$34.99 TREAT


It has been so long and I have missed you.  I think I cannot go this long ever again without posting something.  My world has flipped and even less gets done no than before.  I think my discipline of writing may have been a good thing.

Got some catching up to do.

First I want to thank and praise Enterprise Rentals for finding us a vehicle so that our whole family could make the outing the last day of ‘Grandcamp’.  The vehicle was not as spacious as the lawn art that sat in our driveway yet it did the trick and all had a great time.

Crayola Experience was the place and if any of you are near EastonPA we suggest you make the stop.  We made our own crayons, melted crayons and were creative with crayons as well as watched how they were made.  It was a great day.

Secondly I have to follow up with Chapman Ford.  We finally got our plates on Thursday the 1st of August.  They were due here before July 19th.  To their credit Chapman Ford did pay for the rental car.  They have promised to let us know what went so wrong with the process.  It did take another phone call though and that is very sad.

The latest excitement in this house cost $34.99.  We were in WalMart getting necessities for the trip to return the last of our campers.  As I walked by the vacuum rack my eye was caught by one of those tunnel vacs.  You know the ones that do not require a bag?  I have wanted one and will not pay for the expensive one we see advertised on TV.

I looked them all over as they varied in price.  I did not want to take too long as I had to catch up with the kids in toys.  I just was looking.  They were over $100 to $49 which is my range.  Years ago we paid the price for an Electrolux.  Since then I have been quite happy with various uprights and left the canister behind.  Long ago in helping kids set up apartments I discovered uprights and have not looked back – literally.

I looked and thought the $59 dollar Hoover would be good and turned to go to Toys.  As I turned I saw a smaller vac and the price of $34.99.  Come on now this could not be possible.  I stopped and turned around to really look.  I could waste $35 on other stuff in a minute without knowing it!!!

I was looking at a Bissell Powerforce Compact.  It had the clear receptacle to catch the dirt that is vacced up as you go.  I have had a Bissell Powerforce and been quite happy with it until recently and the quote is that the ‘vac does not suck and that sucks’.  I cannot stand that word yet in this context it is not incorrect.  Could this little $34.99 vac be any good?  So of course in the cart it went for a trial!

I am here to report it has surpassed any expectation.  I am amazed at the power this little thing has.  My rugs have not ever looked so good.  At this price I can have one for upstairs and one for downstairs though it is light enough to carry easier than the others I have used.  I can have multiples of mulitples of these before I reach the price of that popular expensive one advertised on TV.   I am being environmentally friendly as well with no bags.  Not a major concern yet a great side effect.  Who knew!!!




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