Yesterday in an effort to really do some heavy long overdue deep cleaning of my home I attacked my desk.  Sadly it no longer looks as good as my avatar which is why I keep the avatar to remind me that one day it was great.  It does look better and was a welcome change to sit and see the wood top and not paper clutter this morning.

This effort is going to be ongoing and go further than the office.  I have talked and written and talked some more about simplicity and simplifying life.  I am cleaning out.  I have proven to myself that a clean organized house allows me more time to enjoy my life.  Yet I incessantly shoot myself in the foot and do not keep up the effort and over and over again I am overwhelmed with clutter.  Our subdivision is having a garage sale this Saturday.  I will have nothing this time.  Next spring maybe or the local shelters will be the beneficiaries of our “stuff”.  (Word intended, Sandy! For others – she is my friend and teacher who dislikes that word!)

It was a rather poignant journey delving into my clutter of papers.  I am aware that we live in a paperless society though you could not prove it by my desk.  I came across letters from last Christmas that I kept as I intended to send notes to these people or check their addresses.  I tossed them.

There were donation notes of donations I intended to make to honor a person who had passed or an activity that was being taken to raise funds.  All way out of date and so those were also circularly filed.

The receipts for bills that I have paid.  I usually file those and in this past year have tried to simplify this.  I have changed filing systems at least twice this year so there are papers all over as I am not sure where I want them to go.  Why do I need them anyway if I have paid the bill?  The decision I made about that was taking my cousins advice and only saving the current receipt until I changed this filing system and there are duplicate months.  Even this explanation is overwhelming.  It shows me I need to toss toss toss.

I came across thank you notes and love notes all fun to revisit.  I came across more register slips than anyone has reason to keep.  There was this one particular slip that I pondered over and held lovingly and truly was pleased that I kept.

It was a register slip from Wal-Mart April 27, 2013 and totaled $21.85.  There were three grocery items of 4 bottles of Diet Rite soda, a package of dried fruit and 2 cans of wax beans, one of my husband’s favorite vegetables.   The next eleven items were what made my heart stop.  They were plants each 98 cents apiece – 2 Dusty Millers, 5 snapdragons. 4 Dianthus (Sweet Williams).

Every spring I fill the boxes on our stoop so that our house has wonderful curb appeal.  This spring we were very busy.  I had been trying to get to our cottage and to visit my folks since January and could not find a week.  The week in April with the 27th in it opened up and I scheduled it.  I planned to do the boxes when I returned.  Knowing how much I enjoy having color in the front of our house, my husband took it upon himself to do this job while I was away.   He did it in yellows and reds.  It was lovely and they lasted well all summer long.

I admit it, I am easy.  It was only $10.78 and I was thrilled then and again yesterday when I saw the receipt.  It was placed on my desk to account for the money taken as a debit on that day to be documented in the checkbook.  I am certain I have moved it over the course of the last few months.  I am as certain that it was still here so I could write about it to comment on the simplicity of a tiny gift of love.  I am also blessed.

I hope you all remember that love can be shown in many ways.  For me yesterday love was found by cleaning!



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