This is going to be a more journal than blog day I believe.  I have amazed myself this day and I can only believe that it has to do with the fact that I had a plan of attack for the day.

Those who read me often know that I have bemoaned the fact that I am not organized and forever trying to find time to clean my house or desk or even myself on occasion.  Time is ever fleeting from me and I waste much of it.  Today I have not and I believe I am even ahead of the game.  Why? I am asking myself.

I had a plan.  Part of the ‘pillow talk’ that happens in this household is the question of what is on your plate the next day.  When the question arose last night I rattled off a list of things that I was going to accomplish today.  It was long and I amended it as I was speaking it.  The thing that is so terrific is I got up this morning and lived it.

I planned to get out two pieces of information that took time to write and review.  I planned to remake a bed in the ‘boys’ room to ready it for upcoming guests.  I planned to research information for the upcoming Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend we are helping to facilitate.  I planned to write a blog yet again.  I planned a meatloaf and garlic roasted potatoes for supper.  I have a couple of other things that I would like to do though they are not on the official TO DO list.  Most of the list is complete and it is not yet noon.

I am thinking it is the T-shirt from the OCS (for those new readers OCS is Overly Comfortable Spa) that got me going.  When we arrived at the spa both of the last two years, we were given T-shirts and tote bags with a water bottle in the assigned pocket of the bag.  Yesterday I grabbed the bag for a meeting we were attending.  Today the shirt.  Could it be that the mere mention of this pleasant place the evokes such refreshing memories has in fact infused my body and soul with some special magic?  I can; so I do?

I am not sure what happened and can just as easily put this energy on to the weather which is so pleasantly cool and crisp and fall.  Whatever the impetus – plan, list, tote, t-shirt, weather  – I will accept it willingly.  My list for the morning is done.  I have 2 hours till lunch and I am going to work on something I want to do instead of something I have to do.

I know I hear you out there you nay sayers!  I hear your comments that the list must not have been very long.  Go ahead and just try to burst my ‘happy bubble’!  Not happening here today!  I am on a roll and grabbing the energy for as long as it lasts and crediting everything I have mentioned above and knowing that it really is coming from an even higher power!  Thank you for this day Lord!!!


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