I was told I am losing fans by not blogging.  I am not certain I had fans.  I am certain that blogging is part of me now.  I am also certain that it helps me relax and stayed organized.  I am not going to make the same choice I did June 1 2012.  I am going to challenge myself to write weekly if not bi-weekly in the coming months.

I caved and bought another coffeepot yesterday.  The fix for the old one gave me chucky coffee one last day.  It is something about the way the pot set under the filter that if it was not positioned right the water did not come out smoothly and backed up and the grounds would go over the filter it appeared.  Whether correct or not the result was coffee filled with grounds and straining was not the answer either.  This is the second pot in a year.  Not good.

I have decided to divest myself of our Keurig however.  We do not use it often enough to have it sit out on the counter.  As messy as I am I do not like cluttered counters.  There are those that will say right with their eyes rolling in disbelief.  The point is I do not like them and fact is that I cannot or do not get away from some clutter.  Imagine Peppermint Patty with dust swirling around.  So used Keurig for sale!!!

The day here as I write this more journal than blog is cool and breezy and my energy level is high.  I am going to tap it and head to actually do some cleaning in our family room.  I had an interesting conversation with one of the residents of the house at this time.

Conversation with an 8 yr old:


I think as I clean today I will rearrange the furniture do you have any suggestions.

8yr old: Yes let’s put the TV here and the chair over there and the couch can stay where it is.

Grandmama: That sounds great.  We do put the TV there during Christmas due to the tree.  The reason the TV is where it is due to the sun not shining on it there.

8 yr old: Oh right – then I got nothing!

Love the honesty!!!




  1. not for nothing…..Your name could actually be Kathleen “clutter” Thurnau…….and it is Pigpen, not Peppermint Patty. Glad you are writing.

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