It seems odd that this is the post following “THE LADDER CAN GO”.  After you read you will understand better why I say this!

It only takes a minute for your life to change.  I have experienced many of these minutes in the last few weeks.  Some good some not so good.  The good ones are fun to remember.  The not so good we like to forget or work hard to find some morsel of goodness from the experience.  I am not speaking of monumental life altering events.  I am speaking of the small little gestures or actions or wishes that we all do often and think nothing about them and yet each small decision or action does affect our world.

Last night I had the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of my 97 yr old aunt.  Many know her and, in all those years and even last night, watching her so bright and charming and appreciating her longevity she was effecting those around her.

A long while back my husband and I took on a project out of enthusiasm, the joy of family and sharing.  We are now in the middle of it.  It put us in the position to receive blessings and struggles.   All the help we anticipated did not come yet those that have showed up have been inspirational to us.  They challenge us to do more.  That is the ‘not so good’ bringing the morsel of goodness.

The quote of the day yesterday was from my brother.  He mentioned a project that he had to do and I asked if it was something around the house.  He said and I quote, “No at 50 yrs old I hire those done unlike my 70 yr old relatives that fall off ladders.”  It was the wisdom of ‘youth’ this “becoming the father of the man” as Wadsworth said we all would live one day.

True, my very precious, wonderful,  dear Aunt who comments on here occasionally, and more to me an older sister than an aunt, fell off a ladder last week.  Her 77 yr old husband was on the roof waiting for her.  Now really at almost 74 did she need to be climbing that ladder?  Let alone plan on getting onto the roof too?

Before I go any further let me assure you amazingly she is fine.  After falling onto a wooden ramp and falling from there into the bushes she suffered only a concussion, a couple of slightly cracked vertebrae and a compression.  I am going to be able to see her on Friday and anxious to give her a hug as best I can around the collar she has to wear for the next three months.

The question is should she have been on the ladder?  This question is what takes me to the title ‘ONE LITTLE MINUTE’.  The minute my aunt chose to get a book before she got onto the roof herself the world changed.  She could as easily gone down the ladder gotten her book and back to the roof to help her husband and they both completed the job and regained the ground without incident.  This is a chore they have done many times before.

We believe we are invincible do we not?  In fact we in our family pride ourselves on our health and well being and fearlessness.  There is little we will not attempt without a second thought.  Or would not until last week.  I would like to think that as we age we may give our thoughts and ideas another look especially after this incident.

One little minute could have changed the lives of a husband, three children, three in-law spouses, nine grandchildren, a brother and his family, a sister-in-law and her family, countless nieces and nephews, a brother-in-law and his family, of which I am one, let alone our children who are godchildren of this beautiful woman and the many many cousins.  This does not take into consideration her friends and their families and the people with whom she has met along her years on this earth.  Their worlds would all be changed by one minute.  One decision.  One happening.  Blessedly this one little minute turned out to be only a scary hiccup.  More a reminder that we are not invincible simply human and can break.

The Butterfly Effect, coined in 1961 by Edward Lorenz about the sensitive dependency on initial conditions of the chaos theory from the 1890s studies , is how in one little minute we can effect others lives.  I believe it is real.  We are indeed all connected and ‘one little minute’ can change our lives.  We need to live our minutes well.  We need to love deeply.  We need to laugh often even to the point of telling a beautiful yet bruised dear aunt ‘it turns out you bounce’!  Funny and yet ghoulish humor, ala Halloween, to cover the real fear of what could have happened.  We are left filled with the relief and joy that the worst did not in that particular “one little minute”.

Get well and I – we all – love you Aunt Becky!


…..500_miraclebacksidedistance  an additional note today – this property is for sale and here is a picture of the roof and ramp.  It would be wonderful if it sold and there then would be no more ladder/roof work for my dear ones.  You can view it at Dunbar Real Estate, Southwest Harbor, Maine.  It is called “The Miracle” and described as an in-town (5 minute walk) camp that sleeps 10+.  It has been reduced to $189,000



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