She said the word so casually.  I wondered if she understood what exactly she was saying.  Was it a mistake or had she heard it before.  She said, “Family – Friends – Framily.”  I liked it!  I am adopting it.

Had to check it out.  Of course I went to the web and thought on gobble day it would be okay to use google!!!  In fact Framily is in the urban dictionary as early as 2007.  There is even a movie by this name about a young man who inherits his grandfather’s house and fills it with many of his friends and they call themselves Framily.

I love the term.  In this day and age of people moving around due to jobs or education or for whatever reason being close to blood relatives is not possible at the holiday times.  It is not possible at other special times either.  A part of this equation is that families are busy as well and may not be able to participate when a special occasion arises. 

There is the component of families not getting along also and I choose to ignore that part of the story.  I could go on here about how important it is to be wise enough to love and accept family despite their actions that may not be very appealing.  Blood is thicker than water and acceptance is better than toleration.  We need to accept and love the differences in each other.  Not going to bother with this more than a paragraph today!

Perhaps that is why Framily works.  Usually the people who become this close to you share a similar belief, hobby, work, ministry or may simply live nearby and you share commonalities of geography.  These situations make it easy and comfortable to share your time and home with these people.  These people may become closer to you than your own family.  Sharing regularly brings comfort and closeness.  Gifting each other with time and laughter bring about a bond. 

Today our Thanksgiving table will be filled with both family and framily.  I think that is the best of both worlds.  I am thankful this day.




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