It is opening day.  The bus is off to pick up the last camper.  It will be a fun ride up for 2 hours and assuredly a noisy ride back for the same two hours which will probably feel like 20!!!

The cords are all ready for the car so no charges are lost in the electronics.  Oh how did we ever take trips before the invention of game boys and iPods and 3DS?  I had thought I might wax eloquently about the ‘good old times’ of travel and then really remember that they were really just long trips looking out the windows interspersed with the occasional license plate game or nap.

This year all of the campers are older and I am encouraging input into the planning.  The ideas last year when we tried this minimally for the first time was terrific.  This year I am hoping for the same.  We have a few days already planned.

We will begin tomorrow with the good old “Friendly Friday” which is a movie with supper at Friendlys after the show.  The bill of fare has been chosen so we will all be seeing “Grown Ups 2”.  It is a PG13 and hoping the ire of the parents is not too much.  I saw “Grown Ups” and actually we will be watching it again tonight as a prequel!

Not sure what the rest of the week will bring.  That will be decided today at the planning session.  We already have the TShirts for the yearly picture and the dye so I am thinking we will be having a ‘Tie-dye Tuesday’ for sure.  We will be chatting about all of this up and back to Nazareth I am certain.

Let GRANDCAMP begin!!!


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