I SLEPT!!!  I think the last post I made was about where the Sandman had been hiding as he was not visiting me.  I spent the nights from the 15th until the 20th screaming to fall asleep.  I simply could not.  My bedtime routine had not changed.   I was going to bed at the same time if not a bit earlier some nights.  I was awake long after the 11Pm time.  Many nights I simply got back up at 12:30 AM to check emails and try warm milk.  Still most of those 6 nights I did not fall asleep until well after 2AM.  Or at least 2AM was the last time I remembered on the clock.  I have been dragging everyday despite some days sleeping until 8 or 9AM.  Long after my usual 7AM awake time.

What had changed?

On Monday the 12th I had a meeting with my doctor.  We were reviewing some tests I had and planning a move forward.  Think I wrote about numbers back last fall.  We are still checking those.  I learned about CRP at Canyon Ranch last year and trying to understand why mine does not register normally.  The interesting thing this appointment brought to light is that every lab has its own definition of normal.  I am about to give up on all doctors.

As our discussion progressed she wanted me to go back on blood pressure medicine.  I had been on a low dose one last winter.  At one appointment with an allergy Dr., he told me to stop the medicine as I was complaining of coughing too much.  Coughing was a side effect of the medicine I was on.  I called my GP and told her and stopped the medicine.  Never was certain I needed it in the beginning anyway.  My blood pressure was not alarming especially considering my generous size.  The carotid artery ultrasound she had me do and the echo cardiogram showed nothing bad so why the meds???  Being the good doobee that I can be sometimes I acquiesced.

I started this drug late on the 12th.  I started NOT sleeping on the 15th.  Insomnia was not a documented side effect in that very long list.  I found only one mention of it on the internet when I got on that trail as the only thing that had changed in my routine was this medicine.  I tried to call her yesterday to say that I was not going to ‘take it anymore’ as I was too tired.  After trying to get through the maze of the phone system at this office I got through and they prescribed a new med.  I told them I was not going to start taking it until the next day, today, as I wanted a chance to maybe sleep.

I slept last night.  Conclusion from this unscientific brain using deductive reasoning was that the meds were affecting my sleep.  Right or wrong the result is when I stopped it I slept.  Not a mental genius and now feeling a little more alive and rested.  Got to watch the meds!!!


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