How often do you diagnose yourself? It is my guess that many of us do it daily. We either run to the doctor or simply take an over the counter pill or tough it out if we believe we have symptoms. Many may now go to the web to check out what some MDs have to say about whatever is ailing us at the time.

What is your trigger? Do you run for a scratchy throat or wait until you are actually ready to a pass out? Or are you like me and rarely go to the doctors except for check-ups? I am even steering away from them as well. Had a friend who would not go to the doctor for a yearly pap or mammogram. Not sure she ever did. It made no difference really as she was killed in an accident. So what would have been the sense of yearly check-ups for her? I know she did not know she was going to be involved in an accident. Yet she lived doctor free well into her 60s.

It is a Monday morning and I am at sixes and sevens – a bit off. I know why and no doctor can fix it. Well with the exception that many believe that doctors can solve all problems. I have a scratchy throat and I am tired despite good sleep. This suggests a cold coming on. Since I do not want one I am not going to invite it in by saying that I actually have one.

The symptoms I describe also could apply to the change of atmosphere in our home with the heat being on and the stuffiness of all the closed windows and doors.

The symptoms also go to describing some mood disorders as well. See, what kind of a doctor would I call?

I believe I do suffer from a little discussed disorder known as melancholy. Face it Thanksgiving is gone. December is here – the last month of 2013. Christmas is around the corner and I am not prepared. I have much to do and no organization in my lists or thoughts. It is gray outside not raining this Monday so cannot even lift my mood with the rain. Most days I choose to be happy and succeed and I WILL this day as well yet a little blue sneaks into my world on occasion.

I looked up melancholy and had a delightful morning doing the research. See mood changing to happy already!

It seems that mood disorders are diagnosed in sections of four. Melancholia was an old medical term for the ‘humors’ or a disease of an imbalance of the four bodily liquids. The Four temperaments are ancient and evolved from the humors and is not in modern medical information. Even Myers-Briggs theory has four basic categories. I usually think in groups of threes so this four concept interested me for the morning.

More interesting was the concepts from these theories. I went to Wikipedia to keep the info in all the same style for clarity. The definition of melancholy is a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause. Synonyms are :in the dumps”, “down in the mouth” or “the blues”. The disease is Melancholia and it was described with real mental and physical symptoms by Hippocrates. This goes back to the 4th and 5th centuries BC.

The result of my research is I can now diagnose myself as brilliant! I discovered that most people who suffer from melancholia are perfectionists. They are gifted and loyal. From a site that described the Four Temperaments I found a description of me:

They hold themselves and others to unrealistically high standards, and get distressed when these standards are not met.
This leads to them being self-deprecating – because they do not meet their own standards – and critical of others – because those others do not meet their standards.

Luckily I am working on the second part as others do not care what I have to say!!!

Socrates said “An unexamined life is not worth living.” I examine! Myers Briggs tests, personality tests of any kind fascinate me. How can a test tell me who I am? I am a INFJ, an old soul, a water person, an organizer depending on what test I take.

The chart I found for the Four Temperaments led me to much thought. This is an ancient art. Melancholia is an ancient disease. I am feeling ancient today – it all works for a thoughtful morning and spurring me on to the list I need to complete.

After all the ramblings above, the best thing of all is the antonym to melancholy is “cheerful”. Today as Anne Frank said, “I will choose to be happy.”


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  1. Wish I had read your blog earlier….I would have said drink hot chocolate and read a good book. Forget everything else!!
    Your new picture at the top of the blog made me feel warm and cozy. I can see the Bar Harbor bell and maybe a buoy and a bird house??
    LOVE the falling snow.
    Love you……

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