Yesterday I learned how to breathe.  It was a very good 50 minute workshop that gave new meaning to something we take for granted – our breath.  I told my daughter in a chat room that I had learned to breathe today.  Her comment was priceless.

 Were you confused on how that worked?  LOL

Funny child this daughter!!!

Seriously it is something that, if we are conscious about it, can change our lives.  Much I discovered has been written about breathing.  Amazon has tons of books and you tube has equally as many videos showing the proper techniques.  It surprisingly is not easy to do this simple part of our lives easily without thought.  Many of us simply breathe from our chest and rarely remember that the diaphragm is to be involved.  I am not going to go into depth about this.  You can check it out on you tube.  Or go to the website of the instructor that I had at markgerowyoga.com.  He has CDs and info or go to Amazon.

The simple things are what catch us in this life.  It is hard to redo something that we are confident we have been doing correctly for years.  Trying to undo is more difficult that learning new I believe.  I absolutely despise taking out a stitch in my needlework.  I would rather start all over again.  When you are 12″ into a blanket that is 3′ wide it is not feasible to do this so redo and take out and do over you must.

The corrections we need to make to live a good life seem simple on paper.  Sure I’ll take a class on breathing.  Sure I’ll learn to walk heel toe.  Sure I’ll change my thought processes to view this plan in a new light.  So much so much………..smoking was fun and fashionable – smoking is bad for your health.  It is okay to eat pasta as we have a new food paradigm – pasta is bad for you as it has carbs and gluten.  High cholesterol is 260 – no, the high is now 200.  It is okay to …… now it is not.  Somedays living, eating, walking upright and yes even breathing can be confusing.

Off to learn how to sleep now as despite my brief encounters with a good night’s sleep, I lost the handle (thank you Holden Caulfield) on how to have a good night’s sleep two nights ago.  Have had about 4 hrs sleep each of the last 3 nights and I am dragging.  Learning how to sleep today!!!


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