This fall I decided to do some sprucing up of the house s I went about the semi-fall cleaning.  I am not into the huge deal like I used to be.  I try to do some along the way all year long.  This year it has ended up to be a larger cleaning spree than I planned and of course my additions to the decor did not help.

The curtains in the bedrooms were all placed on new rods.  It seemed a fix of $25 for each room and moving the curtains around a bit would change the look of all of them.  Easy and inexpensive.  All rooms were completed a few weeks ago – well except the master.

I decided I wanted new drapes to go on the side of the sheer curtains.  The drapes I have been using are a plaid/check, that coordinates as a match with the bedspread I was going to change for fall, yet they were old.  I had them since 2000 and have used them off and on since then.  After 13 years I thought I could treat myself to 6 new panels for the sides of the three windows that are in our bedroom.  The search began.

The bedspread I am switching to for fall and winter is one I had made by a friend’s sister who did custom spreads.  I had the fabric for a long time intending to make my own somehow.  Liz’s sister had the quilt shop and machines and the price was right.  Again this was well over 7 years ago so I think I am being thrifty by not buying new.  I simple cycle the bedspreads I have throughout the seasons.   This one is a Waverly fabric and I made matching swags for the windows.  The pattern is Greenfield parchment I think.  It is beige and mauve and reds and teals and navys.  Lovely!!!

I found four different kinds of drapes that were a close match.  I wanted stripes this time.  After buying and mail ordering and taking back I ended up with the ones I wanted in the first place and were out of stock.  The next time I went to the store VOILA they were there!!!

Today I said that is it.  I am going to get these done and that room back in order.   I had to put two of the drapes on either end of the 120″ rod over the large front window and was pleased I did it by myself.  I have to admit it was harder than I anticipated and am proud of myself that I did it alone!!!  The other two were cinchy though getting up and down that ladder was hard and I know my aging knees will speak to me about it this afternoon.

As of today the ladder can go!   I am no longer going to have a ladder as a bedroom ornament.  Yep!!! It has been in that room for three weeks at least waiting for me to get this done.   The one good thing is it did not become useful as a treadmill does when you use it to hang clothes rather than walk.  Thus the reason that equipment is no longer in the bedroom.  It is in the basement where the ladder can now go to join it!!!  Fall is here and the nesting has begun.


One comment on “THE LADDER CAN GO

  1. The nesting has begun here too!! The air conditioners are coming out and windows are going to be washed. I really like your new picture heading. Where does it come from.?

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