Last night I went to bed at about 11:30PM.  I read until about 12ish and thought, well if I sleep until 6 that will be a good thing.  It was 6:58 when I awoke this morning.  I had been asleep for almost 7 hours.  I took a moment to let that set in as it was so new to me.  I actually did not feel as lethargic as I normally do when I awake.  I had found it a good night’s sleep!!!  Who knew it was here at the cottage all that time.

Now to take it home.  The results of a good night’s sleep are more energy I believe.  A good night’s sleep is healthy for us.  It shapes our whole day.  Believe me I will be trying to repeat this same night again tonight and every night until I get back home.

While many have written about the benefits of sleep, there are whole industries now that rely on people not sleeping.  Think  of the drugs alone that are available for insomnia.  Sleep Apnea is commonly diagnosed.  I have heard of many friends who recently have shared that they are using C-PAP machines.  That industry must be doing very well.

If a person does not sleep doing any chores or work during the day is adding stress upon stress.  Productivity is reduced.  Caffeine is taken in to keep us awake.  Industry increase in coffee and caffeinated sodas.  Industry of stress relieving drugs and exercise businesses.

If a person does not sleep they are too tired to cook good meals.  They take the easy route out and let others do the cooking and most often it is fast food on the way home for work.  Increase in fast food industry.  When was the last time you saw a McDonald’s closed?

If a person does not sleep then exercise is questionable.  There may not be enough energy to even go out for a walk.  This means probably that more television is watched.  Increase in home theater industry?  Seems logical.

When sleep is not coming more people are probably up and awake and on the internet.  Increase in that?

Well after all this musing this morning I think that perhaps sleep is the answer to lots of things.  It certainly works for the politicians that get elected then go to sleep on the job!!!

“To Sleep: ah per chance to dream: there’s the rub………”.  Oh my word a good night’s sleep has led me to quoting Shakespeare?  Hamlet’s ‘To Be or Not to Be’.  Who knew?

‘Perchance to dream’………think I will work on the sleeping part a little longer and then the dreams will come.  Look at the fun that may await when you sleep well?


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