Today is bright and shiny outside.  It looks cold as well and will know that when I go out in a few minutes.  I have a plan for the day and already exercised some of it.  Today is going to be a good day despite the just received disappointment that the flight I was waiting for from Amsterdam to bring my boyfriend home has been canceled.  He will not arrive until tomorrow.  Think I am glad he is not flying with a pilot that hit another plane as he taxied his incoming plane to the terminal.  Of course again it is also Friday the 13thand waiting might be the better choice.

Yesterday I finished my ironing.  All was cleaned, washed, ironed except what is in Amsterdam or on my back.  Such a thrill for me and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops.  Waited till today so let the shouting be heard!

The plan for this day is to finish some Christmas shopping, do some errands, clean the closet in my bedroom, clean off the kitchen counter and try to organize the office by wrapping some gifts in preparation for mailing on Monday!  I stayed right upstairs in my room and cleaned until it was done before I came down stairs to breakfast.  Now that is a plan executed or at least started!!!

As I was in the closet cleaning I was also listening to the news.  It seems the Queen of England is upset over nuts being eaten by the guard.  Now in my state of euphoria as I cleaned I thought this a foolish bit of news.  Why in the world, with the wimpy budget being passed last night, the Obama lie being the largest of 2013 by Politico and the news that we need ID for Obamacare and not to vote, were we in this country concerned about the Royals.

Do not get me wrong here – I really like the royal family.  I simply am glad I am not living under their rule despite this Presidents penchant for excess.  I found it an astonishing bit of news for a Friday the 13th morning.  I decided to look into it further.  Below you will find the links that were readily accessible.  This is in fact true and it occurred before the last royal wedding!  Honestly old news is ruling the Friday the 13th broadcasts…..really people?

I am too busy today to let this bother me on this more journal than blog day.  “Let them eat cake” – as another royal once said – or nuts.  I am off to do my errands on this Friday the 13th that is cold and snowy and fraught with the hope of productivity!!!


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