with our resident, for the next few days at least, 8 yr old.  I am certain we will play Mine Shaft that Santa brought and his dad spent 6 hrs assembling the 400 pieces yesterday.  I may take another one of those gloriously relaxing naps.  Though I think it will be hard to duplicate the quality of the one I experienced on Christmas Day, I am willing to give it a whirl.

I usually keep our decorations up until January 6th, Epiphany or ‘Little Christmas’.  As I look around this house I am thinking that with the long New Year’s weekend coming up I might just break that tradition this year and put things away for a clean slate January 1.  Perhaps I could ponder that on the couch with that shell blanket.  Hmmmmm – that might just bring on a restful nap!




  1. Our youngest got me one of those grabbers to help me after I fell. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with it. Also, I found, it is a favorite toy for whoever comes to visit!!!!!
    Birthday presents arrived yesterday so THANK YOU.

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