I thought for sure there was a song about sleepless nights.  Of course I looked it up and VOILA!  Anne Murray recorded a song called “Another Sleepless Night” in 1982 and it got to #4 on the chart in the US, Hit #1 in Canada!

DireWolf answered on Yahoo answers that:

There’s a song called like that by Shawn Christopher. Also other artists that have songs with that name: Jimmy Clanton, Anne Murray, Neil Sedaka. Maybe it’s one of them.

So there you have it the history of a phrase.

I actually lived the whole thing last night when I did not fall asleep until after 4AM.  I did everything I could imagine to do and still the sandman did not visit.  This was terribly disappointing as I had actually seen him in the movie “Rise of the Guardians” earlier that evening.   Cute kids flick if you have not seen it!

It is going to be a long day.  Add to that the corrections I discovered in my comment box!

I do believe ‘clutter’ could be my middle name and I dislike it so and have not ever become disciplined enough to correct that.  I am like a bird that flits from flower to flower as I flit from project to project or interest to interest or from task to task.  None ever getting done.  Best thing for me is a list and making one needs to be #1 and I rarely get there.  I am certain I have written about this before!

It is at times like these when a kind word hits the spot.  I got one of those in my in box.  A ‘fan’ said that they were glad I was writing again as it is ‘kind of my touch moment of the day’.  I am honored and will take that as encouragement and forge forward despite the fact that this is a relative and they are supposed to be nice to us anyway – right?

I think I will write about encouraging words tomorrow…………….




  1. Dokken has a song “sleepness night”…….and not for nothing being cluttery could be taken a compliment, you might be a little messy but you still know where everything is… is right where you put it

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